Travel-Friendly Strollers: Best Picks of the Year for Exploring Families

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Best Lightweight Travel Stroller

When you are traveling, a stroller is a necessity. Parents tend to prefer lightweight strollers because they are easier to get in and out of vehicles. They also fold compactly but still offer a majority of the features that parents look for in a standard stroller. There are several choices for the best lightweight travel stroller; you will be pleasantly surprised! 

Reasons You Need a Lightweight Travel Stroller

If you have at least one child under the age of five years old, I highly suggest you purchase a lightweight stroller if you plan to travel. Traveling is great for families, but it is tough on younger children. Their legs grow weary long before adults, resulting in a tired and whiny child. From road trips to a beach vacation, a stroller is a necessary purchase. 


  • Pushing a stroller around the museum is a lot easier than carrying the 40-pound child for two hours unless you want a free workout and a sore back. 
  • Many tourist destinations are crowded. While weaving a stroller in and out of people can be complicated, it is the safest choice. Losing a child is a fear many parents have and is solved by strapping the little kid into a stroller. 
  • A stroller is a great place for a child to relax while sightseeing. My middle child, who is four years old, protests a stroller most of the time. After a long day at the amusement park, he is happy to take a break with a drink in the stroller. 
  • Parents can see and do more on vacation with a stroller. If your kid is tired, they can take a nap. If their legs hurt, you can push them around. They’ll be satisfied as well as the parents! 
  • Travel strollers are easy to fold and carry on and off of transportation options. 
  • While using a baby carrier is a splendid idea, you may want a place to sit your child to enjoy a snack or to cool down on those hot days. 


  • Flying with a stroller can pose more challenges. You always have the choice to check a stroller in like baggage, but a travel stroller is useful while walking around airports. 
  • If you are carrying backpacks and luggage, it can be cumbersome to add a stroller to the mix. You need to make sure the choice is lightweight or that it comes with a carrying strap. 

The 8 Best Lightweight Travel Stroller 

Zoe XL1 Deluxe Xtra Lightweight Travel & Everyday Umbrella Stroller System 

The Features

  • It weighs only 9 pounds! 
  • Zoe offers a lifetime warranty on the wheels. 
  • Parents can fold it with one hand, and it has a compact fold.
  • Children have their cup holder and a snack track. Parents have a cup holder. 
  • The canopy is large and extendable, along with a hidden extension. 
  • The storage basket is large! 

When you are traveling, you need a lightweight stroller! The Zoe XL1 offers one of the lightest frames you can buy on the market. You will have no issues getting on and off buses; you can take it anywhere with no troubles. Despite its lightweight frame, the Zoe XL1 is strong and durable. It has a maximum weight recommendation of 50 pounds. 

Another reason that parents enjoy the Zoe XL1 is the price; you get a lot of features for an affordable price. It has a unique and modern look and comes in over 15 different colors! They designed the stroller with city living mothers in mind. Zoe knew that parents wanted cup holders for their coffee as well as their baby’s cup. They also knew that parents need to have every hand available, so you only need one hand to fold the stroller. Also, the canopy is large and able to cover almost the entire seat. 

The frame is crafted from aluminum, designed for children six months of age and older. The reason is that the recline is not deep, so younger infants, with less head control, may not be able to sit properly. The Zoe XL1 doesn’t offer much suspension, so you may struggle to use it on uneven terrain. However, if you are in the city, you won’t find this to be a problem. Considering the price and the great features, parents should find the Zoe XL1 one of the best lightweight travel stroller choices. 

Kolcraft Cloud Plus Lightweight Stroller


  • It compactly folds and can stand once folded. 
  • The canopy is expandable with a visor for coverage. 
  • It has multiple reclining positions.
  • Both the child and parent has a tray.
  • The basket is large and easy to access. 
  • The wheels are all terrain, with front suspension for uneven ground. 

Kolcraft is a favorite brand for baby gear. They make several strollers, and one of their best sellers is the Cloud Plus Lightweight. It has a lot of nice features. Parents who want to get rid of the bulky, traditional stroller, find the Cloud Plus to be an excellent alternative for their family, especially while traveling. 

Even though the Cloud Plus is a smaller stroller, it comes with most of the features you would find in a traditional stroller. It is heavier than the previous stroller, but it only weighs 12 pounds! That is still a great weight. The ultra-compact fold allows for easy traveling. You can fit in your trunk with luggage, and you will have no problem carrying it on and off of buses. 

Many lightweight strollers forget to include needed accessories. The Kolcraft Cloud Plus comes with a child tray and a parent tray, which is a hard feature to find! The parent tray has two cup holders and a storage area. I love a stroller with two cup holders – one for each parent! Also, the storage area is perfect for your cell phone or keys. The storage basket is a great size, big enough for any needed items while out traveling. Also, your child will have a cup holder included in their tray. 

The features are never-ending with the Cloud Plus! The canopy is huge and will cover most of your child while they are seated. It has three tiers for maximum sun protection. They also added a peekaboo window that allows parents to look at their child without disturbing them. Your baby can take a great nap because the stroller has multiple reclining positions. 

You can use the Kolcraft Cloud Plus for children who weigh less than 50 pounds. It is a budget choice, costing less than $100. If you need to save some money but don’t want to miss out on features, the Kolcraft Cloud Plus is a fantastic option. 

BOB Revolution SE Single Stroller


  • Parents can fold the Revolution SE with ease; it only takes two steps! 
  • There are accessories available, like the Baby Seat Adapter that allow you to use it as a travel system. 
  • The front wheels swivel as well as lock in positions. The lock provides stability when you are jogging or on uneven terrain. 
  • BOB added a great adjustable suspension system.
  • The seat is extra padded and offers multiple reclining positions. The five point harness is padded for additional comfort. 
  • The fabric is easy to clean and stain resistant. 

Are you a parent who likes to be out and about as often as possible? BOB created one of the best lightweight travel stroller choices! No matter if you are out for a jog or on the boardwalk, you can use the Revolution SE anywhere! It is best for children who are older than eight weeks and has a maximum weight recommendation of 70 pounds. 

BOB has some of the best wheels on their stroller. The pivoting front wheels allow you to maneuver around tight turns quickly; the wheels can fully rotate. The rear wheels are wide and sturdy; you can use the Revolution SE on any terrain. The front wheels lock; you can take your baby out for a jog with stability. There is an adjustable suspension system for a smooth and comfortable ride. They kept the rear wheel brake system that can be used with your foot for safety. 

Your baby will enjoy their ride as well. The seat is nicely padded with an adjustable reclining system. It reclines to 70 degrees, as well as being able to sit totally vertical, which is perfect for older kids. The canopy has multiple positions with a window for parents to see their child. BOB included two interior pockets, a seat back pocket as well as a storage basket under the seat. You have plenty of space to store all of the needed items for your trip. 

Even though the Revolution SE is crafted with an aluminum alloy frame, it still weighs 25 pounds. If lightweight is a needed feature, the Revolution wouldn’t be the best of choices. Their frame design is ideal for compact storage and easy transporting while out and about. Also, BOB used stain resistant, easy to clean fabric, which is perfect for kids! We all know that they spill everything. 

The Revolution SE is also more expensive than some of the other choices on the list. It costs a little under $350, so many parents find this option beyond their price range. However, the Revolution is a solid choice for a travel stroller! 

Joovy Groove Ultralight Lightweight Travel Umbrella Stroller


  • The frame is crafted of lightweight 6061 aluminum, resulting in a lightweight stroller. 
  • It compactly folds and comes with a convenient shoulder carrying strap.  
  • It has a large canopy with an additional sun visor.
  • The Groove has multiple reclining positions and an adjustable footrest.
  • There is plenty of storage available – a lower storage basket, a zippered parent pocket, a mesh bottle holder and two mesh pockets for their child. 

If you are searching for a stroller that is lightweight and ideal for traveling, the Joovy Groove is an excellent choice, and you can purchase it in four different colors! The Joovy is in the medium price range, costing around $150. Even though it is a bit more expensive than other choices, it has some great features that parents love. The Joovy is highly rated and for great reasons. 

The Groove weighs only 13 pounds because of its lightweight, aluminum frame. Even though it is lightweight, the 6061 aluminum used is durable and sturdy, capable of carrying children up to 55 pounds. I love this weight range because it will last you for years to come. It is a sturdy stroller with little flex inward, meaning the seat won’t sag when used by older children. That tends to happen with weak strollers. 

Joovy added several nice features to their best lightweight travel stroller. First, the canopy provides more than adequate protection from the sun. The extendable sun visor will cover almost the entire seat. There is a peekaboo window, allowing you to check on your baby as they snooze. They can catch a great nap because of three different reclining positions available, including a deep, 149-degree recline that is nearly flat. 

You can use the Groove with babies as young as three months old. Along with the recline, the footrest is adjustable. One of the reasons I love the Joovy Groove is it grows with your child. You can start using it at three months old and continue well into the preschool years with a high maximum weight capacity. 

Many parents are pleased with the all-wheel suspension because it gives the children an enjoyable, smooth and comfortable ride over all surfaces. They offer dual brakes to park safely everywhere. Overall, the Joovy Groove is comfortable, affordable, stylish and well-designed! 

Graco Fastaction Fold Jogger Click Connect Stroller


  • Parents can use any Click Connect infant car seat with this stroller, creating a unique travel system. 
  • Graco created an easy folding system that can be done with one hand. 
  • The front wheel can swivel and lock, providing stability. 
  • It has multiple reclining features for babies of all ages. 
  • The Fastaction has a carrying strap for easy transportation. 

If you plan to use any of the Click Connect infant car seats, it makes sense to use the Click Connect Stroller. It is a great combination of a jogging stroller and a traditional, travel system. You don’t have to use an infant car seat, but the option is there for parents who want a lightweight stroller that will last for years rather than purchasing multiple. 

Graco’s new stroller folds in just a few seconds, which is great when you have little children. All you need to do is pull the marked strap, and the stroller will fold. It only requires one hand, leaving your other hand open for your child. The tires are made from rubber and offer a smooth ride for your baby. Because it is a jogging stroller, the front wheel can lock, providing additional stability. 

There are so many fun features! Your baby will experience a comfortable ride in the deluxe, padded seat. It has multiple reclining positions that let the stroller work for all ages. Graco added an extra-large canopy, so your child is protected from the sunlight and weather. 

They didn’t forget the parents when designing the Fastaction stroller. There is a deluxe parent tray with a place to store your cell phone with a clip for safety. Graco also put a tray with storage and two perfect sized cup holders. The storage basket is huge! You will have no problems bringing your diaper bag as well as needed items. 

The Fastaction has a maximum weight recommendation of 50 pounds. One thing to note is that it isn’t as lightweight as the other choices; it weighs 21.5lbs. However, if you want a lighter travel system, using the Fastaction stroller with a Click Connect infant car seat is ideal. You get all of the needed features in a compact stroller. 

Summer Infant 3D Lite Convenience Stroller


  • There is an extra-large storage basket under the seat, perfect for day trips. 
  • Parents have a rear pocket for their items.
  • It is easy to fold, compact, and it comes with a carrying strap for transportation. 
  • The 3D Lite offers multiple reclining positions.
  • The canopy is adjustable and removable. They included a flip out visor as well.

One of the best choices for a lightweight travel stroller is the Summer Infant 3D Lite Convenience Stroller. It is a top seller and offers most features that many desire. The best thing about the Summer Infant 3D is the price! It costs under $100, making it an excellent, budget-friendly choice for those with a limited amount of money. 

The Summer Infant 3D Lite weighs only 12 pounds, so it is a good choice if you desire a lightweight travel stroller. Even though it is lightweight, they designed the stroller with an aluminum frame, which means it is durable. It has a maximum weight recommendation of 50 pounds. This limit is similar to most standard strollers. 

They had safety in mind while producing the 3D Lite. The stroller has a five-point harness that holds your baby in place when traveling. The seat is spacious, so your child has plenty of room to get comfortable. The front wheels are anti-shock, providing a smooth ride for your baby. The rear wheels can lock, providing stability while on uneven terrain. Many parents love how easy it is to maneuver the 3D Lite Stroller. If you like to be out and about with your baby, the Summer Infant 3D Lite is an excellent choice! You will get around with ease!

Britax B-Agile 3 Stroller 


  • The B-Agile is usage up to 55 pounds. 
  • You can fold it with one hand! 
  • The B-Agile has three wheels instead of the standard four. This design allows for parents to steer and maneuver with ease. 
  • For safety, Britax installed an adjustable five-point harness. 
  • It is lightweight, weighing only 16.5 pounds. 
  • The integrated adapter allows parents to secure any Britax infant car seat to the stroller, converting it to a travel system! 

Britax is the maker of several great strollers. Their B-Agile three is usable from birth up to 55 pounds, allowing parents to get years of use. Parents love the lightweight design of the B-Agile; it weighs 16.5 pounds because of its aluminum frame. I love aluminum frames because they are durable yet lightweight. If you want lightweight, this material is the way to go! 

The B-Agile works as a travel system. You can use any of the Britax Chaperone and B-Safe Infant car seats in the stroller without the need for an adapter. Britax does sell an infant car seat adapter that you can purchase, allowing you to use almost any brand in this stroller. If you want a lightweight, travel system, this option is great! 

Your child will enjoy their ride in the B-Agile. The seat has supportive, deluxe padding and a five-point harness for safety. They also added an adjustable head pad that doesn’t require any rethreading or unhooking to move! One of the nice features is the multiple reclining positions, allowing your baby to lay nearly flat while sleeping. 

There are several other accessories. The canopy is extra-large and has a mesh ventilation window. This window allows you to see your baby while they are sleeping or while pushing the stroller. Britax added a suspension system that prevents your child from being bounced too much on uneven terrain. Parents can lock both of the rear wheels with one step. On the back of the seat, you will find a zippered pocket as well as a large storage basket under the seat. 

Overall, the Britax B-Agile is a safe, comfortable, well-designed stroller. However, it does cost more than $200, placing it out of the price range for many parents.  

UPPAbaby G-Lite Stroller 


  • The G-Lite has a real weight of 10 pounds, making it one of the lightest choices for a stroller. 
  • The seat has a mesh sling for breathability.
  • The storage basket is large and accessible. 
  • It comes with a removable, adjustable canopy with an extendable SPF 50+ sunshade. 
  • You can remove the seat fabric, and machine washes it in the event of an accident or spill.

UPPAbaby produces high quality, luxury strollers, giving parents some of the best features. Their G-Lite stroller was intended to be a super lightweight stroller, for the folks that need a portable and easy to carry travel stroller. They provide a stylish stroller for parents and give babies a way to cruise around in comfort. 

The G-Lite is one of the lightest strollers on the market, weighing only 10 pounds. They crafted the stroller with an aluminum frame. One of the unique features is the mesh seat sling, perfect for hot summer days or beach vacations! The sunshade is large and provides coverage from the sun and other elements. There are no worries about being out in the rain. 

The G-Lite folds quickly and compactly. They added a carrying strap for portability. Once folded, it can stand by itself, an excellent option for traveling. Something to remember about the G-Lite is that it doesn’t recline. It is intended for children six months and older. Also, they didn’t add any suspension or durable wheels, so you may notice you have to push harder through uneven terrain. However, it is an excellent choice for one of the best lightweight travel stroller options on the market. 

How to Make the Decision

Selecting the best lightweight travel stroller for your family can be a hard decision. These eight strollers are all nicely designed and more lightweight than other options. If you plan to carry the stroller frequently, you will want to select one of the lighter options listed above. There are a few that weigh around 20 pounds; you will want the ones that are closer to ten pounds. 

Before you decide, look at the additional features the company included. Many people want to have cup holders, a large storage basket, extra padding for the seat, an extendable canopy and added suspension for a smooth ride. Decide which choices are the most important for your family. 

Two strollers stand out the most on the list for me. First, the Zoe XL1 is super lightweight and has almost every feature you could want in a stroller. Both the parent and the child have their tray and cup holders. The canopy is extra-large and covers a majority of the seat. Let’s not forget the absolute best reason to purchase the Zoe XL1; it weighs only nine pounds! It weighs less than some infants. If you want a lightweight stroller, it is the way to go.

Next, the Joovy Groove is a modern and stylish choice for a travel stroller. It weighs a bit more – 13 pounds- but it is still light enough to use while traveling. They included a nice canopy, storage basket, and it can be utilized for years. It is a popular choice! 

We would love to hear your choice of the best lightweight travel stroller. Let us know in the comments! 

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