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Signs That Your Baby Loves You

Despite the fact that your baby cannot talk to you, deep down you know that there is a bond between you. What you may not know is that your baby will demonstrate how much they love you by means of certain signs. Let us go over these cute baby ways and signs.

potty training

Potty Training

Potty training marks a significant milestone in your child’s growth and development. While it may happen effortlessly for some little ones, it can be quite a hurdle for others. The reassuring news is that every healthy child will eventually master potty training. So, even if you’ve been encountering a seemingly never-ending series of obstacles and setbacks, remember this fundamental fact. What’s even more encouraging is that there are numerous straightforward potty training suggestions and strategies that can help smooth this transition period. We’ve compiled some of these valuable potty training tips for you below.

mother breast feeding her child while working

How to Manage Breastfeeding While Working

One of the hardest things to do as a parent is to return to work after your baby is born.  You don’t want to miss a single second or milestone.  While this is a guilt that every working parent faces, it is even harder for breastfeeding mothers.  This is because breastfeeding has a direct chemical link to your brain that gives you the overwhelming need to feed your child.

 Breastfeeding is an important part of your child’s life so you should never feel like you are not doing your job correctly because you need to either pump or breastfeed.  Try to stay vigilant to not give up when it comes to breastfeeding either.  While it may be hard and even embarrassing at times, it is necessary.  Remember, you are your child’s champion so if there is something at work that is preventing you for doing this, you have every right to speak up!

baby bottle feed

5 Tricks to Get Your Baby to Bottle Feed

There are few things as frustrating for a parent than trying to get your child to properly bottle feed.  This is especially true if your baby has been a solid breastfed baby for most of their life. 

baby sign language

Baby Sign Language

Baby sign language is becoming a popular way of communicating with infants. After 4 months, babies are considered to have reached a phase where they are developmentally ready to communicate with their parents by means of signs. Here are some of the most popular signs you might wish to learn so as to understand your baby better.