Wondfo Pregnancy Test

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There are so many choices out there when it comes to at home pregnancy tests.  There are different styles, brands and prices ranges to choose from and the choices may soon become overwhelming.  Many times choosing the right pregnancy test has more questions than answers.  While most pregnancy tests are pretty standard in the way that they test for pregnancy, there are a few exceptions.  Having a pregnancy test that offers something different can make all of the difference in the world.  That is exactly what the Wondfo Pregnancy Test has set out to do.  Unlike other pregnancy tests that are standard stick and dye tests, the Wondfo Pregnancy Test allows you to take control of the way you test for pregnancy which is great for women who like to do it all themselves.

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What is the Wondfo Pregnancy Test?

Unlike other pregnancy tests that you may be used to seeing, the Wondfo Pregnancy Test is a mini strip test which means that there is no extra plastic or any unneeded bulk to come in between you and the results.  These tests are pretty similar to the ones that you will see being used in doctor’s offices.  The science behind this test is pretty simple because it is actually the same test that can be found right inside of those stick tests that you are used to.  That’s right!  If you break open a stick and dye test you will see that in the center is a strip test where all the magic happens.  This strip is where the chemicals that react to your sample is located.  The Wondfo Pregnancy Test has broken it down to the bare bones of what a pregnancy test is which makes it simple, easy to use and easy to read.

While this test looks different than others ones on the market, the theory behind it is exactly the same.  The Wondfo Pregnancy Test works by reacting to pregnancy hormone hCG in your system.  When the chemicals on this testing strip react to this certain hormone, you will get a positive test result.  If you are not pregnant or do not have enough of this hormone in your system, the test will be negative.  It’s pretty fool proof.  Unlike other tests on the market however, this test does no specific how much of the pregnancy hormone it needs to give you a positive result.  This means that this test is not recommended for early pregnancy detection.  To make sure that you are getting your money’s worth, try to wait to take the Wondfo Pregnancy Test until after the first day of your missed period.  This way you are reducing your chances of getting a false negative.  A false negative test result is a pretty common thing with even the most advanced of pregnancy tests, so be prepared.

How to use the Wondfo Pregnancy Test

Because the Wondfo Pregnancy Test does not have a plastic stick tester attached to it, you will need to take this test a little bit differently than you may be used to.  Instead of having a handy little stick to pee on, you will need to get yourself a collection cup.  For the best results, try using a cup that you don’t mind throwing away after your done testing like a disposable cup.  This way you also know that you are getting a clean and sterile cup each and every time you test.  Using a test that may already be contaminated may result in an error reading in the results or may react with the chemicals in the strip test so keep that in mind before testing.  You should also make sure that you have a timer handy.  This way you can be sure that you are keeping track of how long the test is processing so you can read the results at the exact time that you need to.

Once you have your cup and timer ready, it is time to go!  Fill up your collection cup with an inch or more of urine.  This is because the Wondfo Pregnancy Test doesn’t have a short absorbent tip like other pregnancy tests out there, so the cup needs to be a little bit deeper.  It should also be said that because there isn’t a plastic guard or thumb grip, that you should try to get a short cup so you don’t get your fingers in the sample.  This is because that will not only be very unpleasant, it might also contaminate your sample leading you to have to take another test.  Once you have filled up the cup, simply hold the testing strip in a vertical position and dip the absorbent sample end into your collection cup.  Make sure that you are dipping the strip in the right way with the result side facing up and towards you.  If you dip the wrong end into the cup, the test will be wasted.

How to read the Wondfo Pregnancy Test

The one thing about the Wondfo Pregnancy Test that is a little confusing and may be its one big downside is how you are suppose to read it.  Unlike other traditional pregnancy tests that have easy to read plus and negative signs, this test is the bare minimum of what a test should be.  Instead of having easy to read panels, the Wondfo Pregnancy Test features little display “zones” that you have to locate in order to get your results.  While this may seem like a bit of a hassle, it does make the results easier to read.  This is because there will be no glare from any plastic protective covering and there will be nothing separating you from the results. 

This also makes faint lines easier to read.  Faint lines tend to happen a lot with at home pregnancy tests because of the amount of pregnancy hormone in your sample at the time.  A sample that is taken long after your missed period will have a stronger blue line than ones that are taken too early.  Many women who want to read their pregnancy test more clearly will even take apart the test to remove the testing strip so that they can read it better.  The Wondfo does this for you!

The two zones on the Wondfo Pregnancy Test are pretty easy to differentiate.  The control zone will show up as a single red line at the top of the test.  This area has nothing to do with the positive or negative result of a pregnancy test.  This is there to simply show you that the testing strip you have used is working the way it should.  If you have ever used an at home pregnancy stick test you know that there is always a little control window.  This is the exact same thing just without a layer of plastic over it.  The second zone is the result zone.  This is where you will find out if you are pregnant or not.  If the test has detected enough of the pregnancy hormone in your system there will be a pink or red line located right next to the test control line.  If the test is negative, there will only be the control line. 

How women feel about the Wondfo Pregnancy Test

The best way to know whether or not a pregnancy test is right for you is to see what other women have to say about it.  This community is an untapped well of knowledge and opinions that can be very beneficial to you.  If you have a concern about a pregnancy test not being accurate or are worried that you are not taking the test correctly, chances are that there are women who have been in the exact same position as you and would love to tell you about it.  So if you are unsure, do a little digging.

When it comes to the Wondfo Pregnancy Test, it seems to be a hit among the pregnancy community.  This test has been talked about all over message boards and parenting blogs and is regarded as one of the best ones out there.  The main reason why women love this test so much is because there is no fuss, mess or unsure instructions.  It is clear and simple.  One test, one strip, that’s it.  Women also find that without the plastic case, the lines are easier to read.  Another reason why women love the Wondfo Pregnancy Test is because of the cost.  Some more advanced digital plastic tests can run you as high as $25.  The Wondfo Pregnancy Test comes in a kit with 25 testing strips for only around $15.  That is 25 chances to test for pregnancy all for less than one high end brand digital test.  This is a great option for you if you are on a long journey to pregnancy with nothing but tests in your future.  This way you can always have one on hand and ready to go.  When it comes to price, quality and simplicity, the Wondfo Pregnancy Test is in a league all its own.

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