Timeless Treasures: Choosing the Perfect Old-Fashioned Baby Walker

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Best Old Fashioned Baby Walkers

There so many baby products out there that were specifically designed to help your little one reach their milestones at a healthy pace.  One of these amazing products that you should consider adding to your overgrowing collection of baby gear products is an old fashioned baby walker.  There are a lot of misconceptions when it comes to baby walkers. One of these old wives tales is that baby walkers will cause your child to be bow legged or may stump their growth and development.  These popular rumors, like most spun tales, are untrue.  

Baby walkers are not only a great way to allow your child to assert a little bit of independence but will help them grow and get stronger little by little.  This is because these little walkers force your child to get used to holding their own weight little by little.  Over time you will find that it will becomes easier and easier for your child to start to do some amazing things like not only holding their weight but also being able to inch closer towards walking around like a champ.  

Why buy an old fashioned baby walker?

With so many new and improved baby gear items available out there on the market, it may seem a little dated to go with an old fashioned baby walker.  While you may not get all of the lights and buzzers of newer models, that is kind of the point and the charm.  It seems like so many new walkers out there will flood your child’s sensors with noises and music, and while that is perfectly fine in moderation, it can be unhealthy to over stimulate your child.  Old fashioned baby walkers stay with a simpler design in mind, giving your child only the basic and essentials they need to grow up strong without any extra unneeded noise.  Sometimes heavy distractions actually work to damper your child’s progress.  So give your child their best shot and keep in simple.

Sometimes the biggest fears that parents have when it comes to buying a traditional baby walker is whether or not it is safe enough for your baby to use.  Rest easy!  What these walkers lack in noise and flashing lights, they more than make up for in safety.  These walkers often feature some sort of aluminum frames that not only offer amazing support but also will help the walker to feel lightweight.  Having a lightweight walker is very important because you child will need to navigate themselves around.  You want them to be able to move on their own but also don’t want to make it too difficult so that they get frustrated.  A frustrated toddler will lead to more tantrums and can even damper them reaching certain milestones.  Along with the lightweight aluminum walkers, you can also find amazing wood framed walkers that offer the simplest form of walkers you can find.  These walkers almost resemble old fashioned toys and offer great support while also looking really retro and cool among all of your other baby’s toys.

How to choose the best old fashioned baby walker

Before you set out to buy a new baby walker for your budding toddler, there are a few things you need to consider.  One of these being what style of baby walker you will work best for your child and their development. Here are a few different styles that are available out there:

  • Push Walker:

These cool little walkers usually feature a wheel design at the base with an easy to grip push handle located at the top.  Your child is meant to walk front to back with this walker until eventually they are strong enough to hold their own weight without any extra assistance from a pull up bar.  When it comes to old fashioned baby walkers, this is as simple as it gets.  Not only do these walkers make a great option for families who like to live a simpler and clutter free life but also a perfect option for families who don’t have a lot of space to store another bulker baby gear product.

  • Sitting Walker:

Sitting walkers are another great option for your little one because they are designed specifically to be used early in their lives.  Because push walkers require your child to already be able to pull themselves up, it isn’t always the best option for babies who don’t yet have those muscles strong enough to do that.  These walkers will feature one sling seat with a metal and sturdy frame surrounding them.  This frame allows to them to use their feet to move around freely while also creating a “bumper” barrier around your child for protection.  This way you can feel free to let them roam the world around them without worrying about every little bump harming your child.

  • Transforming Walker:

With a transforming walker you will get two or more products in one.  These can work with either a push walker or a sitting walker.  Usually transforming walkers start out as a sitting toy for them to ride along on.  This helps to strengthen their legs and back while also encouraging healthy growth and development.  Once your child grows stronger and is ready to starting roaming, simply unfold the roller into a walker.  These are great options for parents who want to work their child up slowly to walking and who also want them to have as little bit of fun while learning.

Now that you know why you should choose a traditional walker and which ones you have to choose from, it is time to do some shopping.  Here are some of the best old fashioned baby walkers available on the market today that are sure to get your child well on their way to walking like a pro.

Melissa & Doug Deluxe Chomp and Clack Alligator Wooden Push Toy and Activity Walker


  • Wooden walker
  • Engaging activities and toys
  • Strong construction
  • Quality craftsmanship
  • Makes noise when pushed
  • Trusted brand
  • Recommended for ages 12 months and up

The Melissa & Doug brand has been making some really neat wooden toys for years.  Their wooden toys and baby gear items always have a great sense of nostalgia that reminds you of simpler times when toys were easy and fuss free while also being a whole lot of fun.  The Melissa & Doug Deluxe Chomp and Clack Alligator Walker are one of these amazing wooden toys that not only look really neat but also serve a much greater function.  This walker features a pretty typical hand push bar which your child can easily grip on top and push along the way.  The easy turning wheels allow your child to briskly walk with the help of the walker over any surface, even carpet!  

Sometimes to get a child interesting in taking those very important first steps is as easy as giving them something fun to do at the same time.  With the Melissa & Doug Deluxe Chomp and Clack Alligator Walker there is a large array of toys to keep them entertained all day long.  They will love the alligator clacking toys that chomp and move as your child does.  This is a great way to turn walking into a game and also help to hold their attention.  The will also be delighted by the spinning butterflies and ladybug beads.  All of the joyful noises are sure to bring a smile to their faces without driving you crazy.  As a parent, you will love that this product was made with care and with quality craftsmanship so you know you are getting a sturdy product.

Why should you buy it?  Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages of the Melissa & Doug Chomp and Clack Walker:


  • Simple yet effective design
  • Takes very little effort to move
  • Keeps child entertained for hours
  • Needs no batteries or electricity
  • No annoying lights and sounds


  • Paint seems to chip quickly
  • Use carefully around pets
  • The clacking noise gets loud the faster they go
  • Doesn’t move as smoothly on carpeting

Labebe Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker Push and Pull Toy with Wooden Blocks


  • Push and pull features
  • Sturdy construction
  • Wood materials
  • Easy to turn wheels
  • Rubber reinforced tires
  • Non-Toxic paints
  • Helps with balance
  • Colorful blocks
  • Transforming walker

If you are in the market for one of the best old fashioned baby walkers that transforms into two different products, then you should give the Labebe Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker a shot.  This no fuss walker offers only the basics that you would want to find in a simply product.  This walker starts out as a floor toy.  Children will love trying to fit all of the colorful blocks into their places in the base of the walker.  This will help children start to learn their shapes and colors while also growing and developing.  Once your child feels a little bit brave, they can use the easy grip handle to pull themselves up.  From there they are free to roam around with the help of the walker.  They will love the little bit of independence they will feel and you will love watching your child learn and grow.

Parents love the Labebe Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker because it is not only a life saver, but a floor saver as well!  Some parents worry a little about using walkers because of the potential danger that can be done on their nice hardwood floors.  With this walker, however, you have nothing to worry about!  This is a special strip of rubber that is located around the wheels that was specifically put there with these worries in mind.  This rubber not only helps to give your child a better grip while rolling around but will also keep your floor scratch free.  You will also love that this product is made without any harmful chemicals or toxic paints.  This way you won’t have rush to your child’s side every time you see them put their mouths on the push bar.  This product will truly let kids be kids without doing any harm to their overall health.

Is this the right walker for you?  Here is what other parents had to say about the Labebe Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker:


  • Well made and super sturdy
  • Never tips over when child is pushing
  • A real floor saver
  • Helped children learn to walk without any unneeded lights and noise
  • Adorable colors and patterns


  • Wheels fell off
  • Paint seems to chip too easily

Boikido Wooden Push and Play – Mouse Wagon


  • Tested highly for safety standards
  • Fun mazes
  • Recommended for ages 12 months and up
  • Encourages proper walking
  • Helps with balance
  • Easy to push handle
  • Bright and colorful design
  • Harnesses a child’s natural curiosity 

If your number one concern with buying an old fashion baby walker is that they tend to look drab, then you will be pleasantly surprised by the Boikido Wooden Push and Play.  Drab is the last thing you will think of when you see this brightly colored baby walker.  The whole walker stays true to a spring theme is beautifully decorated with bright flowers that are complimented by the pastel pinks, yellows, purples and blues!  Like other baby walkers on this list, this one starts out as a floor toy for babies.  On either side of the walker are two different mazes that are sure to delight your child and helps to hold their attention for hours.  They will love trying to move the little animal pieces through these puzzles and mazes and won’t even know that they are learning and growing in the process.  On the front of this walker is a friendly animal face that will gleefully greet your child.

Parents love the Boikido Wooden Push and Play walker because of the high standards that were used while making it.  This walker has passed all sorts of safety tests.  One of these tests was the tip over test.  This means that your child can feel free to pull themselves up and walk along without you having to worry about them tipping over and hurting themselves.  Not only will this help to keep your child safe but it actually works to help them learn how to gain their balance.  This is important because balance is the number one key to learning how to walk.  This amazing old fashioned walker has even won many awards in Europe.  Lastly, you will love seeing the joy on your child’s face when they learn that they can even take their favorite stuffed animal for a stroll in the wagon that is located in the center of the walker.

What makes the Boikido Wooden Push and Play walker so great?  Here is what other parents had to say about it:


  • Doesn’t damage furniture
  • Child loves the bright colors and happy animals
  • Kid loves that they can carry around toys inside the wagon
  • Feels very sturdy and high quality


  • Wheels came unscrewed
  • Wheels were uneven and different sizes

Joovy Spoon Walker


  • Simple and modern design
  • Supportive seat pad
  • Sling seat design
  • Three height positions
  • Wide base for stability
  • Folds flat for storage
  • BPA and PVC free
  • Machine washable seat
  • Food tray insert

Sometimes finding the best old fashioned baby walker doesn’t mean that you have to revert back to olden days.  That is exactly what the Joovy Spoon Walker has set out to do.  While this is a traditional baby walker, it does stick with what has worked the best in past years.  This walker is a typical sling seat designed walker that reminds you that sometimes the best thing to do when it comes to your child’s development is to stick with simplicity.  This walker has no lights, sounds or toys.  This way you know that there will be no distractions between your child and their milestones.  This is one of the reasons why this walker is perfect for families who like to live a modern and clutter free life.  While there aren’t any toys, there is a removable food tray.  You can feel free to load up this tray with whatever you wish, from little teething toys to a few snacks, the options are endless.

You can rest assured that when you buy the Joovy Spoon Walker that your child will always be perfectly safe.  This is because this whole walker was made with high quality materials while also being made without any harmful toxins like PVC and BPA.  With this walker, your child can literally grow with it.  There are three different height positions to choose from so that you know that your child will always have the perfect amount of back and body support.  Your child can roam around you house in style and comfort.  This is because the sling seat is covered in padding that will keep little bottoms from getting sore.  If your child has an accident, have no fear!  This sling seat is removable and machine washable for quick and easy clean up.

Why should you buy it?  Here are some reasons why other parents gave the Joovy Spoon Walker a shot:


  • Folds perfectly flat and is easy to store out of sight
  • Super lightweight yet supportive and stable
  • No fuss walking
  • Seat is very comfortable


  • A little expensive
  • Baby quickly outgrew it

Radio Flyer Classic Walker Wagon 


  • Classic design
  • Bright red color
  • Easy to push wheels
  • Helps build confidence
  • Protective bumper
  • Natural solid wood
  • Removable wooden stake sides
  • Furniture and floor friendly

The Radio Flyer Classic Walker will gives you some seriously nostalgia.  This walker is designed to resemble an old fashion radio flyer wagon that every adult will recognize from their childhood.  This walker works just like a radio flyer wagon but in a smaller and more adorable way.  There is a metal push bar that is located across the top of the wagon which allows your child to keep a sturdy grip while they learn to walk.  The wheels are large and sturdy and roll like a dream, even on carpet!  Your child will love filling the wagon with toys and stuffed animals and taking them for a stroll around the house.  

Parents will love watching their children grow and learn while using the Radio Flyer Classic Walker Wagon.  Parents will also love that this walker was designed with parents and their fears in mind.  Located at the front of the wagon walker is a rubber bumper.  This bumper will protect your furniture, as well as your knees, from any bumps.  This way you don’t have to worry about cleaning out your house before letting your child explore, your fancy vases and end tables will be perfectly safe and scratch free.  The large wheels are also covered in safe rubber so that you don’t have to worry about your toes getting crushed or your floors getting nicked.  Lastly, you will love that the whole wagon is constructed out of solid high quality wood so you know that your little one will be able to stay balanced while learning to take those very important first steps.

Is this the right old fashioned walker for you?  Here is why other parents loves the Radio Flyer Classic Walker Wagon:


  • Makes a great gift
  • Perfect and gender neutral
  • Great design
  • Keeps child entertained
  • Supports little one’s weight


  • Wheels fell off
  • Missing parts
  • Feels low quality

Hape Wonder Walker Push and Pull Toddler Walking Toy


  • Bright colors and designs
  • Moveable parks and toys
  • Helps with fine motor skills
  • Sturdy wood
  • Quality craftsmanship
  • Non-toxic paint and finishes
  • Rubber wheels 
  • Multiple activities and games
  • Easy grip push bar

When it comes to a great walker that also helps your child with other important developments, the Hape Wonder Walker cannot be beat.  This walker not only helps to guide your little one into a walking toddler, it also helps them develop their fine motor skills.  This is just one of the reasons why this traditional walker is one of the best old fashioned baby walkers.  The secret is in the toy panel that is located below the handle of the walker.  This panel features little knobs that are run to turn as well as cool little gears and colorful balls.  Your child will have so much fun turning and twisting them that they will not even know that they are learning in the process.  Harnessing fine motor skills is such an important thing for children because this sets them up for success later in life.  This is especially true for budding toddlers who are moments away from entering schools.

Inside the wagon of the Hape Wonder Walker is a deep well of imagination.  Because there is space for your child to throw in whatever toys they want, the options are endless.  They can just as easily pretend that they are astronauts preparing for a space voyage as they can imagine packing for a tea party.  You as a parent will love the wheels that are covered in a safety grip material that promises to never slip underneath your child while also saving your furniture and your floors from any damage.  You will also love that this walker was made without using any toxic paints and chemicals.  The one feature that makes this product stand out from others on this list is the push handle.  Unlike others, this handle runs up the center of the walker which offers a little bit more stability and balance while also keeping the walker strong enough to hold your child’s weight.

Is this the best walker for your little one?  Here are some reasons why other parents love the Hape Wonder Walker Push and Pull Toddler Walking Toy:


  • Worth every penny
  • Children love the interactive toys and gears
  • Great construction
  • Feels strong and sturdy
  • Adorable patterns and designs
  • Simple yet fun


  • Child falls if pushed too fast
  • Doesn’t turn around
  • Doesn’t feel high quality

Wrapping it up!

These days it seems that you can find just about anything when it comes to guiding children into important milestones.  If you are planning on a buying one of the best old fashioned baby walkers for your little one, there are a few things to keep in mind first.  It is most important to remember that safety should always come first.  Only use the walker if you feel like your child ready and always use it far away from stairs.  Nothing is safer than adult supervision, so always keep a watchful eye on your wandering one.  Good luck.

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