Backyard Water Adventures: The Best Inflatable Pools for Kids

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17 Choices for the Best Inflatable Swimming Pools for Kids 

Children love to spend time in the water. During the warmer months, your kids are likely to beg for the chance to go swimming. Most parents purchase one of the best inflatable swimming pools for kids so they don’t have to head to the local pool each day so their children can cool off! Luckily, selecting an inflatable pool isn’t nearly as complicated as other items.

There are tons of choices available, ranging in sizes, styles, and shapes. If you have more than one child, you will want to consider purchasing a larger inflatable swimming pool to allow space for everyone to move around. Some of them have tons or sprinklers included. Other pools are just simple circles that give space for kids to splash around. Your selection will need to be based first on your budget and the size of your family. 

Things to Consider Before Selecting the Best Inflatable Swimming Pools for Kids 

There is a vast amount of options for inflatable swimming pools. They come in every price range. Some are colorful with activity, and others are just the pool. Before you make a decision, here are some things to consider. 

  • Size: The size of your inflatable pool matters a lot. If you want to sit in the pool with your baby or have more than one child, you want to make sure the size is adequate to fit everyone that you want in the pool! Also, it is wise to consider how frequently your children have friends over to play. You will want to factor that into the size you decide to purchase. 
  • Extras: Children love to have fun when they are splashing in the water. Some inflatable swimming pools for kids come with toys! There are some that have slides, sprayers, toys, and all kinds of different things! 
  • Price: One of the most important factors is the price. You don’t need to spend more than you are comfortable with because there are so many choices for inflatable pools! Depending on the style and size, you can find some pools for as low as $10. 
  • Material: The material used to create your inflatable pool is a major factor. You may want something that is made of PVC, fibers or plastic. No matter what you select, you want to make sure that it is a durable choice. Kids aren’t gentle on their inflatable pools, especially the sides. They should be able to withstand hours of rough play without deflating. 

The Best Inflatable Swimming Pools for Kids Under $10

Intex Smiley Giraffe Inflatable Baby Pool 

Babies love to splash and play in the water too, but most inflatable swimming pools are too deep for young children to play in even with a parent close by. It is important to remember that kids should never be left alone near water. Drowning can occur in seconds. Parents shouldn’t be afraid to purchase an inflatable baby pool for their baby! The Smiley Giraffe is an excellent choice. 

The baby pool has two colorful, inflatable rings and a dangling noise maker. Kids love to play with anything that makes noises! When inflatable, the size is 44 inches x 36 inches x 28.5 inches, and it holds 14 gallons of water. They also include a repair patch for any rips. You could fit two sitting babies into the pool. It is a great deal and a fantastic little inflatable pool. 

Intex Sunset Glow Baby Pool 

Here is another option by Intex for a great baby pool. It measures 34 inches x 10 inches, and it holds up to 22 gallons of water. Your little one will stay busy splashing around with a parent. Unlike some of the other baby pools, the Sunset Glow Baby Pool has a soft, inflatable floor, so your child can sit down comfortably. 

It is important to remember that you need to stay with your baby when using this pool. Another great idea is to place some toys in the water and sit out of the water while baby plays. The cost is under $10, a great value. They include a repair patch for any rips. Many parents love this pool to bring to the beach; everyone can step in it to wash off sand before stepping on the blankets and towels. 

Intex Inflatable Stars Kiddie 2 Ring Circles Swimming Pool

If you want just a straightforward and small inflatable pool that you can take places, the Intex Stars Kiddie pool is an excellent choice! It is made of very durable vinyl. Toddlers and young kids tend to fall into the pool or land on the sides. This little pool can stand up to the abuse from small children. You can purchase it in multiple colors; they are all adorable! 

It isn’t a large pool at all. Once inflated, the dimensions are 48 inches x 10 inches. You can easily fit one or two small children into the pool. Once it has water, it won’t be deep; they can splash and dump water. In the winter, you can fill it with plastic balls for a pit! For less than $10, you can’t beat the durability of the Inflatable Stars Kiddie 2 Ring Circles Swimming Pool.  

The Best Inflatable Swimming Pools for Kids Under $20

Intex Sun Shade Inflatable Pool

Here is an excellent choice for an inflatable swimming pool under $20. This pool is recommended for children ages two years old and up. It measures 62 inches x 62 inches x 48 inches, which is a great size for two or three kids or an adult and child. It holds close to 70 gallons of water, 9 ½ inches thick. 

Intex added some great details to their pool. It has a shade over the top, making it an excellent choice for toddlers and babies with sensitive skin. They can comfortably play in the shade. The outside of the pool has cute decals of under the sea creatures. They also added a drain plug and a repair patch in case a hole develops. Your kids will love this pool. 

Kid’s Summer Sunset Glow Kiddie Pool 

The Sunset Glow is created from quality materials intended to last for at least a few years. Once inflated, the Kiddie Pool measures 58 inches x 13 inches with a 12-inch thick wall. The wall is eye-catching, made of three different colored rings. Children love toys that are brightly colored. It makes them want to jump in and have some fun! 

The size is appealing; you could fit at least two children in the pool. Parents love the durability of this pool! If they end up not using it as a swimming pool, some fill it with over 400 plastic balls! When you fill it with water, it allows for 9.5 inches of water, the perfect amount for safely splashing around! It is best for children ages three and up because of the sizes of the wall. They will have hours of fun. 

Intex Mushroom Inflatable Baby Pool

The Mushroom Baby Pool is designed for ages one to three years old. It is an excellent choice for your baby or toddler. Intex recommends this inflatable pool for little ones only. The price is low, and it gives your child freedom and a place to splash in the water. 

Parents love the colors and adorable design of the Mushroom Inflatable Baby Pool. It provides some shade under the bright red mushroom. The sunshade is ideal for young children with sensitive skin. The bottom of the pool is inflated and provides some need protection from the hard ground. Young babies are prone to falling, so they need the soft landing pad. Overall, this is an excellent choice for a baby pool under $20. 

The Best Inflatable Swimming Pools under $30

Intex Swim Center Family Inflatable Pool

Are you looking for an inflatable pool that lets everyone in the family cool off together? Or, do you have multiple children that are going to be splashing around in the same pool? If so, you need an inflatable family pool! These pools are larger in diameter, but they lack any included toys. Instead, you gain a bunch of footage to lounge or play. 

The Swim Center Family Inflatable Pool measures 120 inches x 72 inches x 22 inches, which is a great size! There are three air chambers that all have a dual intake and free flow exhaust value. It doesn’t come with a pump, but you are going to want to find a way to get one because it would take hours to blow this up! 

The pool is made of 15 gauge vinyl, providing extra protection against any damage. The pool holds 264 gallons of water! Intex added extra wide side walls for comfort and safety. You can lounge back against the walls, catching some rays or watching the kids play together. They did place a drain plug for convenience. For under $30, it is a great value! 

Intex Swim Center Family Inflatable Pool for Ages 6+

Here is another choice for an inflatable family pool. This pool measures slightly smaller than the one listed above. The dimensions are 103 inches x 69 inches x 22 inches. It is constructed with 14-gallon pool grade vinyl. You can fill it with 198 gallons of water. 

Something to note about this pool is there is no included drain plug. When it is frequently used, you may find draining and refilling the pool frustrating at times. Another thing to remember is that there is no included cover. With a pool this size, you will want a cover; you don’t want to drain the water each time, but you don’t want leaves and twigs in it either. 

Intex included a repair patch for any tears. The bottom of the pool isn’t inflated, but the vinyl is much thicker. You won’t notice the uneven ground or a stray rock. It also has an included shelf box for storage during the winter. Remember, there is no included pump, so locate one before its arrival to make set up as easy as possible. 

H2OGO! Learn & Draw Inflatable Play Pool

The Learn & Draw Inflatable Play Pool has to be one of the cutest options on the market! It has a unique theme – drawing! Kids can have fun learning their letters while playing in the sun and water. It is an excellent choice for young children. It comes with five erasable crayons and a large board for the kids to draw. Then, you can attach your garden hose to a water sprayer. 

Once inflated, the pool measures 52 inches x 52 inches x 32 inches. It is constructed of sturdy, pre-tested vinyl that is durable and able to withstand hours of play. For convenience, a drain valve was added so parents can easily let the water out. With such an adorable and unique theme, the H2OGO Learn & Draw Pool is sure to please your little children. 

Ocean Reef Snapset Pool 

Children are fascinated with life under the water. They love sea creatures and waves. So, why not purchase a pool that reflects all of the adventures under the sea and sparks their curiosity? Along the sides of the pool, there are brightly colored fish, waves, and sea grass. The Ocean Reef Pool is a great size for children that are learning to paddle around. When inflated, it measures 72 inches x 15 inches and can hold up to three children at one time! 

It only takes a few minutes to set up. The materials are durable, including hot dipped galvanized steel for the edges of the pool. It holds 258 gallons of water, so it has to be durable and stable. It is vinyl, including the bottom. Overall, if you want a large sized pool for a great price, the Ocean Reef Pool is a fantastic choice. 

The Best Inflatable Swimming Pools Above $30

Intex Rainbow Ring Inflatable Play Center 

Intex made fun and colorful inflatable swimming pool for kids. This pool has a center that includes a water slide, a wading pool, a water sprayer, a ring toss game with four inflatable rings and more. There is also a ball roller game and a toss ball game that includes six plastic play balls. The spray just attaches to your garden hose. Kids love to play in the spraying water.

The Intex Rainbow Ring Pool has a water capacity of 77 gallons because it has two wading pools connected with a low slide. Intex recommends this pool for children three to seven years old. You could fit around five toddlers or two to three kids comfortably in the inflatable pool. 

Parents and children alike love this play center! Some use it for a ball pit when it gets too cold outside to play in the water. There are some considerations. First, there is no pump included to fill up the pool with air. Second, it does hold quite a lot of water but has no drain. It would be wise to purchase a separate cover, so you don’t have to worry about leaves and dirt getting into the water. Overall, it is a great sized inflatable pool with a lot of things for kids to do. 

The games set the Rainbow Ring Pool ahead of the other selections. Younger kids can splash and play with the balls while the older ones can use the inflatable rings with the other games. Even if the parents, at times, have some difficulties with this pool, it is sure to please your children for hours at a time. Some folks have noted that, over time, they have trouble with deflation. However, considering the price, you will get your money’s worth. 

Intex Dinosaur Play Center 

Is your child a dinosaur fanatic? If so, you need a dinosaur inflatable swimming pool for kids! Water comes out of the palm tree sprayer and the waterfall. You can adjust the spray with the control valve. There is a small slide on the size spaced like a volcano. Then, your child can splash into the pool and feed the hungry dinosaur waiting on the other side with one of the balls included. 

The slide attaches to the base so that it won’t fall over. This inflatable pool is quite sturdy. One thing to note is the water doesn’t get very deep in comparison to other inflatable swimming pools. Its dimensions are 75 inches x 95 inches x 43 inches. The pool only has a capacity of 57 gallons of water. They did add a drain plug to the pool floor. Overall, this swimming pool is a good option for two or three toddlers who like to splash around!

Intex DInoland Inflatable Play Center 

So many children love dinosaurs, and they will enjoy an inflatable pool that features all kinds of dinosaurs! It is designed for children older than three years old! It has a moveable arch, called the Dino Arch that sprays water when you attach it to your garden hose. There is also a soft slide with a landing pad. The pad prevents your child from landing roughly on the bottom of the inflatable pool. Also, there is a Dino Hoops game and Volcanic Ball Roller game. There are six colored plastic balls included in the kit.

It is a good sized inflatable pool. The water capacity is 74 gallons with 6 inches wall height. Intex included a drain plug for convenience.  Once inflated, the size is 131 inches length x 90 inches width x 44 inches height. You can comfortably use it with two children at the same time. However, it doesn’t come with a pump. Due to the size, you will want to find a pump because it will take hours to blow it up! 

Intex Ocean Inflatable Play Center 

Intex has some of the best inflatable swimming pools for kids. It has two pools in one. There is a small pool and a larger wading pool. This design is perfect for families with smaller babies; you can place the smaller ones above in, the smaller pool. There are an enormous water slide and an inflatable palm tree. Many parents note that the slide is small, even for young toddlers. 

There is a control valve that lets you adjust the water flow and a drain plug for both pools. However, there is no air pump included, and you will need to use a pump to fill it with air because of its size. They include a repair patch for any accidents! Intex includes an inflatable turtle, a whale, and an inflatable ring toss game with the rings included! 

H2OGO! My First Fast Set Pool 

H2OGO is a favorite brand of water toys and pools. The My First Fast Set Pool is an excellent sized pool for toddlers and young children to get used to playing in the water. They can splash around in the water and have fun! You can put two kids into the pool without feeling as if they are crowded and can’t move. It measures 5 feet x 15 inches, big enough for two or three children. 

Parents will love the easy setup. All the parents have to do is inflate the white ring and fill the base with water. As it begins to fill up with water, it widens and rises. It is easy to set up in comparison to other inflatable swimming pools. The swimming pool is made of PVC and polyester, an excellent blend of materials that creates a durable and lasting pool for fun. 

Intex Fantasy Castle Inflatable Play Center

For your little princess or prince, you need this impressive best inflatable swimming pool for kids. It is huge and has so many amazing features; your children will play for hours in it! There is a soft slide with a landing pad, so your child won’t hurt themselves at the bottom of the slide. Then, they can venture off into the pool to splash. If you plug the garden hose into your inflatable pool, the Dragon Bop Bag sprayer sends water flowing around the wading pool. 

There are so many excellent features such as an inflatable lance and shield that will create hours of adventures and imaginative play. It holds 47 gallons of water and has a convenient drain plug installed. Once inflated, the pool measures 73 inches length x 60 inches width x 42 inches height. The walls are 5 ½ inches high. The recommended maximum weight capacity is 178 pounds. Kids love all of the features and bright colors. For the price, you get a lot of cute accessories! 

Taking Care of an Inflatable Swimming Pool for Kids

Once you have made your selection, you have to learn to take care of the inflatable pool. It is much different than taking care of a fabulous sized pool or an in ground pool. First, it is always wise to cover the ground before placing the pool. An extra layer of plastic helps to cover any bumpy or uneven ground. You also want to make sure you remove any sharp sticks or rocks from the area. You don’t want to puncture the inflatable pool. 

When your children select their toys, make sure it isn’t a sharp toy. Plastic balls or noodles are ideal toys and are safe for the plastic or vinyl walls. Once the season is over, you should let the pool entirely dry up before you fold and store it for the winter. Many parents love to bring them inside and fill them with plastic balls instead of storing them. 

For larger pools, you should consider chlorine drops and a cover. Dirt and debris can find their way into the pool over time each week. A cover will prevent the buildup, so your kids can enjoy it each day. Also, even though it may seem like a fun idea, never place your dog or cat into the inflatable pool. Their sharp nails can easily puncture the walls or the bottom of the pool. 


There are 17 different selections for the best inflatable swimming pools for kids. They are all different. Some are small; some are huge! There are ones in a circle shape and rectangles. Some include sprayers, toys, and games, while others are just the pool itself. 

You have to decide which features are the most important for your family. The Rainbow Ring Inflatable Play Center is one of the best sellers; parents and children love all of the features that come with this pool. If you are looking for a family sized inflatable pool, there are two choices, both under $30, which would fit a few children and an adult. 

We also included a few baby pools. They are best for one or two smaller children, around one year old. These have less water to reduce the chance of drowning. If you just have a toddler or baby, I would opt of a baby pool.

Making your decision can be hard! I will love to know if you have used any of these inflatable swimming pools. Let us know in the comments! 

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