Equate Pregnancy Test

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There are many reasons for a woman to turn to at home pregnancy tests to give them a clear answer when it comes to pregnancy.  While it may seem easier to consult a doctor if you are questioning a pregnancy, it isn’t always an affordable option for every woman.  This could be due to lack of insurance or time.  Being able to test for pregnancy at home is a great way to save money and time as well as offers an amount of privacy that you can’t get anywhere else.  This is because you can easily test from the privacy of your own home without judgment or unwanted cost.  A great way to keep the costs low is the search on generic pregnancy tests.  Generic products come with some understandable concerns but when it comes to pregnancy tests, there are just as good as some of the higher prices brands available on the market.

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Equate Pregnancy Test

When it comes to store brand pregnancy tests, the Equate Pregnancy Test is one of the most well trusted ones that you will find.  Equate is the health brand that is under the Walmart umbrella.  You can find all type of equate products that are on par with name brand items like aspirin and body care items, and the same can be said for the Equate Pregnancy Test.  The main reason why women are choosing the Equate Pregnancy Test over other well known brands is that it comes with sometimes over half the price tag as other higher brand ones do.  Because the price is so low, women are better able to stock up on many tests at once which are a great for women who are actively trying to get pregnant.  This is because these women not only use pregnancy tests to see about whether or not they are expecting, but also use these pregnancy tests to keep track of progress.

Another reason why women are more frequently choosing the Equate Pregnancy Test is that they are easy to find.   It seems like every town has a Walmart or a Walmart close by.  This means that they don’t have to make any special trips to a drug store or their doctor’s office to find a reliable way to test for pregnancy.  While the advantages of getting a generic store brand pregnancy tests are clear, the worry about accuracy is still there.  There is nothing that shows that generic tests are any less accurate than name brand ones but if you are still worries about nothing getting the best result, try to compare these tests, like the Equate Pregnancy Test, against other ones available on the market.

Is the Equate Pregnancy Test Accurate?

The best way to know about whether or not the Equate Pregnancy Test is the right test for you is to see how it stacks up against more popular name brand pregnancy test.  The best way to do this is to break down how accurate it is.  You may be surprised to know that the Equate Pregnancy Test is a test that was designed to be used for early pregnancy detection.  This means that this is a very sensitive test that needs very little of the hCG pregnancy hormone to give you a clear result.  Infant, the Equate Pregnancy Test claims to be 99 percent accurate when taken the day of your missed period or later.  This is right on the same level with many higher priced name brand tests and even is more accurate than some of them that only offer 98 percent accuracy. 

It should be noted that the 99 percent accuracy is only meant for when the test is taken after your missed period.  Like most tests available on the market, the accuracy percentage will go down with every day early that it is taken.  This doesn’t, however, make the Equate Pregnancy Test any less accurate than more expensive name brand ones.  The low percentage is simply because there isn’t an extra sensitive test, outside of a doctor’s blood test, that will give you a highly accurate result that early in a potential pregnancy.

Another features of the Equate Pregnancy Test that makes it a great option for early pregnancy detection is that this test allows you to test up to five days sooner, unlike other popular brands that only recommend you test up to four days earlier.  Another reason why the Equate Pregnancy Test is a fast favorite among women is that it is easy to read.  While it isn’t a digital test, which is seemingly the easiest to read, it does use the trusted dye and liquid method for results.  This means that this test features two little windows on the front of the test that not only show your tests results but also show you that the test is working properly.  This is a big deal, because dye tests are not always the easiest to read and having a quality control window can make all the difference in the world when it comes to relieving your worried mind.

How to use the Equate Pregnancy Test

Another way to know that you have found a great generic pregnancy test is by seeing how easy they are to use as well as how quickly the results to take to be processed.  The Equate Pregnancy Test needs a full three minutes to process your urine sample before giving you a clear result.  This is pretty average for stick dye pregnancy tests.  While other more expensive tests now allow you to read results as early as one minute, waiting those couple extra minutes is worth is when it comes to the amount of money you will save. 

The Equate Pregnancy Test is a pretty standard stick test which means you can either take the test in a collection cup or in your urine stream depending on your personal preference.  If you are worried about which was will work best for you, make sure to always read the instructions carefully because each method requires a different amount of liquid to work properly.  The cup method with the Equate Pregnancy Test requires that you hold the collection end in the cup for longer than you would directly in the urine stream.  This is an important detail to keep in mind because the test will not work properly if there is too much liquid collected.  An improper testing method will result in an error on the test all together.  To be sure that you have taken the test correctly, always check the quality control window located on the front of the tester stick.  This little window will show a blue line almost instantly after the test is taken.  If there is no blue line appearing that means that there is either too little or too much urine collected which means that you will have to throw out the test and try again.

Not only is it important that you avoid an error in taking the test to save money, but also to save time.  This is because it is recommended that to get the best result you take the pregnancy test right after you wake up before you have drank any coffee or water.  This is the time of day when you will find the highest amount of pregnancy hormone in your system which is very important, especially for early detection.  An error reading on your first try means that you may have to wait a full day before testing again.  This is another reason why if you are taking the test for the first time that you use to cup collection method because you will still have some left over in case you make a mistake the first time.

After the three minutes that the Equate Pregnancy Test needs to develop are up, you are now free and clear to read the results.  It is also important to remember that you should never disturb the test while it is processing, no matter how painful the wait is!  A positive reading will result in a second blue line appearing in the window right next to the quality control reading.  A negative result will mean that that window remains blank.  It is important to remember that even a faint line in the window is still a positive result; this is especially true for early detection when the hormone levels are still low.  While this is a good way to read results, it isn’t as clear as others available on the market because many times those faint blue lines are hard to read.

Final Thoughts on the Equate Pregnancy Test

When it comes to a final review of the Equate Pregnancy Test, it all comes down to personal preference.  This test does come at a lower cost than others available on the market, but that does mean that there are some features that are not as good as others.  While the accuracy levels are great, as well as how easy it is to use, the readings can sometimes be not desirable.  This is because there is a lot of wiggle room when it comes to reading those faint little blue lines.  The Equate Pregnancy Test might be best used if you are trying to keep track of early detection so you are not throwing your money away on more expensive pregnancy tests right away.  At the end of the day, as long as you are getting the same result, there is no reason why you have to blow your budget on just one test.

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