infant baby bottle

Feeding Essentials: The Top Infant Baby Bottles for New Parents

Whether you use formula or breastfeed, you are going to need a few infant baby bottles. There are so many choices and differences to compare when you want to select a variety for your child. Some bottles offer a standard design, and some are ergonomically shaped. There are wide neck bottles and the regular, narrower neck bottles. Some nipples are shaped like a breast; some are not. The options can be honestly daunting! 

We are going to take a look at some of the best infant baby bottles on the market and explain the differences. It is important for parents to pay attention to the venting of the nipple because it decreases the risk of colic and discomfort. Parents who breastfeed may want to look specifically at bottles designed to mimic the breast, allowing for an easier transition. With all the different options, there is sure to be one both your baby, and you enjoy using.


Breathe Easy: Top Humidifiers for Baby’s Nursery

Humidifiers are an excellent addition to any baby room not only during the colder winter months but the whole year round.  Humidifiers work to change to air to fit what you need at the time.  For example, during winter months you may want to invest in a cool mist humidifier.  Cool mist humidifiers work to add moisture in the air to help to keep your little one’s skin from drying.  During the warmer months a humidifier will work to regulate the air to make it easier for your child to breathe.  To decide which type of humidifier you need, you must first know the difference between the two main styles and what they have to offer.

baby high chair

High Chairs for Babies: Navigating the Options for Happy Dining

A high chair is a valuable baby product that gives your child a safe and comfortable spot to enjoy meals. Once your baby reaches the age of solids, a high chair becomes a necessity; you don’t want to hold a child while they enjoy spaghetti! Luckily, there are hundreds of choices on the market for the best high chair for baby. Whether you want a metal, plastic or wooden chair, you could find something to match your kitchen and be comfortable for your child. 

baby smiling in a car seat

High Back Booster Seats: Elevating Your Child’s Safety and Comfort

All children need car seats. As they grow, their particular needs change. An older child, five years or older, requires the best high back booster seat to keep them safe while on the go. Regular seat belts only protect your child if they are situated correctly across their body. The goal of the high back booster seat is to guide the seat belt across your child’s lap and shoulder properly. 

There is no single best high back booster seat on the market. Rather, you have to pick the right choice for your family. All car seat manufacturers put through products through rigorous testing, and they are required to meet safety standards set by the federal government. 

High back booster seats differ from backless boosters who used for older kids. They have a back and are typically heavier than the backless boosters. Parents should use the high back boosters as a transition car seat into the backless booster. Children are offered more support with these types of boosters.

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Convenience and Nutrition: Top Hand Blenders for Baby Food Preparation

In a world full of chemicals and toxins; there is no surprise why more families are turning to a more natural way of life.  This has never been more evident as is does when it comes to caring for a child.  Whether is it purchasing only naturally made diapers or eco friendly baby detergent, parents are constantly on the hunt for the newest way to keep unwanted chemicals out of their child’s life.

If keeping things pure and natural is important to you, you should consider the benefits that you and your child will gain from making and storing your own baby food.  While there are some conveniences to buying pre-made jar baby food, there are just as many, if not more benefits to making their food right at home.

mom sitting baby in a car seat

Graco Car Seats Reviewed: Comfort and Protection Combined

When it comes to buying baby gear and products for your child, many parents like to stick with one brand.  This is because many brands will have products that are compatible with each other, as long as they are from the same series.  Not only does shopping for one brand allow you to get multiple uses out of one product, it also is a great way to stick with what you know.  One of the most popular baby gear brands is Graco.  Graco has been around for generations and has always managed to develop high quality products and best of all; they do it without giving you a heavy price tag to worry about.  While Graco is an affordable brand, that doesn’t mean that their products are cheap.  They have constantly managed to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to safety and innovation.  One baby gear product that stays on track when it comes to this high standard is Graco car seats.

baby glass bottle

Glass Baby Bottles with Style: Function Meets Elegance

There have been so many advances when it comes to the everyday products you need to care for your child.  While many of these new and shiny baby items offer many great things, sometimes sticking to what is traditional is best.  This is the case when it comes to glass baby bottles.  Using glass bottles for your baby’s feeding needs may seem old fashion and out of date.  However, you may be surprised to learn about all of the advantages of using glass bottles verses using the very popular plastic bottles.  

baby food processing

6 Choices for the Best Food Processors for Baby Food

One of the newer must have items on a new parent’s list is a baby food maker. Growing in trend over the last decade, these food processors were created specifically for parents who put the time and energy into creating their own fresh, homemade purees. There are many choices for the best food processors for baby food. Over the last few years, these machines have added features with powerful motors and high-quality materials.

baby folding chair

Fold and Feast: Selecting the Perfect Folding High Chair for Your Babyy

There are certain baby gear items that were specifically designed with small living families in mind.  When you live in a smaller space, like an apartment, you may find that your home feels like it is being swallowed by a ton of baby stuff.  While every product may serve an important purpose, there are some baby essentials that can actually help make your space much more livable.  One product that sets out to not only helps save you some serious space, but also some stress, are folding high chairs.  Folding high chairs are different front traditional high chairs because they are not only easy to move around but also can fold away for faster storage.  This means that after your child is done using it for the day you can simply fold it away and open up your space again.  Not only are folding high chairs a great option for families who are running out of space, they are great for traveling families as well!  This is because these high chairs are much more lightweight and easier to tote around.

baby sleeping crib

Peaceful Nights: The Top Foam Crib Mattresses for Infants

Your baby is going to need a crib mattress of their own. While it isn’t an exciting purchase, your child will spend several years of their life sleeping in their crib, eventually transitioning to a toddler bed. Many parents like to search the selections of the best foam crib mattresses to guarantee that their baby is getting a comfortable bed.

The mattress you select is an essential item and deserves some consideration. Infants spend around 12 hours per day in their crib sleeping. That is a lot of time spent on one thing! The mattress should be safe and comfortable, ensuring they like to sleep in their crib. However, not all beds are equal and made the same. While they do need to pass certain standards to be sold in stores, you want to find a foam crib mattress that is ideal for your child.