13 Top Choices for the Best Natural Diaper Rash Cream

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Diaper rashes are going to happen, even if you change your child’s diaper as often as possible. Even parents who use cloth diapers, which reduce rashes, will experience a few throughout their child’s life. You need the best natural diaper rash cream to help get rid of the rash and help relieve your baby of any discomfort.

There are tons of options on the market for diaper rash creams, but not all of them are natural. The popular brands you find lining the shelves at the grocery store are filled with chemicals that you might not want to put on your child. Many personal care products have an abundance of hazardous toxins. Skin is the largest organ of our body and easily absorbs these toxins. 

Toxins to Avoid in Diaper Rash Cream

Before you make a purchase, you should read the labels of the cream to make any of these toxins aren’t included. 

  • BHA is a synthetic antioxidant. It is often used as a preservative in personal care products. The danger is that BHA is known as an endocrine disruptor as well as a possible carcinogen. 
  • Synthetic Fragrance is added to many products. You can find them even in disposable diapers and diaper wipes. Companies intend for the smells to make the products more appealing. Children with allergies can have reactions to added fragrances. Organ system toxicity could be a side effect from consistent exposure to fragrances. 
  • Diethyl Phthalate is an additive that is known to cause allergies and respiratory issues. Unfortunately, diaper rash creams are used on young infants, and their systems are too young to defend themselves against these toxins. This ingredient is commonly used to create fragrances. 
  • Benzyl Alcohol is used to help preserve skin care products. You can find it in many products like lotion and facial dream. However, benzyl alcohol can lead to skin irritation and allergies. Some studies suggest that it can result in issues with the female reproductive health. 
  • Parabens are found in thousands of skin care products! Unfortunately, there are some links to skin cancer and irritation. More companies are limiting their use of parabens. You can commonly find products with “paraben free” listed on the front. 
  • Propylene Glycol is another common ingredient in lotions and creams. However, it is likely to irritate your child’s delicate skin. 

The Top Choices for the Best Natural Diaper Rash Cream 

Burt’s Bees Baby Bee 100% Natural Diaper Rash Ointment 

Burt’s Bees is a famous company known for natural skin care products and cosmetics. They also make products for your baby, using only pure and natural ingredients. Their diaper rash cream has protecting properties that help to treat the rash and prevent it from happening again. 

Each 3-ounce tube is made with 40% zinc oxide, making it a maximum strength diaper rash cream. It creates a seal that stops anything from touching your baby’s bottom that might cause irritation. To help nourish and replenish your child’s skin, Burt’s Bees included shea butter, lavender essential oil, and jojoba seed oil. These ingredients together create a layer that absorbs wetness. Your baby’s skin will feel soft and smooth. 

Parents can feel confident using the Burt’s Bees ointment. Pediatricians approve of its use on the most sensitive of skins. There are absolutely no parabens, phthalates, petrolatum or SLS. They didn’t test the cream on animals. All of the ingredients work together to get rid of rashes fast while nourishing your child’s skin. 

Weleda Calendula Baby Diaper Rash Cream 

Weleda is a top-seller in Europe for baby care products. Their Calendula Baby Diaper Rash Cream is also a best-seller that provides fast yet gentle relief to your child’s bottom. The cream treats the rash by creating a rich and creamy barrier over your child’s skin. They used non-nao, pharmaceutical-grade zinc oxide that reduces irritation and protects your baby’s skin. 

The calendula that Weleda used is organic, grown in their Biodynamic gardens in Germany. Calendula has anti-inflammatory properties that help to soothe redness and reduce inflammation on the skin. The plants are picked in the summer when they fully blossom. Every plant is handpicked in the morning when their quality is at its highest. They are processed without hours of picking to ensure they don’t lose their quality. 

Weleda doesn’t rely on mineral oil found in most normal diaper rash creams on the market. Instead, they use fair trade beeswax that creates a breathable layer on your child’s skin. Sweet almond and sesame seed oils keep your child’s skin healthy. There are important vitamins and essential fatty acids inside of those oils.

Dermatologists spent time testing their products to ensure they are safe for everyone’s skin, including babies with sensitive skin. Animals are never used in testing. The cream is free of synthetic preservatives, fragrances, and petroleum-derived raw materials. 

Earth Mama Angel Baby Bottom Balm, Natural Diaper Cream

Earth Mama Angel Baby make some amazing products you shouldn’t miss. Not only do they make incredible diaper rash creams, but they also make great nursing creams for your nipples and spray to help with morning sickness. Their products are designed with mama and baby in mind. 

Their natural diaper rash cream is hospital recommended, safe and efficient. Their use of herbs battles diaper rashes and protects your child’s skin. Unlike other creams, your child’s skin can still breathe because it doesn’t create an impermeable barrier that traps bacteria and yeast. Instead, their proprietary blend is antibacterial and antifungal because of their use of organic herbs, Shea butter, and pure essential oils. You can use it for more than just diaper rashes! It works on years, itchy bug bites, scrapes, cuts and more. 

One of the nicest qualities of the Earth Mama Angel Baby cream is that you can use it on cloth diapers! Parents who use cloth diapers are unable to use a lot of rash creams. The cream is clinically, and dermatologist tested. You don’t have to worry about the cream irritating your child’s skin, and it is free of the most common allergens. 

The Earth Mama Angel Baby cream was created by a nurse and a herbalist. They used non-toxic ingredients and rated 0 for toxins by the EWG’s Cosmetic Database. There are no artificial fragrance or dyes, petroleum products, mineral oil, Vitamin E, phthalates or parabens. It is naturally vegan and gluten-free. Made in the USA, you will love the diaper rash creams. 

Babo Botanicals Soothing Diaper Cream 

Babo Botanicals creates an all-natural diaper rash cream that is perfect for newborn babies or those with very sensitive skin. The nourishing botanical properties help to soothe and protect your child’s skin while also maintaining a moisture barrier. 

They make an entire baby products lined created on their certified organic farm. Produced in upstate New York, they use only the highest quality botanicals from around the world, with a focus on fair trade. Babo Botanicals makes their products in small batches to ensure details aren’t missed and the highest level of quality is reached. 

Their diaper rash cream is no exception. There are so many great product highlights to note. It is easy to see why parents rave about it! 

  • Uses pure flower and plant extracts
  • Sulfate free
  • Formaldehyde free
  • Paraben free
  • Phthalate free 
  • Tear free
  • Allergy and dermatologist tested 
  • No synthetic fragrances and colors
  • Dairy and soy free – a vegan product

Babo used colloidal oatmeal that comforts itchy, dry or chafed skin. The natural calendula oil moisturizes the skin while reducing redness and inflammation. They use a certified organic Nutri-Soothe Blend rich in vitamins and anti-oxidants. The non-nano, zinc oxide creates a protective barrier that prevents inflammation and rashes. Oat kernel oil also provides relief to your child’s irritated skin. 

It is easy to see why the Babo Botanicals are a top choice for natural diaper rash cream. Amazing ingredients like organic sunflower, Babassu seed oil, and Shea butter moisturize and soothe your baby’s irritated and pained skin. Pediatricians have approved the cream for sensitive skin, making it a fantastic choice. 

ERA Organics Diaper Rash Cream – USDA Certified Organic 

Are you looking for a natural diaper rash cream that is also certified organic by the USDA? If so, look no further. The ERA Organics Cream offers everything a parent could want for their baby. The creams help to soothe, repair and prevent future diaper rashes and irritation. Natural ingredients, such as Sunflower Oil, Beeswax, Cocoa Butter, Coconut Oil, Olive Oil, Chamomile, and Calendula, help to stop the rash in its tracks and reverse any damage. 

All of these unusual ingredients repair skin issues like chafing, dermatitis, baby eczema, and more. Organic beeswax creates a soft, breathable barrier that is antibacterial and antifungal. You don’t have to worry about an infection caused by the rash if you use ERA’s diaper rash cream.

Best of all, ERA Organics use only all of the best products for your child. Their rash cream is paraben free, fragrance-free, alcohol-free. They don’t use any mineral oil, SLS, petroleum products, harmful preservatives, synthetic dyes or anything that could irritate your child’s skin. If your baby has a severe diaper rash or frequently battles eczema, give the ERA Organics diaper rash cream a try! 

Ora’s Amazing Herbal Baby Salve

Our next choice for the best natural diaper rash cream is made by Ora’s. They spent a lot of time and the utmost care when creating this wonderful cream. Ora used only the most trusted ingredient such as organic calendula, burdock, and coconut oil to create the perfect balm for your child’s sensitive and irritated bottom.

If you are a parent that uses cloth diapers, the Ora’s salve is an excellent choice. It won’t leave any residue on your diapers that could lead to repelling problems. This salve is unscented except for the natural smells from the botanical products used to create the salve. 

You will be amazed at the process used to create this cream. First, they blend all of the organic herbs together in non-GMO grapeseed oil. These combinations are kept in glass containers in cold and dark locations which extract the nutrients and healing properties of the herbs. Beeswax is added to provide a structure and protection. Organic, raw coconut oil and castor oil are added to create a soothing salve. Ora then adds Vitamin E which is beneficial to skin and acts as a natural preservative for the salve. 

Parents don’t have to use creams with dozens of ingredients that are impossible to pronounce. Instead, use the Ora’s salve that follows recipes similar to what grandma would have used to create a natural salve for rashes. 

Babyganics Diaper Rash Cream – Pack of 2, 4 Ounce Tubes

Everyone knows the brand Babyganics! You can find their products in retailers around the United Nations. Their products range from diaper rash creams to shampoos. Parents love their items because they feel confident their child isn’t exposed to any dangerous or harmful chemicals. 

Their diaper rash cream is made with the sensitive child in mind. Babyganics understands that your child’s skin can be sensitive all over. Zinc oxide combines with Vitamins A, D, and E, allowing parents to treat and prevent diaper rashes. You can use the cream to seal out any wetness that might irritate your baby’s skin. It also can be used to protect chafed skin; give it a try at the beach to prevent chaffing on thighs! 

Babyganics uses a blend of five different essentials oil that they call their NeoNourish Seed Oil Blend. This blend nurtures and supports the needs of your child’s skin. Together, they support healthy skin development and create antioxidant protection. The five essential oils are from tomatoes, sunflower, cranberry, black cumin and red raspberry. 

You can feel confident using the Babyganics diaper rash cream on your child’s skin. It is pediatrician and dermatologist tested, ensuring it is truly safe. There are no parabens sulfates, phthalates, mineral oil, petrolatum, or artificial fragrances and dyes. There is no reason not to give this great cream a try for your baby! 

Motherlove Organic Diaper Balm for Persistent Diaper Rash

You might have heard of this organic diaper rash cream before. It used to be called “ Motherlove Diaper Rash and Thrush Cream.” It is an all-natural, herbal salve designed to treat the persistent, inflamed diaper rash that won’t give anyway no matter what you try. It is made with 96% certified organic ingredients. The cream contains extra virgin olive oil, beeswax, Oregon grape root, myrrh gum, yarrow herb, and calendula flower. 

There are some other impressive reasons why it makes an excellent choice for parents. If your nipples are sore from using, you can use this cream. You don’t have to wash it offer prior to nursing. Mothers rave about the cream as a treatment for thrush. Thrust is a frustrating, bacterial infection that causes white patches on your baby’s tongue. If the thrush is passed to your nipples, they can be painful during breastfeeding. It is a must that you treat it before it gets too bad. 

Since it works so well on thrush, Motherlove diaper cream works well if your child is experiencing a yeast diaper rash. The great thing about this product is that it is versatile. You can use it for a diaper rash or irritation, sore or chafed nipples, and thrush. One product can aid all of these problems, creating a time saver for mom! 

Mustela 123 Diaper Rash Cream – 3.8 Ounces 

Mustela created a new enhanced formula that prevents, relieves, and replenishes your child’s bottom after a diaper rash. You can use it for each diaper change to help prevent another diaper rash from happening. Mustela surveyed pediatricians and dermatologists to make sure they approve of their cream. There is an average of 80% reduction of irritation and redness with the very first use! 

If you have never heard of Mustela, you are missing out on a fantastic company. They develop their products with the help of healthcare professionals and use only hypoallergenic products. There are never parabens, phenoxyethanol, phthalates, or alcohol in their products. Before the goods are sent out for customers to purchase, they put the creams through a stringent test to make sure they are safe. 

They recommend that parents apply the diaper rash cream very liberally and as often as necessary. You can use the cream each diaper change especially at bedtime. Overall, the Mustela 123 diaper rash cream is one of the best natural diaper rash cream. It is inexpensive, safe, and highly rated for its ability to break a rash within a few diaper changes. 

Baby Mantra Natural Diaper Rash Ointment 

Our next choice for the best natural diaper rash cream is by Baby Mantra. Their products are incredible. They are all made in the USA, PETA certified, and NPA (Natural Product Association) Certified. Parents are in love with their new 100% natural diaper rash ointment that soothes your baby’s bottom with only natural ingredients. Baby Mantra uses sweet almond oil, rosemary leaf, and jojoba. All of the ingredients were selected to relieve skin irritation, comfort your child if they are sore, and reduce the diaper rash. 

You can use the rash cream daily if you want to work on preventing diaper rashes. Frequent uses will increase your child’s comfort level during diaper changes. There are so many great reasons to purchase the Baby Mantra diaper cream. It is a gluten free and allergy tested product approved by Healthy Child Healthy World. There are no phthalates, parabens, petrolatum or SLS used in the creation of this ointment. 

Mummy’s Miracle Moringa Baby Vitamin A & D Diaper Ointment All Natural Cream 

If you want a diaper ointment that you can use at every diaper change, the Mummy’s Miracle cream helps to prevent rashes, especially at bedtime. The formula uses Vitamins A and D, along with lanolin that is gentle on the skin. Mummy’s Miracle uses active extracts of Moringa Oil, Shea Butter, and Cod Liver Oil. Together, they work to provide long lasting protection that soothes your child’s delicate skin. 

This all-natural product can be used for more than diaper rashes. Entire families enjoy the cream to treat dry, cracked or flaky skin. If you have chafing, apply a thick layer; it will be gone before you know it. It works as a dry skin protectant, created with sensitive skin in mind. 

Mummy’s Miracle uses no questionable or harmful ingredients in the production of their diaper rash cream. There are no parabens, petroleum, mineral oil, phthalates or petrochemicals. Parents receive a 6.2-ounce container that fits perfectly into any diaper bag. Parents leave fantastic reviews about how wonderfully this product works for their child. If you are looking for a new diaper cream to try, give Mummy’s Miracles a chance. 

GroVia – Magic Stick Diaper Balm, All Natural Diaper Ointment – 2 Ounces 

Cloth diapering parents all recognize the name GroVia. GroVia creates some of the best-known, top-selling cloth diapers on the market. From liners to diaper covers, this company understands diapering needs. Their Magic Stick is commonly used by these parents. Not all diaper ointment is safe for cloth diapers, so the Magic Stick provides relief for thousands of babies. 

The Magic Stick is a unique design. Most ointments come as cream. GroVia made their ointment on a stick, similar to chapstick. You should use one stick per child and always discontinue use if your child has yeast or an infection. When using the product, just rub it over the area, like you would your lips. Parents don’t have to worry about creating a mess all over their hands from the application.

GroVia used natural and organic ingredients to create their Magic Stick. Some of these include grapeseed oil, beeswax, meadowfoam oil, organic jojoba oil, organic rosehip, and a blend of proprietary essential oils. Parents love the smell, which is created only by the natural ingredients. There are absolutely no synthetic fragrances or dyes added to their products. 

It is best to use the Magic Stick for irritation or small rashes. They intended the cream to be used during each diaper change to help prevent rashes from ever occurring. 

The Honest Company Healing Balm, Soothing Protection and Relief for Sensitive Skin and Diaper Rash – 3 ounces

In the last five years, the Honest Company has created an impressive reputation for incredible products. From natural (and adorable) diapers to natural bath products, they make a little bit of everything. Instead of being just simply a diaper rash cream, their healing balm was created as an all-purpose ointment for the dry, irritated or sensitive skin. You could use it on your dry skin such as your elbows. Some parents use it for their child’s eczema. 

The mark of a great product for parents is versatility. If you are a parent to multiple children, the Honest Company’s Healing Balm is an everyday slave that soothes skin from head to toe. When your older child falls, apply it to their scraped knee. If you have a minor cut, put a thick layer of balm right over the top. 

All of the ingredients are safe for your child. Working together, they hydrate, nourish, moisturize and protect all types of skin. Once applied, the balm eases inflammation, promotes the healing of damaged skin and restores balance. The Honest Company is known because they are dedicated to never using harmful ingredients. So, their healing balm is free of petroleum, mineral oil, lanolin, gluten, parabens, phthalates, fragrances, dyes and common allergens. 

How to Pick the Best Natural Diaper Rash Cream

We just looked at 13 options for the best natural diaper rash cream. They all are amazing, so how in the world are you supposed to make a choice? Here are some ways to evaluate each option.

  • Price: The first thing to consider is the price. Nothing we listed will cost over $20. Luckily, many of the creams are under $10, fitting into almost any budget. Always look at the ounces available on the tube and figure out the price per unit before purchasing what seems like the cheaper option!
  • Uses: Parents like versatile products. You may not want a diaper cream that can be used for more, but many parents like to have one product that can be utilized for multiple applications. Parents with more than one child will enjoy having cream they can later use on scrapes and cuts; it reduces how many items you have to carry along!
  • Ingredients: We listed some of the ingredients you should avoid. All 13 products we selected have nothing but great ingredients. Make sure all of the items listed are things you want your child around. Also, if your child has any food allergies, double check to make sure it is gluten or dairy free product.

Parents need diaper rash cream. You are going to need a few tubes laying around. It is best to actively prevent rashes rather than trying to get rid of one once it happens. Do you have a favorite natural diaper rash cream? Let us know in the comments! 

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