baby wipes sensitive skin

Sensitive Skin Essentials: Choosing the Right Baby Wipes for Your Baby

A newborn’s skin is extremely sensitive.  While it is common for newborns to have this type of skin, many babies suffer from even more serious skin irritating problems.  Common skin irritants that newborns can suffer from range from less severe problems like diaper rash and dry skin to more severe aliments like eczema or psoriasis.  This sensitivity is only made worse by unneeded additives and dyes in their common health care products.  One of these health care products that you cannot live without is baby wipes.  This is why it is more important than ever to find baby wipes that are specifically designed for your little one’s sensitive skin. 

baby wedge

6 Safe Choices for the Best Baby Wedges

Parents and doctors argue about whether or not baby wedges are a good solution. If your baby suffers from acid reflux, you want to find anything that can make your baby feel comfortable and lets them get some sleep. Acid reflux can disrupt sleeping patterns and cause your baby to spit-up a large portion of his milk.

                Aside from medications, baby wedges provide almost instant relief by elevating your baby’s head and neck. Doing so prevents the acid from entering his esophagus. You can use baby wedges in a crib or the floor, or wherever else you have your child safely sleeping.

                Parents must decide for themselves if a baby wedge is safe. The FDA does not encourage the use of sleep positioners, stating they could lead to suffocation. Remember, parents have to decide for themselves what is best for their baby.

baby wash

How to Select the Best Baby Wash

There isn’t much more intoxicating than the smell of your baby after a bath. Parents love the smell of their sweet child after they are all clean. It is our responsibility, as parents, to ensure our children are clean until they are old enough to take care of it themselves. You may think selecting the best baby wash for your baby is easy, but many parents toss around which is the best option for their child.

baby travel

The Ultimate Parent’s Guide to Selecting the Perfect Baby Travel System

Having a child means filling not only your home but your entire life with an endless amount of baby gear and products.  Luckily for you, infant travel systems were invented.  An infant travel system is an all in one deal that comes with a rear facing car seat for newborns and a stroller.  The best part about this two part system is that they connect together perfectly for a smooth and safe ride.

Most system comes with a car seat installation base that installs directly into your vehicle.  Depending on your car’s model you will either be able attach the base directly to your car’s latch system or have to manually buckle it in.  This base allows you to quickly snap the car seat into your car and then just as easily remove it and snap it into a stroller and go.  It has never been easier to travel with a baby!

baby thermometer

The 6 Best Baby Thermometer Choices

Unless your family is extremely lucky, your child will get sick several times throughout his childhood. When your baby gets sick, he isn’t always able to let you know what is wrong. Babies tend to cry and cry, unable to do anything else to express their discomfort. One of the best ways to determine if something is wrong with your child is to use the best baby thermometer.

Every parent needs to have a thermometer in your medicine cabinet. A thermometer isn’t a want; it is a true need! While you could buy any thermometer, there are some that are better than others. It is easier, with infants, to purchase a thermometer that is meant for babies. There are some that are more accurate than others!

baby winter boots

Baby’s First Winter: Discovering the Best Snow Boots for Infants

Winter is right around the corner and you know what that means!  This begins the endless hunt for ways to keep your little one warm while the snow continues to pile up.  Any first time parent knows that overwhelming feeling of trying to find the best snow gear for their child that has the best of quality and price.  This is especially true when it comes to finding the best baby snow boots.  The first thing that you may notice when setting out of this footwear adventure is how expensive baby boots can be.  This may seem crazy when you think about how fast your child’s feet will grow, so know how to spot a winner.  Here is everything you need to know about finding the best baby snow boots for your little snow monster.

baby sensitive shampoo

8 Fantastic Choices for the Best Baby Shampoo for Sensitive Skin

One thing every parent needs to purchase is a few bottles of baby shampoo. Babies are more likely to have sensitive skin than an adult. There are many choices for the best baby shampoo for sensitive skin. Parents may prefer to purchase a product without any parabens or phthalates because they are more likely to irritate sensitive skin. Plant-based ingredients tend to be safer for babies.

Ingredients to Avoid

If your child has sensitive skin, there are some ingredients you need to watch out for to avoid future problems. Chemicals tend to dry out skin and lead to reactions.

baby shampoo

Baby Shampoo and Wash Options for Natural Parents

You may have thought selecting bath products for your child would be easier than choosing their car seat. While it has fewer variables, picking the best baby shampoo and wash isn’t as simple as you might think. There are dozens of options, but so many contain dangerous chemicals, making the decision even harder.

It is baffling to think that so many normal bath products contain toxic ingredients that may have lasting effects on our children. When our babies are born into this world, their developmental and immune system are so fragile. Washing them in a tub full of possible carcinogens is frightening to many parents.

The first thing that parents should do is pay attention to the ratings by the Environmental Working Group (EWG). They do all of the research and rank baby products, along with other personal care products, based on their safety level. If the product has a 0 grade, it is considered perfectly safe. If the product ranks a 10, you need to stay far away from it.

baby play mat

The Best Baby Play Mats for a Fun and Safe Play Space

Babies grow rapidly through the first year of life. Over that time, babies reach new growth stages and develop new skills. You need to create a safe place for your child to play and grow. The best baby play mats give you a place where you can put your baby that is comfortable and clean, whether it is for tummy time or toy time.

baby nail clippers

The Best Baby Nail Clippers for Gentle and Safe Trimming

Grooming a newborn can seem like a daunting task.  This is especially true when it comes to clipping your little one’s finger nails.  It may seem scary because their fingers are so tiny and delicate but it really is an important routine to start. Baby’s fingernails are not smooth and rounded like larger kid’s nails.  They are often jagged with sharp little edges that can do some serious damages.  These jagged nails along with a baby’s natural curiosity make a perfect storm for scratching and cutting their precious little faces.  Along with the cuts that will appear on your baby’s skin there is also a risk of eye damage because their little hands tend to wander and rub their eyes.