jogging with baby

Stay Fit with Baby: The Top Lightweight Jogging Strollers for Active Families

Jogging strollers are a great way to help keep yourself active, especially when you are a parent.  The strollers were specially designed to glide with ease so you can run alongside with your child while the suspension system keeps them safe from bumps and lumps.  The secret is in the extra large three wheel design which helps to make the stroller more aerodynamic for a faster pace.  While these strollers may look overwhelming, they tend to be extremely lightweight.  Having a jogging stroller that is lightweight not only makes your run a little easier but also helps you when it comes to transferring the stroller from your trunk to the trail.  Being able to jog with your little one in tow isn’t only a great way to get some exercise in but is an amazing way to bond while also introducing healthy habits to your child.

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7 Impressive Options for the Best Lightweight Double Stroller

When you have two children, a double stroller is an essential item. It allows you to take your kids places without having to carry both. Young kids also get tired much easier, and they can’t last a long when walking places. I always keep one of the best lightweight double stroller options available to use with my kids. These strollers can save the day, especially on a hot, summer day! 

diaper bag

The Best Lightweight Diaper Bags for Practical Mothers

Diaper bags can weigh down your shoulder, especially when mom decides to take the entire nursery along to the grocery store. It is best if parents opt to just take the essentials, rather than everything that they think their baby could need. 

If you can’t stop yourself and you like to bring a haul of items with you, you need to look for one of the best lightweight diaper bags. It will reduce the overall weight, making it easier for you to carry around. Here are the best ones we found with the ideal features for parents.

baby car seat

Convertible Car Seats Made Easy: Best Lightweight Picks of the Year

As your baby gets older, it is time for him to transition to a convertible car seat. These seats can rear face your child and then transition him to forward facing when he has reached the appropriate age and weight. Unfortunately, most of these car seats weigh a lot. They are cumbersome to carry. Instead, you should look for the best lightweight convertible car seat.

Lightweight car seats are convenient. You can transfer them from car to car with less trouble. If you are traveling, it won’t break your arms to carry it through the airport. Once you reach your destination, a lightweight car seat is ideal, especially if you are renting a car.

jogging stroller

Strolling and Jogging Combined: Best Jogging Stroller Travel Systems Reviewed

Life is all about balance.  This is especially true when it comes to the things that you need to purchase in your life. This is even true when it comes to the baby gear products you need for your child.  For example, when you set out to buy a dresser and changing table combo, you want to dresser to perform just as well as the changing table does.  Having one great feature doesn’t mean anything if the other one doesn’t work as well.  This is the exact same argument and integrity that you need to have when it comes to purchasing a traveling system for your baby.  A baby travel system is a two piece set that comes with a stroller and a car set.  This is essentially everything that you need for your child when it comes to traveling with ease.  A very popular style of travel system right now is the jogging travel system

kids inflatable pool

Backyard Water Adventures: The Best Inflatable Pools for Kids

Children love to spend time in the water. During the warmer months, your kids are likely to beg for the chance to go swimming. Most parents purchase one of the best inflatable swimming pools for kids so they don’t have to head to the local pool each day so their children can cool off! Luckily, selecting an inflatable pool isn’t nearly as complicated as other items.

There are tons of choices available, ranging in sizes, styles, and shapes. If you have more than one child, you will want to consider purchasing a larger inflatable swimming pool to allow space for everyone to move around. Some of them have tons or sprinklers included. Other pools are just simple circles that give space for kids to splash around. Your selection will need to be based first on your budget and the size of your family.

traveling with baby

Infant Adventures Await: Best Travel Systems of the Year

As a parent you are constantly looking for newer and easier ways to streamline your life.  From convertible cribs which transform into toddler beds, to changing tables that double as dressers, the search is endless.  One easy way to keep things simple in your life as a parent is purchasing great traveling system.  So what is a baby traveling system?  A traveling system is a stroller and car seat combination that will guarantee to make your life a little less hectic.

baby bath

Bathing Your Baby: Choosing the Perfect Infant Bath Tub

When children are still young, the most important thing that you as a parent can do to help them learn and grow is to bond with them.  Not only does bonding help give them the support they need to reach milestones but it also is the best way to emotionally bring parent and child together.  While there are many activities that promote cheerful bonding, bath time is the perfect opportunity to strengthen a parent and child relationship.  This is because not only is bath time a great way to sooth a fussy baby before bedtime but can help with health issues like the common cold.  When it comes to the actual event, however, safety should always be first.

infant baby bottle

Feeding Essentials: The Top Infant Baby Bottles for New Parents

Whether you use formula or breastfeed, you are going to need a few infant baby bottles. There are so many choices and differences to compare when you want to select a variety for your child. Some bottles offer a standard design, and some are ergonomically shaped. There are wide neck bottles and the regular, narrower neck bottles. Some nipples are shaped like a breast; some are not. The options can be honestly daunting! 

We are going to take a look at some of the best infant baby bottles on the market and explain the differences. It is important for parents to pay attention to the venting of the nipple because it decreases the risk of colic and discomfort. Parents who breastfeed may want to look specifically at bottles designed to mimic the breast, allowing for an easier transition. With all the different options, there is sure to be one both your baby, and you enjoy using.