Feeding Your Newborn: Top Picks for Baby Bottles

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Best Newborn Baby Bottles

Having and caring for a newborn is different than caring for a baby.  Products are smaller and more specifically designed for the very beginning stages of a child’s life.  This is true especially when it comes to baby bottles.  It is important that when trying to figure out the best newborn baby bottles for you and your little one that you look for the ones that fit the basic needs that your newborn requires.

  • Bottle size

Baby bottles come in many different sizes from the smallest being 4oz all the way to 12oz bottles.  With a newborn you want to make sure to start out with the smallest size so you’re not flooding you child with too much milk at once which can lead to stomach discomfort and acid reflux.

  • Nipple size

While many parents of newborns know that they have to use a smaller nipple so that their child doesn’t potentially get injured, many forget about the size of the hole.  The holes of nipples are sized as well to better control the flow of milk depending on the child’s age.

After you know the basics of what you need to look for, it’s time to start shopping.  Many bottle systems come with different sizes in one allowing you the change the bottle at each milestone, and some have to option of purchasing replacement nipples so you can keep using the same bottles just with a new nipple.  Here is a list of the best newborn baby bottles to help get you started on this exciting journey.

Dr. Brown’s BPA Natural Flow Bottle Newborn Feeding Set

Dr. Brown’s has been a very popular and trusted brand among baby bottles for years.  Parents love Dr. Brown’s baby bottles because of their innovative design.  These bottles are designed with a special straw that runs through the middle of the bottle which created an anti-vacuum that reduces the amount of air mixing in the bottles to help ease a newborn’s painful gas.  The straw and the construction of the bottles induce positive pressure that gives the baby the same feel as if they were breastfeeding.  This is a great option for parents who are primarily breastfeeding but want to start introducing bottles into their newborn’s routine.

Dr. Brown’s Natural Flow Bottle Newborn Feeding Set comes as a complete package which has everything you need to start your baby’s feedings off right.  This includes, two 2oz bottles and three 8oz bottles as well as level one and level two sized nipples.  By including multiple sizes in one set, you can customize feeding time to fit your baby’s size and needs.   The Dr. Brown’s feeding system is reasonably priced at under $30 for the whole set and includes everything you need to give your baby a head start

Phillips AVENT Classic Plus Newborn Starter Set

Next on the list is a newborn baby bottle set that has created a complete package to leave the guesswork out of shopping for bottles.  The Phillips AVENT Classic Newborn Starter set is a favorite option for new parents who are not sure where to start.  The secret is in the nipple.  The AVENT Company has developed a special colic-free nipple that prevents air from entering your baby’s tummy to help keep them comfortable and happy during feeding time.  These nipples are also by fat the easiest to replace.  No need to size up a bottle because all you have to do is remove the silicone nipple from the threaded rind and replace it with the next size up.  This also makes clean up a breeze because you are more able to clean the threading of the bottle which often times is the hardest to reach spot that can collect old milk.

The Phillips AVENT Classic Plus Newborn Starter set includes; 2 BPA free 4 oz and 9 oz bottles, size one and size two nipples, formula dispenser, angled bottle brush, two AVENT pacifiers.  This is literally everything that you will need and will only run you just under $40.  So take the hassle out of bottle feeding with this one-stop feeding shop.

Munchkin LATCH BPA-Free Newborn Bottle Gift Set

The Munchkin LATCH newborn bottle gift set is another one on the list that has everything you need all in one perfectly packaged deal.  The Munchkin LATCHA newborn bottles were designed to help ease newborns into bottle feeding.  Many breastfeeding mothers have a hard time getting their baby to latch and stay latched and there can sometimes be a lot of disappointed with this.  Munchkin designed this system with these mothers specifically in mind.  The nipples of these newborn bottles are manufactured out of the softest silicone to create a more natural feel against your baby’s soft palate promoting a more secure latch.  By introducing these bottles into your baby’s routine you are actually helping them learn to latch stronger which means you shouldn’t have to stress about not being able to properly feed your child.

Like other sets on this list, the Munchkin LATCH BPA-Free Newborn Bottle Gift Set also comes with a bottle cleaning brush and a set of pacifiers.  This makes it not only a great starter kit for you but also would make and amazing gift for any mother who is struggling with feeding time.  This 12 piece set also comes with two 4oz bottles, two 8oz bottles, four different sized nipples, latch pump adapters and 4 sealing lip discs.  Retailing for under $40 this system is perfect for those mothers who are not willing to sacrifice the bond between breastfeeding mother and child but who are just struggling to do so.

Comotomo Baby Bottles

The Comotomo Baby Bottles combine all of the features needed in a great newborn baby bottle with the modern styling and colors that will make many parents swoon.  Comotomo set out to create something new on the market for families who are tired and bored with using the same of type of bottle.  Above all things, Comotomo set out to make the safest baby bottles available.  Their bottles are manufactured with no BPA or PVC and are completely chemical free.  The secret to their innovative design is the specially formed nipples.  The nipples are fitted with a wide silicone base that mimics the exact shape that they may be accustom to while breastfeeding.  This makes it incredibly easy for newborns to latch on and properly feed.  The base of the nipples also works naturally to reduce the chance of gas buildup and colic which can cause incredible discomfort to your child. 

These 5oz bottles are 100% guaranteed to be spill proof and leak free making them a great choice for travel.  Your mind can be at ease when it comes to cleaning as well.  Because there are no chemicals used in the production of these bottles you are free to throw them in the microwave, dishwasher or even boiling water without worrying about harmful chemical build up.  When it comes to looks, the Comotomo Baby Bottle system is at the top of list by being available in bright colors like pink and green.  They are, however, a little on the pricier side retailing for under $25 for a two bottle set.  If you have the money to spend and truly want something different then the Comotomo system can certainly be the best newborn baby bottles for you.

Minbie 6oz Glass Baby Bottle

The Minbie 6oz Glass Baby Bottles are the first ones of their kind making an appearance on this list.  While most of the other bottles are made out plastic, these ones are constructed out of glass.  Glass is sometimes a more favorable choice for parents when it comes to baby bottles.  Even thought there have been many advances in the way that plastic bottles are produced, some parents still seem to be weary when it comes to chemicals.  Glass bottles ease the mind of these parents.  The Minbie baby bottles are constructed out of only the highest quality of borosilicate glass which is a naturally chemically free material.  This means parents can heat and reheat these bottles over and over and never worry about what might be happening to them over time. 

The one downside to these bottles is that you will have the purchase the nipples separately.  This does, however, allow you to be able to customize the sizes your little one needs. These glass bottles are 6oz and come with a single bottle and cap for just around $10 per bottle.  If using a glass bottle is very important to you and you don’t mind having to purchase the accessories separately, then the Minbie 6oz Glass Baby Bottles might be worth you taking a look at.

Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Newborn Starter Set

Next on the list there is the Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature baby bottle set.  These bottles were designed to mimic the milk flow and feel of breastfeeding.  Most newborns are encouraged to breastfeed but that isn’t always possible for every mother to do.  By introducing a bottle system that has the feel and flow of a natural feeding you are ensuring that your baby is getting the comfort they need while never sacrificing nutrition.  The secret is in the flex free nipple design.  Fitted with soft silicone and constructed to flex and move with your child’s natural suckling motion.  You are guaranteed to be satisfied with the comfort your child feels during feeding time.  Not only do these special nipples flex and move, but they are also meant to stretch and elongate to allow your baby to stay latched for a longer period of time which promotes healthy feeding habits.  This also helps your child sleep longer throughout the night with a fuller and more satisfied belly.

The Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Newborn Starter Set has everything you need to get your baby on the right path all with one single purchase.  Retailing for under $40, this set includes four different sized bottles and nipples as well as caps and a bottle cleaning brush.  These bottles also add a little style to your child’s life by being available in pink, blue or clear.  Tommee Tippee also has your growing baby in mind by including a sippy type bottle that is still constructed out of the same materials as the regular bottles but are fitted with little handles to promote self feeding.  This system is not only a great product for you and your little one, but would also make an amazing gift for any loved one who is expecting.

Playtex BPA Free VentAire Bottle Starter Set

Playtex is a trusted name among parents and medical professionals so there is no doubt why they are making an appearance of this list of the best newborn baby bottles.  The Playtex VentAire bottles set themselves apart with their air flow bottle design.  The VentAire feature is located in the base of the bottle and helps move the flow of air away from the milk preventing them from mixing and creating air bubbles.  When your child isn’t swallowing air bubbles they are enjoy a more comfortable feeding because they don’t get painful gas or acid reflux.  This also helps reduce the chance of spit-up during feedings which makes your baby’s tummy fuller longer and promotes a healthy feeding schedule.  Unlike the other bottles on this list, the Playtex VentAire bottles have a curves shape to give a more natural flow of milk while also making the bottles easier to hold for parents and eventually child.  The angle also helps to move your child from a semi-upright feeding to a complete upright feeding.

The Playtex BPA-Free VentAire Bottle Starter Set comes with five different sized bottles and two different sizes of nipples.  The thing that makes this system a great deal is the fact that Playtex has included two extra vent discs so you can use this system all throughout your baby’s bottle feeding stages.  Priced at just below $25, this system is an amazing deal for those who have fussier babies who seem to swallow more air than milk.

Medela Breastmilk Bottle Set

While the other baby bottle systems on this list can be used in both formula and breastfeeding babies, the Medela Breastmilk Bottle Set is specifically meant for breastfeeding mothers who either have a difficult time getting their child to latch or need a break in the middle of the night.  A common frustration for new parents is dealing with fussy newborns who just simply don’t want to latch.  While you’re not willing to sacrifice feeding your baby breast milk you may also be wary about introducing bottles to them.  When it comes to feeding your child, every situation is different.  So there is no need to get down on yourself if you have to turn to bottles.  Medela had these parents in mind when designing this system.  These bottles are meant to work in connection with a breast pump for a smoother transition for mom and baby.

By making a gentle safe bottle with a soft nipple they are guaranteeing that your baby will have a comfortable feeding and you can go about your day guilt-free.  The best feature of these bottles is that you can store them directly in the freezer and just heat them up come feeding time eliminating the need for extra bags and waste.  They are not only safe to store, but safe to wash by being produced with no chemicals or harmful toxins.  The Medela Breastmilk Bottle Set is priced at under $20 and comes with three 5oz storable bottles, nipples, rings and caps.  With the option to purchase add-ons and accessories, the Medela baby bottle system is the only one you need to keep both you and baby happy. 

In Conclusion

Parents would travel to the moon and back for their children.  Because of this however, if often comes with constant worrying and frustration about whether or not they are doing what is best for their baby.  Finding the best newborn baby bottles should not bring you any more stress than you need.  These days bottle systems are truly a fool-proof system that are there to help support you during the transition into bottle feeding.  By being produced with only the safest materials without any ounce of toxins, these bottles help to keep your baby happy and healthy throughout the very precious first stages of their lives.

Whether you are feeding baby breast milk or need to supplement with formula, you can find the best bottle system that fits all of your needs.  Just keep in mind the basics to look for.  Check the sizing of the bottles.  Many systems come with different sizes to grow with your child so they may be the only ones that you ever need to purchase.  Next, check the size of the nipples.  By having the best fit when it comes to nipples, your child will have the most productive feeding.  Promoting a proper feeding can not only help promote healthy eating but will also help them gain a better sleep routine.  By following these guidelines there is no need to get overwhelmed because a calm parent means a calm baby, and that is a beautiful thing.  Take care.

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