Blending Baby’s First Bites: A Guide to the Best Munchkin Baby Food Makers

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Best Munchkin Baby Food Maker

Starting to feed your child solid foods is not only a big milestone but also the key to their development and growth.  While it is perfectly fine to start your child on a diet of jarred baby foods, there is an easier and healthier way.  If you are concerned about all of the unwanted additives that can be found in some brands of jarred baby food, you should really consider making your own.  It is easier than you think!  Not only is making your own baby food the best way to ensure that your child is only getting the best of ingredients, it is always a great way to save money.  This is because you can stick to shopping for fruits and veggies that are fresh and on sale.  You may be surprised to know how far a little bit of fresh food can stretch.  For example; one bunch of bananas can make up to 6 servings of baby food and will cost around the same as two jars of premade baby food.  You are not only limited to fruits and veggies either!  Some parents love to make tasty blended food using chicken or other proteins that they use for their own meals.

The process of actually making your own baby food may be simpler than you think, especially if you use a baby food maker.  While it is possible to make your little one’s food b y hand without any extra appliances, baby food makers will make this processer a great deal easier.  This is because some of these amazing devices not only blend and puree baby food like a dream; they even do the work of steaming and softening the food first.  This makes baby food makers a one stop shop for any parent who is determined to give their child the best when it comes to the food they eat.  A top brand when it comes to not only making your child’s food, but to many other baby related products, is the Munchkin brand.  You may recognize the name, that’s because Munchkin products can be found in many leading retailers.  Their baby food makers range from simple food mills to full food processing kits, meaning that you can find a great product that not only fits your lifestyle but your budget as well.

If you are in the market for a great baby food maker, you should consider giving Munchkin a shot.  Here are some of the best baby food makers that Munchkin offers.

Munchkin Baby Food Grinder

Starting out this list with the simplest baby food maker is the Munchkin Baby Food Grinder.  This baby food maker is very similar to a traditional food mill that you may already have, expect this one is specially designed to break down food into a perfect texture for little mouths.  This is a great option for any family who is on a budget as well as a family who lives in a smaller space.  Because this is a hand held product, you can easily store it in a drawer or a shelf without having to worry about cluttering up your kitchen counter space.  Not only will this baby food maker fit perfectly into your scaled down life, but it is so small and compact that it is absolutely perfect for traveling.  It has never been easier to keep your child healthy with a full tummy on the road.

Because the Munchkin Baby Food Grinder only works as a food mill, you do have to make sure to properly cook the food you are using ahead of time.  This is especially important for denser fruits and vegetables like apples or root vegetables.  Once the food is soft enough to blend, simply place the cut up pieces into the top of the food mill and start grinding.  No electricity or batteries required.  The grip base allows you to easily mill the food without the grinder slipping and sliding all over the place.  This makes it really easy for you to grind the food directly into a sealable container.  The Munchkin Baby Food Grinder is the best Munchkin baby food maker when it comes to simplicity and portability.

Munchkin Fresh Food Maker

If you are too busy to put too much work into making your baby’s food, have no fear.  The Munchkin Fresh Food Maker is one of those amazing all in one products that will literally do all of the work for you.  While you still will need to properly steam and chop the vegetables first, this appliance will do all of the mashing and pureeing for you.  Many times when transitioning little ones to solid food the number one problem parents see is them rejecting it.  This has little to do with the actual flavor of the food itself.  Children are sensitive and may be having an adverse reaction due to the actual texture of the food.  By using the Munchkin Fresh Food Maker you can be sure to be serving your child a perfectly smooth puree each and every time.

The perfectly smooth texture is due to the serrated blades that are used to mash the food.  These blades chop and whip which every foods you choose to throw their way without any hesitation.  Ease is the name of the game with the Munchkin Fresh Food Maker.  It only takes one simply push of a button to be minutes away from a week’s worth of food.  The large mixing bowl that comes with this kit is enough to hold up to six servings of food which will cut your baby food making process in half.  Best of all, the bowl is dishwasher safe so that you don’t have to spend a lot of time scrubbing dirty bowls and blades.  Because of the compact size, you can either choose to store the Munchkin Fresh Food Maker on your countertops or away on a shelf until you are ready to use it again.

Munchkin Fresh Food Chopper and Steamer

If you want to spend as little time as possible preparing, cooking and mashing your baby’s food, you should consider trying out the Munchkin Fresh Food Chopper and Steamer.  This neat little device will not only chop your baby’s food down to manageable pieces but will also properly cook and steam the food for you first.  Simply fill the BPA free plastic tray with which ever fresh fruits and veggies you choose, add a little bit of water and place in the microwave for perfectly soft food each and every time.  There is even a chopper that is located at the top of this device which will dice the food for you into perfect little pieces.  This can either be done before or after the steaming process depending on the type of food you are using.  Harder foods like sweet potatoes may need a little bit of steaming before chopping.  Either way, you are guaranteed a great end result.

The only down side to the Munchkin Fresh Food Chopper and Steamer is that is does not puree or mash the food for you.  This means that if you are in need of a perfectly smooth puree for your little one that you will have to mash them yourself.  If you have an older child who can manage eating more solid foods that are a quarter sized or less, you can use this device to prepare their meals for them.  This is the best Munchkin baby food maker when it comes to age appropriate food options as well as have freshly prepared foods in a matter of minutes.

Munchkin Fresh Feeding Set

If you are concerned about your child not being old enough or ready to start eating solid foods, you might want to consider starting them off slowly and testing the waters.  A great way to do this is to use a combination food maker like the Munchkin Fresh Feeding Set.  The baby food mill in this set is much like the regular Munchkin baby food grinder.  It features a hand mill at the top that allows you to perfectly smooth and puree any types of soft steamed food.  The silicone base allows for an easy grip on any surface to help keep your hands and mill steady.  The stand out item in this kit, however, is the fresh food feeder.  These neat little feeders are small mesh bags that feature a small grip handle so that your child can hold them on their own.

The fresh feeder that comes with the Munchkin Fresh Feeding set opens up so that you can insert fresh fruits and veggies so that your child can get used to the flavors as well as learn to use their jaw muscles to chew up food properly.  The mesh ensure that’s your child will not swallow too big of pieces, which can be a choking hazard.  This is a great first step to get your child on their way to eating on their own.

In Conclusion 

Buying the best Munchkin Baby Food Maker means that you are buying a product that will assist your child into important milestones and developments.  With so many different styles and types of food makers to choose from, you are sure to find the best one that suits you and your child’s needs.  Take care.

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