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Guide to the Best Baby Doorway Jumpers for Energetic Little Ones

Once your little ones starts to grow out of the newborn stage you will find that it can be a challenge keeping them entertained.  Their natural sense of curiosity will have them wandering all over your house and getting into literally everything.  While you obviously want to nourish their new found sense of adventure because it is important to their development, you still want to keep them safe and semi-contained.  A baby doorway jumper is a great way to let them entertain themselves while also keeping them in the same place.

A doorway jumper is a fun little piece of baby equipment that attaches directly that any doorway and hangs like a sling with the use of straps and bungee type cords.  While this may seem a little wild, there is no need to worry because when they are installed and used properly they are completely safe.  These jumpers are not only great for entertainment but they also help your child reach some important milestones.  Because your child needs to use their legs to push themselves to jump, they are actually working on strengthening their little leg muscles which will help them to stand on their own.  Parents also love to use these jumpers as a way to help sooth a fussy or bored baby because they are generally just fun to use.


The Ultimate Guide to the Best Baby Diaper Bags

The one piece of baby gear that no parent should ever be without is the baby diaper bag.  This will literally hold your everything for the first couple years of your baby’s life.  When you have a child there is no such thing as “running a quick errand” anymore.  It is impossible to run down the street without a spare diaper in tow, let alone making a run to the store.  These storage bags were basically designed to hold everything you will need and even some items you don’t think you may need to help make your day go smoothly. 

So what should expect to find in a great diaper bag?  Any feature that will make your life easier is exactly what you should look for when shopping around.  First and most importantly should be storage space.  Because you will need to carry anything from diapers to a change of clothes; finding a baby diaper bag with deep pockets and storage is a must.  There should be different options when it comes to storage as well.  Having easier access to a front secure pocket will make everything a little easier for you because you can have quicker access to important things like your wallet and phone.  This means you don’t have to dig through your bag to find your keys.

baby crib mattress

Best Baby Crib Mattress Choices for Your Baby’s Health and Safety

Every baby needs to have their crib mattress, and picking the best baby crib mattress for your new child is an important purchase. Your child will sleep on their mattress for several years because it can be used in a toddler bed as well. The world of mattress shopping isn’t as fun as shopping for those tiny teeny baby clothes.

Even though it isn’t fun to shop for a crib mattress, it is one of the most important purchases you will make for your new bundle of joy. Infants can spend over 12 hours per day asleep in their crib each day. You want to ensure your child is safe and comfortable during all of those hours of glorious sleep.

The problem is that not all mattresses are safe. They are not all made equal, so parents need to do their diligent research. Some information can be misleading and incorrect as well. The best baby crib mattress for your child will help them grow into healthy toddlers.

Best Baby Changing Pad

Finding the Perfect Baby Changing Pad for Safety and Comfort

When setting up your baby’s nursery, there are a few staple items that you cannot live without.  From the perfect crib to the most accessible changing table; everything has its purpose.  Changing tables are especially important because this where you will be seemingly spending a great deal of time changing, clothing and caring for your baby.  When you buy a changing table, often times it will already come with a perfectly sized changing pad.  Did you know that there is another option however?  Buying a changing pad separate from the changing table can open your world to a whole new variety of choices when it comes to customizing your child’s room.  Buying a separate changing pad lets you choose the type of material as well as the comfort of the pad.  This also lets you have other options when it comes to location.  A great use out of a separate changing pad lets you transform ordinary furniture, like dressers, into changing tables.

best baby bouncer chair

The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Best Baby Bouncer Chair

Little ones are always in constant need for attention but while holding your child is a great way to bond and connect, it isn’t always convenient.  Having an attached child is not a bad thing.  Holding your child is the perfect way to begin a loving relationship, but like everything in life; there needs to be balance.  If you have a super attached baby who screams and yell at even the thought about being put down, it is time to start searching for other solutions.  A baby bouncer chair is the perfect product that will bring you some relief while also comforting your fussy child.  These chairs are more than just a seat for your child.   Not only do most of them bounce but many offer other features that are sure to bring your child some joy. 

best baby bottle for colic

Best Baby Bottles for Colic and Gas

Colic may seem like a scary problem for your little one to suffer from, but it actually may be more common than you think.  Colic occurs in babies who tend to swallow too much air while feeding and who have a hard time digesting food.  This problem can also worsen when you are using the wrong type of bottle.  Some bottles allow for air to mix directly with the milk which not only can irritate a little one’s colic but can also cause painful gas bubbles to occur causing your child even more discomfort.  This has a lot to do with your child’s digestive system because it still isn’t developed enough to naturally filter out the air.  When a baby swallows too much air or even too much milk at once it can cause their esophagus to react leading to spit up.  While spit up will always naturally happen, an excessive amount of spit up can lead to bigger problems like malnutrition. 

The 10 Best Baby Bottle Warmers

When your baby is screaming for a bottle, it can be frustrating to wait for the hot water to make the milk warm. Many babies refuse to take a cold bottle and using one of the best baby bottle warmers simplifies a step in a parent’s busy life. A parent can put the bottle into the warmer and change the baby’s diaper. By the time they return, the milk is toasty warm and ready for the baby to drink.

There are dozens of baby bottle warmers on the market in 2016. The variety can be difficult to navigate. It seems as if they all have different features and highlights. Baby bottle warmers aren’t all created equally, so parents should spend some time researching what features are important for them.

Baby Bottle Sterilizer

The 6 Best Baby Bottle Sterilizer Products

Parents who use bottles need to make sure to properly sterilize their bottles. Sterilization is an important process to protect your growing child. Busy parents can easily let the bottles pile up and forget to clean until they are all used. Then, you have to rush and try to make sure you get some clean.

Researching and selecting the best baby bottle sterilizer is a way to save your time and ensure your child’s safety. Infants are more vulnerable than older children and adults to infections. Their immune systems are still in the early developmental stages and are rather sensitive. Using a baby bottle sterilizer is the only way to guarantee no parasites and viruses live on your child’s bottles.

Best Baby Bottle Drying Rack

8 Best Baby Bottle Drying Rack for Parents

For parents that use baby bottles, you may decide to purchase a bottle drying rack. It may not seem like a necessary item, but one experience of leaving bottles to dry the wrong way will show you why it’s a good purchase. A nasty, mildew smell will develop in bottles left to dry in the wrong ways. Some parents own baby bottle sterilizers that will dry as well. If you aren’t that lucky, you have to pick one of the best baby bottle drying racks to finish the task.

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Best Baby Bottle Brush – A Comprehensive Guide for Parents

Having a baby comes along with a never ending stream of chores.  Whether you find yourself swimming in an endless pile of laundry or just trying to keep up with everyday household clean up; life is messy.  One daunting chore that drives many parents crazy is the constant cleaning and sanitizing of their baby’s bottles.  That’s where these handy little baby brushes come in to play.  Baby bottle brushes are different from regular dish brushes because of their special shape.  They are designed to reach down into every corner of your baby’s bottle to properly clean them while easily removing milk residue and germs.  Sponges just don’t cut it when it comes to cleaning baby bottles, so purchasing the best baby bottle brush is truly a must for any parent.