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Baby’s First Sounds: The Best Fetal Dopplers Reviewed

Hearing your unborn baby’s heartbeat is the best sound you can hear. Typically, you only hear it at each doctor’s appointment and during ultrasounds. If you are like me, that is just not enough. I long to hear that sound while I am home, which is why I had to purchase one of the best fetal dopplers.

Years ago, women didn’t have the opportunity to listen to their baby’s heartbeat at home. Now, fetal doppler heartbeat monitors are a common purchase for pregnant women. Fetal dopplers provide reassurance for mothers who need peace of mind during their pregnancy, especially those who have had losses. Some mothers feel a stronger sense of bonding because of the fetal dopplers. Dopplers also allow partners to bond with the baby and to feel the excitement of hearing their heartbeat.

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Cloth Diapering Made Easy: The Best Diaper Pails Reviewed

Diapers are a must for every parent. There is no right or wrong way to diaper your baby, but you do want to have something to catch the hourly explosions. Our family uses cloth diapers, and we have for over seven years. If you are going to use cloth diapers, you want the best diaper pail for cloth diapers to hold the dirty ones until washing day.

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Dad-Ready Diaper Duty: Top Diaper Bags for Modern Fathers

The battle of the diaper bags is always a tricky war between parents.  While some dads don’t mind toting around a bag that is wonderfully designed with bright pink butterflies, more often than not a dad would prefer to carry around a bag that is more tuned in to their style.  Luckily for these forward thinking fathers there is another option out there!  There is several great diaper bags available that are more geared toward a masculine style that still offer all of the conveniences of traditional diaper bags.  Sometimes it isn’t only the pattern of the diaper that can be worrisome to a hip dad.  Sometimes the styling of the bag itself can be uncomfortable to carry due to shorter straps and bulky sizing.  If you know what to look for and what to avoid you are well on your way to not only finding some common ground but also get a great product that both parents can be happy with.

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Carrying for Two: The Ultimate Guide to Diaper Bags for Twins

When you’re a parent of twins you will find that all of the baby gear you need has to come in a set of twos.  From two cribs to two highchairs, in no time you will find that you are out of room for any more stuff.  Luckily for you there has been a surge of baby gear items that were specifically made to convenience parents of twins. 

One thing that you cannot do with out when you have a baby, or two, is a diaper bag.  A great diaper bag will hold everything that you need to have a productive and enjoyable time out of the house.  Just because you have twins however, doesn’t mean that you need two diaper bags.  There are a few great diaper bags available on the market that are big enough to hold double the stuff.

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Luxury Meets Practicality: The Best Designer Diaper Bags of the Year

Mothers don’t have to give up their style when they become a parent. While some parents are fine with the plastic and cheaper diaper bags, many mothers prefer to select one of the best designer diaper bags. I prefer a designer diaper bag because I use my diaper bag as my purse. Instead of carrying two bags, I like to have a diaper bag that I enjoy, and that represents who I am as a person.

Diaper bags come in a huge range of styles, shapes, and sizes. Over the course of seven years of parenting, I have used some diaper bags. Shopping for them is half the fun! I love to compare their features and their quality. Here are some features I always want in my diaper bags.

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Efficient Nursery Design: Best Cribs with Changing Table Combos

It seems that these days everything is coming in pairs.  These two for one combo are not only a great time saver, but an amazing space saver as well.  While this may seem like a marketing scheme to draw in your attention, they are actually some amazing multipurpose items out there that were specifically designed to make your life a little easier.  This is especially true when it comes to standard baby gears items.  Many of the typical baby items that you will need when caring for a child have gotten a face lift.  One of these crucial products is your child’s crib.  Cribs have come a long way since the standard clunky pieces of wood that you may be used to seeing.  Multipurpose cribs are not a new discovery.  Many parents use convertible cribs which transform into toddler beds for older children.  But, did you know that there is a newer combo hitting the market hard?  These two in one pieces are crib and changing table combos. 

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The Essential Guide to the Best Crib Mattress Pads

Parents are constantly on the hunt to make their child’s bed more comfortable.  This is because common items like pillows and blankets are not allowed in the crib.  Having too many extra items in bed with your child can pose as a health threat, so this leads parents to look for other alternatives.  Crib mattress pad are the perfect solution for all of your little one’s comfort problems.  Not only do mattress pads offer more cushion and support for your child, they can actually help to protect their mattress.  This is great news for parents on a budget because baby mattresses can run you a pretty penny.  So if you are interested in trying out one of the best crib mattress pads, stay tuned!

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Twin-Tested, Parent-Approved: Top Cribs for Twins

Twins mean that you need double the amount of everything. From blankets to swings, things must come in twos for it to work for your family. Quite often, parents wonder if they should purchase one or two cribs. What is truly the best crib for twins?

Twins spend 40 weeks in utero together. It is natural for them to want to stay together when they leave. Twins feel a natural and instinctual bond to each other that can last a lifetime.

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Gentle Air for Little Lungs: Best Cool Mist Humidifiers for Babies

Caring for a baby is a lot of work that is full of worries about whether or not you are doing the best to keep them safe and healthy.  Cold and flu season is usually when these fears are heightened.  Protecting your child can be as easy as changing the air around them that they breathe.  A great way to achieve this is so introduce a cool mist humidifier.  A cool mist humidifier increases the humidity in the air allowing for more moisture which will not only help your baby breathe better but will also do wonders for their skin.

Winter causes havoc on a baby’s already sensitive skin.  The dry air causes the skin to flake and crack and their lips to dry up and while you can try your best to keep them moisturized and softened with lotions and creams, the best way to fight off the dryness is to change the structure of the air.  So why a cool mist humidifier?  Unlike warm mist humidifiers, cool mist ones work with cooler water which reduces the risk of mold and bacteria growing which is a common concern in the warm mist varieties.

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Safety and Comfort Combined: Best Convertible Car Seats for Newborns

A car seat is such an important purchase when it comes to essential baby gear items for your little one.  They will be your child’s main line of defense to help keep them safe in case of an accident.  Convertible car seats are a great option because they are made to adjust with your growing baby so that you can get more use out of it.  When shopping for a convertible car seat for your newborn, however, remember that all convertible car seats are not created equal.  Newborns are tiny and fragile and because of this it is important to find a convertible car seat that better fits their smaller frame.