Messenger Diaper Bags: A Stylish and Practical Choice for Parents

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Best Messenger Diaper Bag

In the battle of diaper bag styles, the growing popularity of messenger style bags help to keep them a constant contender.  Messenger bags are a great alternative to tradition tote style bags for a many number of reasons.  If you are still on the fence about making the jump to a more modern messenger style bag, consider these amazing advantages:

  • Perfect for any parent:

While tote bags are the more traditional way to go when it comes to diaper bags, the straps tend to be too short or uncomfortable for taller parents as well as fathers.  Messenger bags usually feature one long strap that allows you to wear the diaper multiple ways.  You can either wear the bag over your shoulder or across your body.  This strap is generally adjustable too so you can perfectly customize not only the way you wear but also how comfortable you need it to be.

  • Offers more storage choices:

Messenger bags are the top choice for many parents when it comes to storage space and options.  This is because unlike traditional diaper bags, messenger bags feature many more pockets other than just one main center compartments.  Messenger bags usually have one giant secure pocket with other pockets attached to it as well as many other outside compartments.  This not helps you hold a lot more stuff, but will also help to keep your organized.

  • Modern and stylish:

If you are not a fan of paisley patterns and butterflies, chances are a great messenger style diaper bag is what you need in your life.  While you can find some messenger bags that feature adorable and bright patterns, the trend among these bags very much stays true to a more modern and on trend styling.  This is not only great news for the minimalist but also serves a totally different function.  Having a neutral diaper bags allows you to easily use and reuse it for another child or even as a great overnight bag for yourself once you child outgrows it.

If your mind is set on a messenger bag but you still are feeling a little lost when it comes to choosing one, have no fear!  Here are some of the best messenger style diaper bags that are available on the market today.

Skip Hop Baby All-in-One Swift Changing Station Messenger Diaper Bag

The Skip Hop Baby All-In-One Swift Changing Station Messenger Diaper Bag is perfect for any traveling family.  This is because this bag not only serves its intending purpose as a diaper bag but also doubles as a perfect on the go diaper changing station as well.  This is great news for parents who find themselves spending a great deal of time on the road and are wary about using rest stop bathrooms to change their precious little bundles of joy.  The magic is in the front feature flap pocket which opens up to reveal a convenient changing pad as well as quick and easy access to all of your diaper changing needs like diapers and wipes.  This means that you can easily change your child in the backseat of your car in a pinch without worrying about having the fumble around in a messy bag for all of the things you need.

This bag wouldn’t be the best messenger diaper bag if it didn’t feature all of the amazing things that help to make messenger bags a popular option.  The Skip Hop Swift Changing Station Messenger Diaper Bag features one large shoulder strap which can be worn multiple ways and is not only adjustable for comfort but also has comfort padding on the strap to save your neck and shoulders a great deal of pain.  Over all, this diaper bag features 10 separate pockets to help keep you organized while on the go.  You will love the neutral modern styling of this gray messenger bag that features black detailing as well as eye catching stitching that gives this bag an extra bit of flare.

Fisher Price Trim Organizer

If modern and classic stylish is all fine and well to you but you thrive to find a great messenger bag that has some real style, then the Fisher Price Trim Organizer is absolutely perfect for you.  Not only does this messenger diaper feature amazing storage and organization, it also is available is some pretty great patterns and colors as well.  If you are not afraid of color and flare, then you will love the dark heather gray with the touch of teal and chevron.  While this bag is great on the eyes, it also functions perfectly for your life.  The thing that helps to keep this messenger style diaper bag a best seller among parents is how it actually works to help to keep you organized.  It is even right in the name!

The Fisher Price Trim Organizer has a FastFinder system that was specially developed so that you can more quickly have important items, like wipes, accessible in a matter of seconds.  This feature is absolutely perfect for any busy parent on the go who doesn’t have the time to fish through a giant bag to find what they needs.  Along with this organized pockets you also get insulated pockets for bottles and sippy cups to help keep your little one’s milk fresh all day long.  With this diaper bag, parents are not just an afterthought.  The special electronic pockets are a perfect place to keep your tablet, small laptops and phone without worrying about them getting damaged by soiled diapers.

RYCO Stella Messenger Diaper Bag

If you pride yourself on living a classic and minimalist lifestyle and are on the hunt for the best messenger diaper bag that stays true to that, then the RYCO Stella Messenger Diaper Bag may just what you need.  This bag is widely recognized around the world to be a top of the line messenger diaper and has received mostly positive reviews and rating by parents who have used and love it.  The secret to a great messenger diaper bag is in the materials that they are made with.  This diaper bag is made with only high quality fabric that not only looks great but is waterproof as well.  Having a diaper bag be waterproof is very important because excess moisture can lead to mold growing which will certainly lessen the lifespan of your diaper bag.

When you purchase the RYCO Stella Messenger Diaper Bag you also get some really need accessories that you never know you needed.  You get s special wet bag which is a great place to store soiled diapers and clothes which will help to keep nasty bacteria away from the rest of your baby’s stuff.  You also get a padded changing pad which helps you to change your child quickly and comfortable no matter the situation.  Both the wet bag and the padded changing pad are easy to clean so that you can reuse them time and time again. A nice little extra that you get with this diaper is a sanitary pacifier pocket.  A pacifier is often forgotten about when it comes to diaper bag storage.  As a parent, you know how important a pacifier is, especially on long trips.  So having a safe and clean place to keep this little wonder is a major selling point.

Columbia Expedition Ridge Duffle Diaper Bag

The Columbia Expedition Ridge Duffle Diaper Bag offers all of the comforts of a messenger diaper bag with the storage and space that any avid traveler needs.  This bag is perfect for families who like to take a lot of adventures, like camping and road trips.  The outside, as well as the inside, of this bag is completely waterproof and tough enough to handle any weather condition you throw its way.  Along with being perfect for outdoor adventures, this diaper bag also is perfect for any storage need you may have.

There are three zippered pockets located on the Columbia Expedition Ridge Duffle Bag which means you have more places to securely hold your things.  There are also two separate outside pockets that are perfect for things you need quickly like your keys.  The standout feature of this diaper is the insulated bottle pocket which uses Therma-Flec technology to create a barrier between the elements and your child’s milk.  This means that no matter where you are, your little one’s milk or formula will always be fresh and ready to serve.  You will also love this adventures feel and design of this dark gray bag that features classic leather detailing on both the bag itself as well as the comfort padded shoulder strap.

In Conclusion 

You never again have to feel embarrassed by carrying bag that doesn’t fit your style.  More importantly, you don’t ever again have to lug around a diaper bag that is uncomfortable to carry.  This is because when you buy the best messenger diaper bag, you have a truly customizable bag that will adjust to not only your height, but your comfort level as well.  When you no longer have to sacrifice comfort for function, everything seems to fall into place.  Good luck.

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