Cloth Diapering Bliss: Top Picks for Newborns

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Best Newborn Cloth Diapers

As a parent you always strive to do the best for your child.  Whether they are only buying the most earth friendly organic cotton bedding or are treating their baby’s rashes with all natural coconut oil; parents are constantly looking for new ways to take care of their babies needs without leaving a giant carbon footprint on the environment.  One way that parents are ensuring that they are doing their part is by trading in those disposable diapers for earth friendly reusable cloth ones.  It’s not only the green friendliness of cloth diapers that are drawing more and more parents to this solution however, there are a great deal of not only health benefits but also budgetary needs that are making the choice to switch to cloth diapers more desirable. 

Choosing to go with cloth diapers no longer means having to deal with undependable pieces of fabric that often left huge messes to clean up after.  The system of using cloth diapers has come such a long way from the rough pieces of linen with a baby duck pin that you might remember.  The companies who are designing these mind blowing cloth diaper systems had parents best interest in mind by creating a product this is often times a more reliable choice to disposable diapers while also keeping the child’s most basic care needs in mind.  This was done to ease even the most skeptical of minds so everyone can be assured that they are not only getting a great quality diaper but also are doing what is best for their newborn.

The Pros and Cons of Cloth Diapers

If you are still on the fence about whether or not cloth diapers are the right choice for you, consider all of the benefits you will be gaining and what you may even missing out from just this simple switch. 


  • Eco-friendly

Cloth diapers are by far the best option for families who pride themselves on being as kind to the environment as possible.  While disposable diapers are meant for single use only and are properly thrown out after ever little accident, cloth diapers are constructed to hold up.  Cloth diapers can be easily cleaned in the washing machine so that they will be sanitized and ready for re-use literally with a click of a button.  Like any other fabric that needs multiple washing there will be obvious wear and tears over time but that doesn’t mean your cloth diaper is off on a trip to the overflowing landfill.  The fabric in cloth diapers is designed to hold up through all of baby’s messes so after they have worn out their welcome as a diaper simply re-use them as a cleanup rag.  This not only eases your mind when it comes to being earth friendly but the multi-functionality of a cloth diaper is perfect for parents who hate throwing stuff away.

  • Budget friendly

Some people see cloth diapers as a luxury that they can’t afford, especially with all of the off brand cheap diapers on the market that are sometimes too tempting to pass on.  While cloth diaper systems do sometimes comes with a higher price tag than a pack of disposable diapers you have to keep in mind that there is very little need for repurchasing because all you have to do is just toss them in the wash.  Studies show that parents who chose to buy disposable diapers actually spend upwards of $2000 more a year on diapers than those parents who use cloth diapers from the start and these price only increases for those parents who only purchase earth friendly disposable diapers.  So overall you are doing your wallet a huge favor because a couple of thousand dollars extra in your pocket is nothing to sneer at.

  • Creating good habits

Not only are you teaching your child from the start to help keep waste low you are also promoting good behaviors and habits when it comes to helping them reach milestones like potty training.  Parents who use cloth diapers sometimes say that those children were easier to potty change down the line.  This is due to the fact that the baby feels the wetness of the diaper better than they would with a disposable diaper because disposable ones keep the moisture just below the surface.  Allowing your baby to understand the wet sensation and connect it to their bowel movement means that it will be easier for them to recognize that feeling when they are ready to potty train.

  • On-hand convenience

While with disposable diapers you may find yourself making and emergency midnight run out for another pack of diapers in dire situations, cloth diapers only require a quick run through your washing machine.  With a new baby in the home you’re more than likely running that washing machine around the clock anyhow so make life a little easier on yourself.  There are always cloth diapers ready to go for your little one as long as you plan ahead and have the next batch clean and ready as soon as you need them.

  • Health of your child

So many products on the market for little ones come with the unexpected.  It is almost impossible to keep track of where and how these products are produced.  Even scarier, you can’t always be sure what additives and chemicals are being added to these products.  If you want to insure that your baby is living the best free and clear life that you can give them, cloth diapers are the perfect way to go.  Most cloth diaper systems are only made with 100% pure fabrics without any added dyes or perfumes and by you being able to choose the detergent you want to use to wash them with, you can be sure that no unnecessary additives are coming in contact with your little one’s skin.  This is a great option for newborns that have extremely sensitive skin and with only the slightest touch of a dye will break out in a rash.


  • A bigger mess

While cloth diapers are easy to clean that doesn’t mean that they are not messy as well.  The biggest convenience of a disposable diaper is the ability to toss your child’s dirty diaper right into the trash without a second thought.  This is great for those sometimes seemingly catastrophic disasters.  Unfortunately with cloth diapers you have to not only take a good glance at the mess but also have to properly clean it.  Sometimes the biggest messes need a little elbow work to get the best result when it comes to cleaning.  Disposable diapers also come with absorbent padding added into the lining of the diaper to help keep liquids below the surface.  This is a selling point that cloth diapers sometimes lack.

  • Skin irritation

Due to the lack of absorbency in cloth diapers there is an increase in the chance of skin irritations, especially if your child sits in a wet diaper for longer than needed.  It is important to change a cloth diaper right away unlike disposable diapers which give you a little more wiggle room.  Sitting in a wet diaper where the liquid are settled on the surface means that certain skin problems can occur like rashes and chaffing which can sometimes lead to bigger health problems for your baby down the line.  So with cloth diapers you have to be fairly vigilant when it comes to looking out for the signs of a messy diaper.

  • Water and electricity usage

While you are doing your part to help the environment with cloth diapers by keeping them out of dumps and landfills, you are always increasing the amount of water and electricity you are using.  While you are running extra washes with a newborn, you cannot wash the cloth diapers along with their clothes to avoid obvious unneeded staining and the thought of washing those dirty diapers with your bath towels might make you gag.  So the only option is to run them in their own wash cycle each time meaning there will be extra loads of laundry to do throughout the day.  While this won’t make a huge difference on your power bills, there will be some noticeable changes.  Not to mention to extra use of water; which might be hard to do if you live in certain states that experience droughts throughout the year.

What to Look for in a Cloth Diaper

After you have weighed the pros and cons and have made the decision that cloth diapers are definitely the way to go, the next step is to understand what to look for when shopping for these systems.  Cloth diapers may be a completely foreign thing for you, so here are all the things you should pay attention to when making the jump to guarantee that you will find the best newborn cloth diapers for your bundle.

The first thing to keep in mind when shopping for a cloth diaper system is what kind to use.  There a few different varieties to chose from. 

  • Pre-Folded diapers

This type of cloth diapers come as rectangle shape of cloth that has pre-folded indents to make it easier for parents to get the right fit for their newborn.  These types of diapers can be fastened with either a safety pin or some styles come standard with snaps for easier application.

  • Flat diapers

This is the most basic of cloth diaper styles that have been used for years and years.  Coming as just a rectangle piece of cloth, parents need to figure out how to fold them and pin without any additive help like those that come with a pre-folded diaper.

  • Pocket diapers

These diapers are fitted with a pocket like design which folds into itself and is easily secured with snaps promising a stronger hold.

  • Fitted diapers

These diapers require no folding at all and are available in a wide variety of fabrics from cotton to wool.  These are the simplest of diapers with an easy pull off and pull on design. 

  • Contour diapers

Contour diapers have become a fast favorite among parents who choose to go the cloth diaper route.  The simplicity of this design is in the construction.  There are meant to be a cross between fitted diapers and pre-fold ones giving you the best bits of both options.

When you’re searching for the best newborn cloth diapers you should also keep in mind the type of material you want.  Cloth diapers come in linen, cotton and wool as well as a mixture of multi fabrics, so knowing which fabric is best suited for your child’s skin is a great place to start.  Another thing to consider when looking for cloth diapers is the patterns you want.  While cloth diapers tend to be pretty plain and dull when it comes to styling, the diaper covers comes in a great variety of colors and patterns to help fit you and your baby’s personal style.  You should also make sure that if you’re really invested in a green lifestyle that you find the cloth diaper system that stays true to that.  You can find many systems that are made out of 100% organic materials, some even come with their own detergent that promises you an earth friendly cleanup that you can take pride in. 

Still feeling lost when it comes to finding the best option for you?  Here is a list of some of the top sellers when it comes to cloth diaper systems that are not only great products but come highly recommended by parents who have been exactly where you are now.

LBB Reusable Baby Cloth Pocket Diapers

The LBB brand may not be a well known name to parents who have never tried cloth diapers before but they are an extremely popular brand among families who have used and trusted them for years.  The LBB Reusable Baby Cloth Pocket diapers are clearly a pocket design system that once folded have little pocket like slits to slide ends into after which are fastened with snaps.  By using a pocket design you can adjust the size you need.  The smallest fit starts with babies at 8lbs and grows all the way up to those bigger babies with the largest size reaching 36lbs.  So not only can you be sure that your newborn is getting the right fit but you don’t have to worry about buying  a new set when your newborn grows into a teetering toddler.  This is also easy on the wallet because there is little need to purchase any other system.  

The cloth diapers are soft and breathable and come with their own inserts which is a great all in one option.  With the addition of the inserts you are guaranteeing your child will have the most comfortable experience because the inserts add a little extra security when it comes to diaper messes.  A great selling point of the LBB Cloth Baby diaper system is the adorable variety of patterns you can select from.  You can choose from animal prints like elephant, owl and safari or just solid colors like pink and purple for a simpler sleek and modern look.  Either way you don’t have to feel held down by the basic look of most cloth diapers.  This is a great way to assert a little style.  The key points that make these diapers a best seller are:

  • Breathable and washable fabric
  • 100% waterproof exterior to keep your child’s clothes dry
  • Overlapping waist tab to promise a secure fit
  • Adjustable sizing and snaps to grow with your child
  • Variety of patterns and colors to choose from
  • Inserts included in each order

All in all, this is great starter system for first time cloth diaper users.  The LBB Cloth Diaper System comes with six adorably printed washable diapers and six inserts and is priced at $35.99 for the whole set.  While this may seem a little high for such a low quantity of diapers you need consider that these may very well be the only diapers you will ever need to purchase.

OsoCozy Flat Cloth Diapers

If you are looking for the bare bones when it comes to cloth diapers, OsoCozy diapers are the best newborn cloth diapers for you.  There are made out of 100% organic Birdseye cotton and are free from harmful dyes and chemicals.  The OsoCozy brand prides themselves on being the best truly organic cloth baby diapers on the market today.  These diapers are the standard flat fold design which means you will have to educate yourself on how to fold them correctly for the best fit.  You will also need to find the fastening element that works best for you whether it is safety pins of clip closures.  What these diapers lack in design they more than make up for in functionality.  The special organic cotton is highly absorbent and soft so you don’t have to feel like you’re sacrificing your commitment to a green lifestyle for your child’s comfort.  When it comes to durability, OsoCozy cannot be beat.  These flexible rectangles of fabric are constructed tightly to hold up for a long time.

The biggest benefit of the flat fold design is the ease in which they can be cleaned.  Sometimes with cloth diapers that have already been folded it can be hard to get into all the little cracks to get a proper cleaning.  Because these diapers open up flat, every inch is accessible when it comes to cleaning so you can be sure the whole surface is covered.  Once one of these flat diapers becomes a little weary for wearing simply repurpose them into a great burp cloth or bib.  No need to worry about running your dryer to death with these diapers either because the breathable organic fabric lends itself to an easy and fast line dry.  Here is a breakdown of what great things you can expect from going with the OsoCozy system:

  • 100% organic breathable cotton
  • Easy to clean and dry
  • No plastic chemicals or harmful dyes
  • Multi-purpose functions
  • A classic and trusted brands for many of years
  • Bulk purchase for low cost
  • Naturally soft and absorbent texture

The OsoCozy Organic Flat Cloth Diapers come in a large pack of 12 cloth diapers and retail for $29.49.  You will, however, have to purchase your own diaper covers as well as fasteners.  If you don’t mind sacrificing design and patterns for durability and nature than these cloth diapers are perfect for you.  They are the number one seller on the market when it comes to the organic lifestyle you want while providing comfort and security.

Gerber Birdseye 3-Ply Prefold Cloth Diapers

If you like the simplicity of the last selection on this list but are weary when it comes to trying to figure out how to fold a flat design diaper; The Gerber Birdseye 3-Ply Prefold cloth diapers may be just what you need in your life.  These diapers offer all the basics of a simple fuss free cloth diaper with the convenience of a pre-folded design.  Like most pre-folded cloth diapers, the Gerber 3-Ply diapers have indents and groves help guide you to get the best fit for your newborn.  Most people know and trust the Gerber brand so you might want to give these a try if knowing the name of your baby’s products is something that is important to you. 

The secret is in the 3-ply construction which makes this diaper thick and durable while it still remains soft enough to not irritate your baby’s skin.  This also helps to make these diapers long lasting for multi-use from burp cloths to around the house cleanup rags.  The styling of these cloth diapers is only available in a simple white but much like the other diapers on this list, you can customize with a colorful or patterned diaper cover.  The features to considering when deciding whether or not to go with the Gerber Birdseye 3-Ply Prefold cloth diapers are:

  • Trusted name in baby brand products
  • Pre-fold design
  • 3-Ply sturdy construction
  • Multi-function use
  • Classic white styling
  • Size adjustable and customizable
  • 100% cotton
  • Lightweight for quick and easy drying

The Gerber 3-Ply cloth diapers are priced at $18.30 and come with a pack of ten 100% Birdseye cotton diapers.  These diapers are perfect for parents who are looking for simplicity when it comes to changing time.  The best part is the lightweight feel.  Even though you’re getting the durability of a 3-ply construction, you are still getting ultra soft, absorbent and breathable cotton which is a dream to air dry because it takes little time to do so. 

BearFootBaby Cloth Pocket Diapers

The BearFootBaby brands combine all the great things you would want from a pocket cloth diaper.  They have the durability of a strong hold construction with the fun and playful designs in the patterns that will delight your child.  Unlike other pocket diapers, the BearFootBaby brand features sport like quality when it comes to water protection helping your mind be at ease during long trips out.  There is nothing worse than a cloth diaper failing you and your baby when it comes to wetness protection on road trips.  By using sport trusted materials you can be sure that no matter the mess, your baby and their clothes stay dry.  Another amazing feature is the stretchy sides and waist band.  While other cloth diapers offer durability they can sometimes feel stiff when it comes to the stretch of the fabric.  By being fitted with an extra stretch you can help your child stay comfortable throughout the day.  These diapers have all of the basic features that draw parents to disposable diapers without the extra waste.  These cloth diapers are also adjustable with their 21 snap options so your child can wear these diapers up to 35lbs. 

The BearFootBaby Cloth Pocket diapers also come with six inserts meaning that this is the only system you will need to purchase.  The absorbent inserts help protect your newborn’s skin from being too expose to waste and moisture so they are perfect for little ones who are already sensitive and prone to skin irritations.  The lightweight cotton and polyester blend is breathable and washable while also has a faster drying time than other pocket cloth diapers when air dried.  The bright design lends itself to a gender neutral scheme which is great for not only you but would make a great baby shower gift for any expecting parent.  The best selling points for the BearFootBaby cloth diapers are:

  • Leak-free design by having a snug fit
  • Adjustable stretchy sizing to grow with your baby
  • Breathable fabric for faster drying
  • Eco-friendly
  • Bright gender neutral colors
  • Supports up to 35lbs
  • Low cost for high quality
  • 21 point snap system
  • Sport like quality

While the BearFootBaby brands may be a new one to you, the quality of these amazing diapers cannot be beat.  The BearFootBaby Cloth Pocket Diapers retail for $40.00 for a pack of six brightly colored cloth diapers and six inserts.  So when you consider all that you are getting, it is a great deal.  Receiving mostly positive five star reviews from verified purchases, this product is one of the best newborn cloth diapers for your little one.

Bumpkin Reusable Cloth Diaper Contour Soakers

The Bumpkin Contour Cloth Diapers are a great addition to this for people who want the basic function durability of a pre-folded diaper with the added security of a fitted diaper.  The Bumpkin brand diapers have been a favorite among parents who look for both these things when it comes to making the big switch to cloth diapers.   These specially designed cloth diapers are meant to offer protection for excessive moisture by being manufactured out of 100% cotton velour exterior.  The terry cloth interior means that your child will be comfortable by being surrounded by teddy bear like softness.  Bumpkin claims to have designed the easiest fool –proof design when it comes to fit of their diaper with a more modern and sleek take on the everyday pre-folded diaper.  

The Bumpkin Contour Cloth diapers come as a one size fits all deal.  The sizing depends on tightly you secure them.  The one downfall to this product is that you have to purchase a few extra add-ons to be sure your baby is getting the most out of this product.  Fortunately, Bumpkin is a one stop shop!  They offer diaper covers, fasteners and inserts for purchase so you can get all of the accessories you need in one place.  Like all the other cloth diapers on this list, the Bumpkin Contour diapers are easy on the environment but being completely re-usable and washable while also having a fairly fast air drying time.  The standout features that help make Bumpkin a great choice for you are:

  • Contour design
  • Easy adjust for perfect sizing
  • Waterproof and moisture protection layer
  • Terry cloth detailing for superior comfort
  • Add-on options
  • One size fits all
  • Trusted brand
  • Simple white design
  • Blended with bamboo

The secret is in the strength.  By being blended with bamboo, Bumpkin Contour Cloth Diapers offers flexibility and structure because bamboo is one of the strongest natural materials you can find.  Bumpkin offers the add-on of diaper covers which come in super trendy designs from simple arrows to nautical themes anchors.  Retailing for $14.95 for a pack of 2, the Bumpkin Contour Soakers do require you to purchase multiple sets because two isn’t enough to get you through an hour let alone a whole day so after all is said and done they are a more expensive option.  If you look past the price and into the details and care that Bumpkin has put into this product, you may find that it’s worth the money spent. 

Nora’s Nursery Baby Cloth Pocket Diapers

With pocket cloth diapers being the most popular among parents who are looking for a more modern take on the traditional cloth diaper it is no surprise that they are making another appearance on this list.  These stylish pocket style cloth diapers are not only super easy on the eyes but are gentle to your little one and the world they live in.  Made with adjustable suede and bamboo, the Nora’s Nursery Baby Cloth Pocket Diapers are by far the most lush and durable cloth diapers on this list.  While they are strong they are also absorbent by being constructed with a special four layer bamboo insert that keeps moisture and waste where it belongs.  While the bamboo is great for holding little messes it also is a naturally strong and soft material that ensures you that your baby will be sleeping in comfort. 

A big concern among families who use cloth diapers is the quality of sleep their baby gets.  Because a baby feels more wetness in a cloth diaper that can often lead to many sleepless nights for both parent and child.  With the four ply bamboo inserts, however, both you and your baby can sleep soundly knowing that there is a little extra cushion and protection between your baby and a restful night.  The look of these diapers is by far the best on this list.  Available in super modern and trendy patterns like polka dots and colorful chevron, these diapers also lend themselves to a gender neutral feel.  Like other pocket cloth diapers, the Nora’s Nursery brand has fitted theirs with adjustable snaps to help keep a strong fit for your child up to 33lbs.  The best features of these cloth diapers are:

  • Money saving
  • Environment friendly
  • Easy to clean and fast to dry
  • Four layer bamboo for strength and comfort
  • Snug fit leg and waist design means no leaks
  • 100% money back guarantee
  • Adorable design options
  • Breathable suede for a soft feel
  • Adjustable snaps

The Nora’s Nursery Baby Cloth Pocket diapers are priced the highest on our list at $105.00 for a pack of seven.  While the price may scare you off, just keep in mind that they do come with a 100% money back guarantee.  So feel free to give them a try and if they are not everything you were hoping for in a cloth diaper, simply send them back for a refund.  All in all they are an excellent choice for you and your child with quality that can be felt and a superior styling that can be seen.

Mother-Ease One Size Fitted Cloth Diaper (Unbleached)

Last on this list we have a fitted diaper choice.  Fitted diapers are the number one choice among parents who have a hard time getting their baby to sleep comfortably through the night.  The Mother-Ease One Size Fitted Cloth Diaper claims to have the best diaper system on the market today.  They are 100% chemical and dye free making them not only number one in comfort but also very desirable when it comes to keep your baby’s life free and clear.  Made from stretchy terry cloth; your child can sleep in comfort with the recognizable feeling of a soft terry cloth against their skin.  Many of your baby’s blankets and buddies are fitted with terry cloth, so why not their diapers too?   The exterior of this diaper is detailed with polyester and cotton to ensure that there is strength and structure behind all that comfort. 

The inserts are also fitted with strong bamboo which you know is number one when it comes to absorbency and structure.  The size is completely adjustable to perfectly fit to any baby’s size up to 35lbs.  With many natural cloth diapers you will be shocked to learn that they will still be treated with bleach to make them clean looking, Mother-Ease prides themselves on being 100% bleach free so you should have no worries when it comes to keeping your baby’s skin chemical free.  The features that you will find with these cloth diapers are:

  • Adjustable snaps
  • Terry cloth for comfort
  • Bleach and chemical free
  • Bamboo for support and absorbency
  • Fitted diaper design for simple put on
  • Supports up to 35lbs
  • Washable

The Mother-Ease Fitted Cloth Diapers are also a little high on price side, selling for $13.14 per diaper.  What you’re getting when it comes to comfort and protection might make it worth the price for you especially if you are sold on wanting a fitted diaper system for your little one.  These are by far the easiest diapers to use and may be perfect for parents who are a little nervous when it comes to using cloth diapers.

Wrapping it up

Making sacrifices for your newborn is nothing new to any parent, but making the choice to switch from disposable diapers to washable cloth diaper doesn’t have to be a sacrifice anymore.  You actually have much more to gain for making this big leap.  Not only can you save yourself a ton of money a year, you can also do your part to help your baby have a happy and clean future.  Implementing environmental friendly habits at a young age can help insure you that your baby will grow up with a sense of respect and commitment to the world they live in. 

With so many new and innovative additions to cloth diapers these days, you no longer have to give up your life to use them.  They are so simple and fool-proof and are a really great option for you and your child.  Just remember; in order to find the best newborn cloth diapers for you, look for the style of cloth diapers that you like the best and the ones that will help babies with irritable and sensitive skin.  Most importantly find ones that you yourself feel comfortable with using on a daily basis.  At the end of the day, you will be the one using the cloth diaper system the most, so make sure you are satisfied.  Good luck.

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