baby nail clippers

The Best Baby Nail Clippers for Gentle and Safe Trimming

Grooming a newborn can seem like a daunting task.  This is especially true when it comes to clipping your little one’s finger nails.  It may seem scary because their fingers are so tiny and delicate but it really is an important routine to start. Baby’s fingernails are not smooth and rounded like larger kid’s nails.  They are often jagged with sharp little edges that can do some serious damages.  These jagged nails along with a baby’s natural curiosity make a perfect storm for scratching and cutting their precious little faces.  Along with the cuts that will appear on your baby’s skin there is also a risk of eye damage because their little hands tend to wander and rub their eyes.

baby monitor

Double the Safety: The Best Baby Monitors for Monitoring Two Rooms

If you have a baby, chances are you are worrying a lot.  This is because babies are small and depend on you for everything so there is a natural sense of concern inside any parent.  From worrying whether or not your child is getting enough to eat to wondering if they are getting a good night’s rest; the worrying is never ending.  Luckily for you there are some great baby products available that were specifically designed to ease your troubled mind, like baby monitors.  Baby monitors are a two way system that works as a monitoring device for your little one so that you can be sure to always know what they are up to.

baby milk bottle

Best Baby Milk Bottles for Healthy Feeding

Feeding a child is much more than giving a child the substance they need to grow and develop.  It is always a great time for children and parents to connect and bond.  From the very early newborn stages to when your child just glares with wonder to later in the year when they begin to reach and grasp to try to hold the bottle themselves, it is an important routine.  So how do you find the best baby milk bottle for these special moments?  First you have to know what you’re looking for in baby milk bottles starting with the type you need.

baby bath time

Best Baby Inflatable Bath Tubs for Safe and Fun Bath Times

Unless you want to get in the bathtub with your child all of the time, you are going to need some baby bath tub. There are firm, rigid baby tubs, but you can also purchase one of the best baby inflatable bath tubs instead! The hard baby bath tubs are small and fit directly into your bath tub; they have some downsides. They are hard to store when not in use, and they aren’t as comfortable for your baby as the inflatable ones.

best baby gym

8 Choices for the Best Baby Gyms

Baby gyms may not be a necessity for parents to purchase, but you will want to have one as your baby gets older. Baby gyms help the development of their motor coordination. If you purchase one of the best baby gyms with lights and sounds, your child’s visual and auditory skills develop and increase. Plus, laying your baby on a baby gym gives you a few moments to get a few chores done or just to have a moment without a baby in arms.

Companies sell dozens of choices for parents to consider for their baby. You can find budget choices and baby gyms with fancier features. Let’s take a look at the best baby gyms based what parents think!

baby grooming kit

Top Picks for the Best Baby Grooming Kits for New Parents

Having a baby comes with a lot of responsibilities and upkeep and parents always strive to make everything perfect for their little one.  Whether it is makings sure that all of their clothes are perfectly cleaned or that their rooms are well maintained and organized.  One thing that many parents tend to forget is the grooming that comes along with having a baby.  When you think of grooming you may think of the everyday tasks that you yourself are accustom to doing like brushing your hair or trimming your nails but many times parents don’t associate these little routines with their child. 

baby glider

The 13 Best Baby Gliders for Your Nursery

When purchasing furniture for your baby’s nursery, a baby glider is an essential aspect. A glider is where you will spend hours rocking your baby to sleep and breastfeeding each night. Finding one of the best baby gliders can be difficult; there are so many different options on the market. You want a comfortable and relaxing baby glider; remember, hours will be spent there. Skimping on comfort will cause problems later, so invest in your comfort.

smiling mother and baby

Smooth Comfort: Discover the Best Baby Gliders and Ottomans for Your Nurser

Decorating a baby’s nursery is an exciting time.  It is not only a chance to showcase your personal style and vision but is an amazing opportunity to discover some great multifunctional pieces.   A problem that some parents face while picking out furniture for their incoming baby’s room is how to keep it modern yet functional.  While there has been some great improvements to baby furniture over the years, like dressers that also serve as changing tables, some items can feel a little dated.  This is especially true when it comes to the rocking chair.

Rocking chairs are sometimes overlooked because they appear to be old fashion and out of date, but they do serve a greater purpose.  That is where baby gliders and ottomans come into play.  These two piece furniture sets are the perfect addition to any modern nursery because they are sleek and better looking, but they also function like a dream.

best baby formula

Best Baby Formulas: 15 Fantastic Choices

If you are a formula using parent, you’ll quickly notice the huge variety of choices on the market. Chances are you are confused about the best choice. If your doctor doesn’t have a recommendation or a preference for you to try, you could spend hours in the formula aisle, reading labels.

The labels say things like “whole milk” “soy” “hypo-allergenic” “iron-fortified” and other things that you might not understand or know if are necessary. If your baby is lactose intolerance, you will need a different formula than your mom friend. Some babies need higher calories and nutrients for proper growth. Your baby is individual, so your formula choice won’t be the same as your friends.

baby food mill

Finding the Best Baby Food Mills for Nutritious Homemade Purees

By now you probably already know about most of the benefits that come from making your own baby’s food.  Not only are homemade baby foods healthier and more cost effective, it is also a great way to showcase some creativity when it comes to flavor combinations and textures.  This cannot only allow you to try out some new fruits and veggies with your child, but it can also open up a whole new world of flavors for your little one.  While it is perfectly okay to hand mash these foods down to a perfect paste for your child to easily eat, there is an easy way.  Baby food mills have been the number one choice among many parents when it comes to creating some truly delicious concoctions.  While there are other ways to make baby food, like suing s food processors, there are some advantages to keeping it simple.