Dollar Store Pregnancy Test

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It seems like these days you can find just about anything at The Dollar Store.  Whether it is household cleaning supplies or baby toys, you can save a great deal of money by buying these low cost options.  One thing that you can find at The Dollar Store that may surprise some women is an at home pregnancy test.  The biggest perk about buying a pregnancy test from The Dollar Store is obvious, it only costs a dollar.  This is a big deal because many named brand pregnancy tests are getting more and more expensive.  This is because pregnancy tests have come a long way from just a collection cup and stick test.  There are even digital tests out there that will give you a digital response.  When it comes to The Dollar Store Pregnancy Test, you are getting the base minimum when it comes to features, but hey, it’s only a dollar. 

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The Dollar Store Pregnancy Test

While there isn’t a Dollar Store pregnancy test brand, The Dollar Store has an off brand label called “A New Choice” which offers a range of different health items that are geared towards women.  The New Choice Pregnancy Test is pretty basic and standard when it comes to at home pregnancy tests.  One important thing to note when it comes to the bargain brand pregnancy test is that it does not claim to be an early result pregnancy test.  This means that it is not encouraged that you use this test any sooner than the first day f your missed period.  This speaks greatly to how sensitive The Dollar Store pregnancy test will be.

Early detection pregnancy tests are some of the most sensitive pregnancy tests available on the market because they need very little of the pregnancy hormone to give you a clear result.  Some of these tests allow you to accurately test up to one week before your missed period.  Unfortunately, The Dollar Store pregnancy test is not among these most sensitive tests.  That does not, however, mean that this test is not a good option either.  Many at home pregnancy tests, even bigger named brand ones, do not offer early detection.  So do not be discouraged from using The Dollar Store pregnancy test just because of this one feature. 

When it comes to how The Dollar Store pregnancy test works compared to other more expensive name brand tests, the similarities are obvious.  It may surprise you to know that physically there is no difference in the way that this pregnancy test tests.  Like every other test available on the market, The Dollar Store pregnancy test collect urine and then processes the sample by testing the level of pregnancy hormone in your system to give you a positive or negative result.  This is stick brand test which means that you test directly onto the stick and this is same way you can expect to see the result. 

How Does The Dollar Store Pregnancy Test Work?

The Dollar Store pregnancy test is a typical stick and dye test which allows you to test in two different ways.  You can choose to either test directly in your urine stream over the toilet or you can collect urine in a clean disposable cup and dip the stick in.  With the test most women say that it is easier to use and read when using the cup method.  This is because when using this test directly in your urine stream, you need to be careful not to oversaturate the test which means that the test will not work properly which means you may not get an accurate test result.  The main reason why women choose to use this test with a sample cup is because this test is quite small compared to others on the market.  Not only is the absorbent strip small and hard to hold, the actual testing stick is almost half the size of other ones that you will see around.

When it comes to seeing the results with The Dollar Store pregnancy test, the display windows are a great deal smaller and may be harder to read.  There is a quality control window which will change color to let you know that the test has collected your sample correctly and will also show you that the test is working properly.  With this test you will need to wait a full four minutes before reading the test.  Checking the test too early or too late past the four minute mark may result in an inaccurate reading.  When it comes to using this pregnancy test, it is best to leave the test sitting on a flat surface without picking it up or moving it until the correct amount of time has passed.  The results are pretty typical when it comes to displaying a positive or negative reading.  There will be a blue line appearing in the result window once the time is up that means that you have tested positive.  No blue line means that you have tested negative for pregnancy.

Is The Dollar Store Pregnancy Test Accurate?

The number one question that women have when it comes to The Dollar Store pregnancy test, is whether or not it is as accurate as other name brand tests on the market.  You may be surprised to know that this $1 test is just as accurate as some of the more expensive tests that you will find in drugstores.  When you take this test after the first day of your missed period, your result will be 99% accurate with the results.  This means that the answer you get will be the correct answer which is a big deal when it comes to easing a worried woman’s mind.  It is also important to remember that this percentage only applies to when this test is taken properly.  If you take The Dollar Store pregnancy test before your missed period you will not get an accurate reading.  If you get a negative test result if you take the test too early, you may still be pregnant.  So to save yourself some heartache and worry, it is best to wait the extra week or so.

When Should You Take The Dollar Store Pregnancy Test?

Because The Dollar Store pregnancy test is not an early reading test, you need to wait until you miss your period to take the test.  If you are unsure if you have missed a period, try keeping track of your past menstrual cycles so that you can be sure you taking the test at an appropriate time.  Most period cycles are 26-30 days long and last 3-6 days.  To calculate when your period will start, keep track of the average amount of time that passes between each cycle.  If you know that your period is on average every 28 days count 28 days from the day your period began.  By doing this, you will have a clear idea of when your period should start.  Knowing when your period is due to start will help you to ensure that you are taking The Dollar Store pregnancy test on the correct date.  The other good thing that can come out of keeping track of your period cycle is that you can better nail down the time which is best for conception.  This is perfect for women who actively trying to get pregnant.  For most women, ovulation begins two weeks after their period begins.  Ovulation is when your body releases an egg through the fallopian tubes.  Once an egg is released, the sperm can reach the egg which will fertilize the egg.  After an egg is fertilized it will be implanted in the uterus wall and begin to grow.  It is good for any women, not just ones who are trying to conceive, to know how their body works so that they can better plan ahead, not just when it comes to taking a pregnancy test.

Why Do Women Use The Dollar Store Pregnancy Test?

You may be asking yourself why so many women use The Dollar Store pregnancy test.  Especially since there are so many more sensitive and advanced tests available on the market.  The answer is simply because of the low cost.  Some pregnancy tests run upwards of over $20 for just one test depending on what they offer, and that is a lot of money for women to spend who are trying to get pregnant.  Women who are planning their pregnancy take tests multiple times a month and after time the costs can add up.  With The Dollar Store pregnancy test, you can stock up dozens of tests for the cost of just one high brand test.  While most of these women still choose to use a more advanced test to get that final answer, The Dollar Store pregnancy test is a great way to keep track of missed periods and uncertainty.  This is a great option for most women because The Dollar Store pregnancy is just as accurate as many high end brands, as long as it is used in the correct time frame.  When it comes to pregnancy tests, the more expensive does not mean it is superior.  Good luck.

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