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two lines on a pregnancy test

Two Lines on a Pregnancy Test: What Does It Mean?

Everyone takes a pregnancy test for the very first time. When you take a home pregnancy test for the first time, you will have a lot of questions. How do you know if it is negative? What do two lines on a pregnancy test mean? Why are there two lines? There are so many questions!

When you head to the store to purchase a home pregnancy test, you have two different options. The first option is a digital test that displays PREGNANT or NOT PREGNANT depending on your results. However, digital pregnancy tests carry a much higher price tag. Two digital tests could cost as much as $15 to $20, but many ladies prefer these because there is no question about the results. They are very easy to read.

The second option is a traditional pregnancy test. Traditional home pregnancy tests display the results with either one or two lines. One of the reasons women prefer these types of tests is the decreased cost. While good pregnancy tests still cost money, you can get traditional tests in larger packs, making the price per test much cheaper.

teething baby

Baltic Amber Teething Necklaces: An In-depth Look

Every day it seems like there is a new trendy product for babies coming out.  From fancy new seats to toys that are meant to help with overstimulation, the minimalist products don’t seem to be slowing down.  But, what is practical and what is just a passing trend?  More importantly, are these new products actually safe for your child to use? 

One of the problems that many of these new products are trying to help with is teething.  Teething is a painful time for your child but even more painful for you as a parent to watch.  This is why so many companies are trying to jump on the teething bead trend to help bring your little one some relief.  This is exactly the case when it comes to the Baltic Amber Teething Necklaces.  These newly popular items seem to be popping up all over social media. So, do they work and are they worth it?  Here is what I found out.

babies crying cute crying baby

What to Do If a Baby Wakes Up Every Night Crying

Every parent knows the amazing feeling of watching their little bundle of joy sleeping soundly in their crib.  This moment of peace makes all of the work that goes into raising a child totally worth it.  While some babies do indeed take to sleeping like a duck to water, that isn’t always the case.  If you are like most parents you may know that it is actually a really difficult task to get a baby, especially a newborn, sleeping through the night.  One thing that may help to ease your overtired mind is that you are not alone in this seemingly endless journey of sleepless nights. 

Each parent knows that there are few things worse than settling in for the night and finally getting a moment to yourself to be suddenly thrown by your child’s cries.  Luckily for you there are some great tips and tricks to not only help your child learn to self sooth and cope on their own while also helping you understand why your baby wakes up every night crying. Here are some things to help you get through this sometimes overwhelming stage in your child’s life.

mother breast feeding her child while working

How to Manage Breastfeeding While Working

One of the hardest things to do as a parent is to return to work after your baby is born.  You don’t want to miss a single second or milestone.  While this is a guilt that every working parent faces, it is even harder for breastfeeding mothers.  This is because breastfeeding has a direct chemical link to your brain that gives you the overwhelming need to feed your child.

 Breastfeeding is an important part of your child’s life so you should never feel like you are not doing your job correctly because you need to either pump or breastfeed.  Try to stay vigilant to not give up when it comes to breastfeeding either.  While it may be hard and even embarrassing at times, it is necessary.  Remember, you are your child’s champion so if there is something at work that is preventing you for doing this, you have every right to speak up!

can a pregnancy test be wrong

Can a Pregnancy Test Be Wrong?

When a woman takes a pregnancy test, they do so in hopes of getting a definitive answer to one of life’s burning questions.  Am I pregnant?  Many times even after the stick turns pink, there is still that tiny bit of doubt that may lurk deep inside your mind. So, can a pregnancy test be wrong?  It is a frustrating thing to know that, yes, pregnancy tests can be wrong, but not always for the reason you think.  This is because most at home pregnancy tests on average are only 98% accurate and while this is a large percentage, there is always that 2%.  That little window of inaccuracy leaves many women with more questions than answers.  So before you take the word of your pregnancy test result, consider these factors that can lead to an incorrect pregnancy test reading.

baby sleeping too much

Is it Possible that My Baby is Sleeping Too Much?

Babies are known to sleep a lot, even though you might feel like the walking dead from lack of sleep. The truth is that newborn babies can sleep anywhere from 16 to 20 hours asleep. However, their sleep is broken up, and we are used to a large chunk. The constant waking then sleeping pattern makes us feel as if we never get enough sleep.

So, what do you do when you feel as if your baby is sleeping too much? Chances are your friends will tell you to thank your lucky stars, but a nagging feeling is telling you something is wrong. You want to see your baby’s beautiful eyes, and you’re beginning to wonder what is going on. Can babies sleep too much? Before you go too far, the chances that something is wrong is rare, so don’t fret too much. Now, let’s take a look at what you need to know.

early pregnancy signs

The Most Common Early Pregnancy Signs

A pregnancy is an amazing time in many women’s lives.  It is full of anticipation and wonder, but did you know that there are some early pregnancy signs that can tip you off long before the stick turns blue? 

late period reasons

The Top Reasons for a Late Period

Being a woman is full of complications and surprises.  One surprise that some women are not prepared for is a late or missed period.  This is because women are very in tune with their bodies so they know almost down to the day when they should be expecting their periods to start. 

baby bottle feed

5 Tricks to Get Your Baby to Bottle Feed

There are few things as frustrating for a parent than trying to get your child to properly bottle feed.  This is especially true if your baby has been a solid breastfed baby for most of their life.