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things to avoid saying to your kids

9 Things To Avoid Saying To Your Kids

We all love our children to the end of the world. However sometimes life is so stressful and we are too busy to take it all. Kids ask a million questions, run about, pester us and simply get on our nerves at times. And there are times when we just can’t stand it all and erupt like Mount Vesuvius. On these occasions we might say something that could hurt our little ones’ feelings. Harsh words that make them feel confused are the last thing you need for kids at a tender age. But it is something that all parents must have said at one time or another. Let us go over some of the most common phrases that we might be tempted to say, but that we should do our best to avoid uttering, for our kids’ benefit.

baby sign language

Baby Sign Language

Baby sign language is becoming a popular way of communicating with infants. After 4 months, babies are considered to have reached a phase where they are developmentally ready to communicate with their parents by means of signs. Here are some of the most popular signs you might wish to learn so as to understand your baby better.

happy mom plays with her young baby son 1

Signs That Your Baby Loves You

Despite the fact that your baby cannot talk to you, deep down you know that there is a bond between you. What you may not know is that your baby will demonstrate how much they love you by means of certain signs. Let us go over these cute baby ways and signs.

potty training

Potty Training

Potty training marks a significant milestone in your child’s growth and development. While it may happen effortlessly for some little ones, it can be quite a hurdle for others. The reassuring news is that every healthy child will eventually master potty training. So, even if you’ve been encountering a seemingly never-ending series of obstacles and setbacks, remember this fundamental fact. What’s even more encouraging is that there are numerous straightforward potty training suggestions and strategies that can help smooth this transition period. We’ve compiled some of these valuable potty training tips for you below.

baby with eggs

How to Introduce Eggs to Your Baby 

The moment that baby is finally ready to start eating some table food is an awesome time for a parent.  You finally get to stop blending all of that baby food which will give you a serious break.  Being able to feed your little one the same food that you are making for the rest of your family finally lets you feel like your baby is as actual person.  Not only does this give your family and your baby a chance to bond over food, but it will help you to save some money.  

formula milk

Is My Baby Allergic to Formula?

There are many reasons why some parents choose to use formula for their babies.  The most common reason is that it isn’t always possible to breastfeed the child.  While breastfeeding is an important part of being a parent, there is a great deal of shame that comes along when someone finds that they cannot breastfeed.  This shame is something that can sometimes prevent a worried parent from talking about the effects that formula may be having on their child out of fear of judgment.  

birth control pregnancy test

Can Birth Control Affect a Pregnancy Test?

There are many reasons for women to take birth control besides just the obvious.  Birth control has been used to help women who have skin problems like acne and are even used to help with extreme mood swings.  This is because birth control helps to regulate the hormones in your system which is one of the main reasons for mood instability as well as painful skin breakouts.  The most common reason that women take birth control, however, is to help to prevent pregnancy.  This is just another great way for a woman to take control of their own body and their health in hopes to avoid an unexpected pregnancy.  While it is fairly difficult to get pregnant while on birth control, there are a few factors to keep in mind before settling on a birth control plan to solve all of your contraception needs.

late pregnancy test results

Top Reasons for a Late Period Negative Pregnancy Test Result

There are few things worse for a woman who is trying to pregnant than seeing a negative pregnancy test result.  This is even more frustrating if your period is late.  Most women believe that when they miss their period that they are pregnant, but that isn’t always to case.  While there are other reasons for a missed period besides just pregnancy, a negative test reading may be due to other factors.  This means that even though you get a negative test result that you may actually be pregnant.  Each instance is a case by case event and to know which one applies to you, you must first check for the factors that can help you determine the problem.

two lines on a pregnancy test

Two Lines on a Pregnancy Test: What Does It Mean?

Everyone takes a pregnancy test for the very first time. When you take a home pregnancy test for the first time, you will have a lot of questions. How do you know if it is negative? What do two lines on a pregnancy test mean? Why are there two lines? There are so many questions!

When you head to the store to purchase a home pregnancy test, you have two different options. The first option is a digital test that displays PREGNANT or NOT PREGNANT depending on your results. However, digital pregnancy tests carry a much higher price tag. Two digital tests could cost as much as $15 to $20, but many ladies prefer these because there is no question about the results. They are very easy to read.

The second option is a traditional pregnancy test. Traditional home pregnancy tests display the results with either one or two lines. One of the reasons women prefer these types of tests is the decreased cost. While good pregnancy tests still cost money, you can get traditional tests in larger packs, making the price per test much cheaper.

teething baby

Baltic Amber Teething Necklaces: An In-depth Look

Every day it seems like there is a new trendy product for babies coming out.  From fancy new seats to toys that are meant to help with overstimulation, the minimalist products don’t seem to be slowing down.  But, what is practical and what is just a passing trend?  More importantly, are these new products actually safe for your child to use? 

One of the problems that many of these new products are trying to help with is teething.  Teething is a painful time for your child but even more painful for you as a parent to watch.  This is why so many companies are trying to jump on the teething bead trend to help bring your little one some relief.  This is exactly the case when it comes to the Baltic Amber Teething Necklaces.  These newly popular items seem to be popping up all over social media. So, do they work and are they worth it?  Here is what I found out.