Cloth Diapering Excellence: The Ultimate Guide to Fitted Cloth Diapers

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15 of the Best Fitted Cloth Diapers

Cloth diapers are making a serious comeback! For years after the invention of disposable diapers, parents couldn’t imagine going back and using cloth diapers. Now, decades later, parents love the benefits of cloth diapers. They are fantastic.

There are so many choices from all-in-ones to pocket diapers. Fitted cloth diapers look just like a typical diaper, but they don’t have waterproof exterior. You need to put a cover over the top to stop any wetness from spreading to their clothes. They are made of very absorbent materials like wool, fleece or microfiber.

My babies wander around the house in a fitted cloth diaper and a shirt. They typically shed their pants as soon as they can. Fitted diapers are very absorbent, and while they aren’t waterproof, it will take some time for you to feel the wetness on the outside.

You could also select a prefold cloth diaper or a flat cloth diaper. There are some benefits of fitted diapers.

  • They are more absorbent. Trust me; you will have to change a prefold or flat diaper much sooner than a fitted!
  • A fitted requires no special folding like a prefold or flat. They are shaped like an hourglass and wrap around your baby just like a disposable diaper. The rear wings attach to the front.
  • They have snap closures, so you don’t have to use a pin or other fasteners to keep it on your baby.
  • You can use one on your child all night long. A prefold or flat won’t last that long. Also, some fitted diapers have a stay dry liner, so your child doesn’t feel the wetness at night. The leg elastics will prevent any messes that will escape, unlike prefolds or flats.
  • They come in the most adorable color choices! Designers make them in prints or colors.
  • Fitted diapers come in different sizes. You can typically purchase these diapers in XS, S, M, L, XL and one size. One size diapers are adjustable and work for babies 10 pounds and larger.
  • The fabric allows these diapers to be breathable. As I mentioned earlier, I let my babies wander around in a fitted with no cover. In the summer, a waterproof cover is warmer than just a fitted. It is an excellent way to get some air to their bums. Breathable fabric is essential for reducing diaper rashes.
  • You can buy fitted diapers in all natural materials. Some babies struggle with synthetic materials. It can lead to rashes. Parents can use a fitted diaper with natural materials like bamboo or cotton. They also can use natural covers like wool or fleece.

The Best Fitted Cloth Diapers for Your Baby

Let’s take a look at the best choices available on the market! We will look at their features and why you should purchase each one.

Heavy Wetter Bamboo Organic Cotton One Sized Fitted Diaper

THX creates a fantastic diaper for your heavy wetter. Some babies wet more than others, especially at night. This fitted diaper is made from bamboo and organic cotton. It is 70 percent bamboo fiber and 30 percent organic cotton. So, the entire diaper is a natural fiber. This combination of fabrics is very absorbent. Bamboo is naturally absorbent, hypoallergenic, thermal regulating, and has antibacterial qualities.

The THX Heavy Wetter Fitted Diaper comes with two absorbent, snap-in inserts. There is a long one and a short one. You can customize the absorbency for day and night. The longer insert is 19 inches long by 3 inches wide. The shorter insert is 10 inches long by 3 inches wide. This diaper is one size, adjustable diaper that will fit babies from 7 to 25 pounds. There are three different rise settings: small, medium and large. Overall, it receives 4.2 out of 5 stars and is loved by hundreds of parents!

Mother-Ease One Size Cloth Diaper

If you want a high quality fitted cloth diaper, Mother-Ease is one of the best choices on the market. I have used a variety of their diapers, and they are fantastic quality. Parents can purchase the diaper in 11 different colors, white and unbleached cotton. There are a few other options. The organic cotton terry is made from 100% organic cotton. There are no harmful chemicals used on organic cotton.

You can also purchase the Mother-Ease diaper in stretchy bamboo terry. Only the bamboo touches your child’s delicate skin. There is polyester included in the base of the fabric that gives strength and durability. Mother-Ease also has a stay dry fabric that is specifically knit to wick away moisture quickly. Your baby’s skin will be dry to the touch.

Mother-Ease makes a great one size diaper that can last through your child’s diapering years. The rise snaps will let you use it from 10 to 30 pounds. These are easy to put on fitted diapers that will last or a long time. I love them for coverless days!

Mother-Ease Sandy’s Cloth Diaper

Our next choice for the best-fitted cloth diapers is also by Mother-Ease. One of the main difference is that these diapers are not one size. You have to purchase the correct size for your baby, so you need to buy a larger amount of diapers. Luckily, there is a quite a market for used cloth diapers. Sandy’s hold their value very well.

Sandy’s come in two mine sizes: small for babies 8 to 20 pounds and large for 20 to 35 pounds. They also have newborn sandys and Toddle-ease cloth diapers for bigger babies. I used Toddle-ease for my child that weighed almost 40 pounds! You can purchase these fitted diapers in either bamboo or soft, stretchy cotton terry.

The Sandy’s are super absorbent. They have an extra layer sewn into the middle of the diaper. If you want a roomy fitted diaper, the Sandy’s are great. They also have an elastic waist front and back, as well as along the leg openings. The snap closures are on the side for a sleek, pant-like look. These diapers are super absorbent, capable of holding 15 ounces of liquid. You can purchase extra liners to make these a fantastic choice for a nighttime cloth diaper.

Night Fitted Cloth Diaper Hemp and Cotton Plus Stay-Dry Charcoal Bamboo

EcoAble created a fitted cloth diaper specifically for nighttime. Most babies don’t like to feel wet during the night. Who can blame them? EcoAble created these diapers with a stay dry charcoal bamboo lining. This combination of fabrics wicks away any moisture on your baby’s bottom. He will feel dry all night long.

Parents can customize the absorbency of these diapers for their baby. Each diaper comes with two snap in inserts. Each insert has a different level of absorbency. You can use no inserts, one insert or both inserts. The combination of cotton and hemp fabrics also helps to prevent diaper rashes from forming.

These diapers are one size and will grow with your baby. EcoAble added snaps to adjust the waist and rise. They recommended these fitted cloth diapers for babies that weigh 10 to 35 pounds, which should last you until your child potty trains!

Sustainablebabyish Snapless Multi Fitted Cloth Diapers

Some companies are known for creating high-quality diapers. Sustainablebabyish is one of those brands. Their Snapless Multi Fitted Cloth Diapers are made out of extra-absorbent organic bottom and cotton terry. They include two organic, bamboo fleece doublers to ensure it can absorb a lot of liquid.

Unlike other fitted diapers, these do require pins or fasteners to keep closed. Most parents use a diaper pin or a Snappi. They fit most babies from 10 to 35 pounds. My children have used these and loved how comfortable they were! Since there are no rise snaps, you will fold down the front of the diaper to adjust the rise for your child.

Parents rave about these diapers. The design is so simple, yet they are some of the most comfortable and absorbent diapers you can buy. The leg elastics are turned and topstitched for comfort. The exterior is soft and gentle on your child’s leg. Remember, you need a cover with these! If your child is sensitive to synthetic fabrics, try the Sustainablebabyish Fitted Cloth Diapers.

Sustainablebabyish Overnight Bamboo Fleece Fitted

Here is another choice for the best fitted cloth diapers. They come sized from XS up to XL. The large and XL diapers have hip snaps for sizing up. Unlike other diapers, these fitted cloth diapers will fit under your child’s belly. Their overnight bamboo fleece fitted is made of 70% viscose from bamboo and 30% organic cotton.

Even though these are overnight diapers, many parents love them for daytime use as well. The shell comes with a double length, three layers snap-in fleece soaker. You can fold it for the customized amount of absorption your child needs. Sustainablebabyish includes another lay in three-layer fleece doubler. You use this when you require more absorbency, like at night time. They recommend using their fitted with their Sustainablebabyish wool covers for a leak free nighttime solution.

Kissaluvs Cotton Fleece Fitted Diaper – Newborns

Kissaluvs created one of the best-selling fitted diapers for newborns. Their unbleached diaper is meant for babies 5 to 15 pounds. They are constructed with cotton fleece and are superbly soft and absorbent. The elastics around the legs contain liquid and runny bowel movements. It can hold exclusively breastfed poops with no problem. Kissaluv included snap closures, so your baby won’t pull it off.

Parents suggest this fitted cloth diaper for newborns correctly. It fits great. It has a snap down for the umbilical cord, which isn’t a standard feature, especially for fitted diapers. You will love how soft and comfortable it is for your baby to wear. With a cloth diaper cover, it will last for a long trip out somewhere or for naptime.

Kissaluvs Organic Cotton and Hemp Fitted Diaper

Did you like the idea and look of the Kissaluv Cotton Fitted Diaper but want something organic? You are in luck! Kissaluv also creates hemp, and organic cotton layer fitted cloth diaper. These are priced just a bit more but are perfect for parents who prefer organic materials for their baby.

The combination of organic cotton and hemp fabric creates a soft yet very absorbent diaper. You will have no problem using it for naptimes because hemp can hold a lot of liquid. There is an opening in the back to allow parents to put another insert for additional absorbency. The one downside is that many parents note it is a bulky choice for their little babies. It may be better for babies closer to the higher end of the 5 to 15-pound weight range.

OsoCozy Fitted Cloth Diapers (Small 7 to 13lbs)

If you are looking for a budget friendly choice, OsoCozy Fitted Diapers are priced under $10 making them an excellent choice for everyone. OsoCozy is known for creating affordable, but great quality diapers. These diapers are made from soft, 100 percent cotton Birdseye weave material. They are created by working at home mothers in the USA.

The interior of the OsoCozy fitted diaper has multiple layers of absorbent flannel. You will love this diaper. The design is simple but very durable. They come in various sizes. These are NOT one size diapers, so you will need to purchase multiple of each size. The available sizes range from small to toddler. You can also purchase them in bleached and unbleached versions. If you want a wallet friendly fitted cloth diaper, you can’t go wrong with the ones by OsoCozy.

Thirsties Snap Natural One Size Fitted Diaper

I love Thirsties diapers! They make some of the best cloth diaper covers; you might want to consider their covers for over top of your fitted cloth diapers. Thirsties makes more than just covers. They also offer a wide variety of pockets, all-in-ones and fitted diapers.

Their Natural One Size is ultra-absorbent and extra soft. It has 11 total layers of bamboo cotton. There are three layers in the body and eight layers in the snap-in soaker pads. For a complete leak-proof system, they urge parents to pair it with one of their Thirsties diaper covers.

You can use their one size diaper from birth to potty training. The minimum weight recommended is 8 pounds, and it goes up to a maximum weight of 40lbs. This diaper will last for years! Another great feature is the gentle elastic around the legs and waist. No leaks are going to escape from this elastic.

If you are looking for a one size, natural fiber fitted cloth diaper, Thirsties makes an excellent choice. You can’t go wrong!

Thirsties Duo Fab Fitted Snap Cloth Diapers

Here is another excellent choice by Thirsties. These fitted diapers are not one size. Instead, they come in two different sizes. Size one is for babies who weigh 6 to 18 pounds. Size two is for babies 18 to 40lbs. Fab Fitteds come in snap closures as well as hook and loop closures!

The Fab Fitteds are a trim, comfortable and economical choice for parents. They come with an adjustable rise that lets your baby only need two sizes from birth to potty training. The fit will be more custom, creating a trimmer diaper. A better fit also reduces the chances of any leaks or explosions. Thirsties also included gentle elastic around legs and waist to prevent leaks.

Thirsties added a stay dry liner that pulls the wetness away from your baby’s bottom. You can purchase the Fab Fitteds in a variety of fun colors! They are dyed with low impact dyes. All Thirsties diapers are made in the USA! One thing to know is that the diapers are made of polyester and cotton. If you want only natural fabrics, the Fab Fitted Diapers may not be the option for you. Pair them with Thirsties covers for the perfect cloth diapering system.

Sweet Pea Fitted Diapers

Sweet Pea makes one of the best fitted cloth diapers, created with bamboo and cotton. The combination of fabric is absorbent and fast drying. They are one size diapers with soft, bamboo cotton and topped with bamboo velour. Sweet Pea placed rise snaps and a set of adjustable waist snaps, allowing babies from 8 to 35 pounds to wear this diaper.

Their fitted diaper is very absorbent. It has a snap in soaker with a layer of microfiber between two layers of bamboo cotton. There is also a sewn in flap with bamboo cotton topped with bamboo velour. You can customize the absorbency by removing the snap in soaker. The snaps come in a variety of cute colors. Overall, if you need a super absorbing diaper for your heavy wetter, the Sweet Pea Fitted Diaper is an ideal choice.

EcoPosh OBV Newborn Fitted Cloth Diaper

Being conscious about the environment is an important priority for everyone. The EcoPosh Organic Bamboo Velour (OBV Newborn Fitted Cloth Diaper is made from a high-quality blend of fabric. They included a trim, snap in OBV soaker with seven layers for maximum absorbency. The combination of materials is also fast drying, which is important for a diaper that has so many layers.

EcoPosh created their newborn fitted with newborn and premature babies in mind. Unlike other diapers, you can use this diaper for tiny babies, from 4 to 12 pounds. EcoPosh included a snap down to protect the delicate umbilical cord area.

EcoPosh picked bamboo because it is absorbent and it naturally wicks moisture away from your child’s skin. They will feel drier than if they were in a cotton or synthetic diaper. It is also naturally anti-microbial, anti-fungal and antibacterial. Bamboo is a renewable resource that uses no pesticides. Also, each diaper is made with almost five recycled water bottles! Parents who are worried about the future of the Earth can appreciate the thought put into these diapers.

EcoPosh OBV Pocket Fitted Cloth Diaper

Our next choice for the best fitted cloth diapers is by EcoPosh as well. Just like their newborn fitted diaper, this diaper is made of organic bamboo velour and is incredibly soft and luxurious against your baby’s skin. This pocket fitted diaper is a one size diaper that fits babies from 6 to 35 pounds. There are different snaps settings for their rise and waist, providing a custom fit as your child grows.

Kanga Care, the maker of EcoPosh, includes a Rumparooz bamboo 6r soaker that lets parents custom the absorbency in this diaper. You can put the absorbency centered where a boy or girl would need it. It is an excellent choice for nighttime and heavy wetters. You can stuff more inserts into the pocket for night, or just lay them on the inside. If you use the soaker, there are ten layers of fabric.

You can purchase this fitted diaper in five different colors. It has the unique, patented dual inner gussets that Kanga Care uses for most of their diapers. The gussets hold in messes and leaks; no poop will escape! It is made with the OBV for all of the same reasons why they used it for their newborn fitted. Bamboo is renewable, absorbent, and has amazing qualities for a diaper. If you need an organic fitted diaper that allows you to add absorbency, the EcoPosh Pocket Fitted is the best choice.

BabyKicks Organic One Size Fitted Diaper

We are on the last best fitted cloth diaper! The BabyKicks gives maximum comfort to your baby. It is 33 percent certified organic cotton for softness along with 50 percent natural hemp for absorbency and durability. BabyKicks also include 17 percent polyester, so the diaper stretches, providing a comfortable fit. It won’t stiffen up over time!

This diaper is one size and will grow with your child from newborn size (7lbs) up to toddlerhood (40lbs). Unlike other diapers, this fitted sides on the snap which eliminates wing droop and gives a trimmer fit. You can even fold it for a trim, newborn diaper. Parents can leave it loose for their potty training toddler. They added color coded snaps for easy adjustments.

There is a front pocket so you can place as much absorbency as your baby needs. It is ideal for daytime and nighttime. They recommend using the Joey Bunz inserts – a medium sized one is included with each diaper.

How Do I Pick the Best Fitted Cloth Diapers?

The list is probably overwhelming to you! There are some seriously great choices to consider. Before you make your choice, I have some features you need to consider.

  • Budget: The most important thing to think about is your budget. There are diapers in all price ranges, so don’t feel like you have to go broke to purchase the best fitted cloth diapers. There are some that cost less than $10. Some cost more than $25. All of them will perform their function.
  • Materials Used: Some parents don’t mind synthetic fabrics. Others want to keep everything that touches their baby as natural as possible. You can purchase diapers that are organic. This decision is a matter of personal and family preferences. There is no right or wrong answer! However, some materials are more absorbent such as bamboo, organic cotton, and hemp.
  • Stay Dry: Not all fitted cloth diapers are stay dry. During the day, it isn’t a major concern. You should change your child’s diaper every two hours. Nighttime is a different story. Some parents don’t change their baby for 12 hours and need a very absorbent diaper. It is best for the baby that they feel dry, so they aren’t always waking up. If you plan to use the fitted diaper for nighttime, check for stay dry liners.
  • Sizes: Do you want a one size diaper or do you prefer sized diapers? There are pros and cons of both choices. One size diapers typically range from 10 to 35 pounds. Every company has different weight ranges for their one size diapers. One disadvantage is that these diapers are bulkier for smaller babies. Sized diapers require you to purchase many diapers in each size. They are less bulky and will provide a better fit for your child at all stages.
  • Weight Range: This feature goes along with the sizes. If you opt for a one size diaper, you should look at the maximum weight recommendation. Some are lower than others. Some large babies may not fit into one size diapers forever. My kids are large at birth and are typically 30 pounds by one-year-old. I also have to be cautious when purchasing one size diapers!

All of these diapers are high quality with great reviews. You can’t go wrong. With cloth diapers, it is fine not to pick one brand. Try an assortment! I have eight different brands we use on a normal basis. Your baby will have the best fitted cloth diapers stash around.

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