5 Best Fever Reducer for Toddlers Nominated by Parents

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Unfortunately, every child will get sick a few times throughout their toddler years. When the time comes, you need to be prepared. If your child is miserable in the middle of the night, you need the best fever reducer for toddlers to keep your child comfortable.

Fevers are beneficial at times. It is the body’s natural reaction to an infection or other problems, such as teething. In general, fevers aren’t considered dangerous, but they can be if they reach too high. A low-grade fever is typically not a concern, but it can cause physical discomfort and soreness. A higher temperature needs to be addressed with a fever reducer to decrease the chance of seizures.

Before you use a fever reducer, you may want to consider natural methods to bring down a fever. If these options don’t work, parents typically reach for medicine. This is why you should always have at least one choice in your arsenal of medication.

  • Warm Bath: Don’t put your toddler into a cold bath if they have a fever. It can shock the body, leading to an increase of the fever. Instead, opt for a warm, but not hot, bath. Find the optimal water temperature for your child’s comfort. Let your toddler splash around; chances are he will feel better soon!
  • Cool Wash Cloth: Instead of taking a cool bath, try a cool washcloth on your child’s neck or forehead. If he can lay down for a short time, it is an excellent way to make them feel better in a just a few moments.

There is a great product called Be Kool Soft Gel Sheets for Kids. They are convenient, disposable sheets that provide immediate cooling relief. You don’t have to refrigerate them, and they are portable so you can use them anytime or anywhere your child develops a fever. These Gel Sheets adhere to your child’s forehead, providing the right cooling amount for their comfort. Each sheet lasts for eight hours! Since this is a non-medicated fever reducing option, you can pair it with a medication to reduce fevers for the best relief!

  • Herbal Teas: There are a few varieties of herbal teas ideal for reducing fevers. Chamomile, Yarrow, Elderflower and Lemon Balm herbs increase perspiration, leading to the reduction of your body’s temperature. Since your toddler is over the age of one-year-old, you can add a bit of honey to sweeten the tea. Some kids really enjoy this natural remedy!

Fever Warning Signs

While it is fine to leave a low-grade fever untreated, it is imperative that parents keep a close eye on their child for certain symptoms that may indicate something more serious is happening. Look for these signs, and alert your doctor immediately.

  • Lethargy: Has your child lost his appetite? Or, does he have very little energy? Children that are pale or flushed, or those that have a noticeable difference in behavior, should be treated by a doctor sooner rather than later.
  • Rash: If your child has small, purple-red spots on his skin, press on them. If they don’t turn white or if you notice large blotches, call your doctor for advice.
  • Difficulty Swallowing: Children who are unable to swallow or drool excessively may need to see a doctor.
  • Difficulty Breathing: If your child has difficulty breathing, even when you clear his nose, you should bring your child to the ER immediately. Difficulty breathing is nothing ever to wait around and see if it improves.
  • Mood: If your child is glassy-eyed, cranky, irritable or delirious, the fever may be spiking. You should take care to call the doctor and monitor his mood carefully for any signs.

Fantastic Options for the Best Fever Reducer for Toddlers

Motrin Children’s Pain Reliever and Fever Reducer Liquid – 4 Fluid Ounces

A top choice by parents and doctors is Motrin Children’s Pain and Fever Reducer. Parents can use it for fevers, teething pain, minor aches and pains such as those associated with headaches and sore throats. Unlike other choices, Motrin lasts up to 8 hours, so you don’t have to give as many doses to your child if they are sick. It is intended for children ages 2 to 11.

Each teaspoon contains 100 milligrams of ibuprofen, so your child’s pains or fever are reduced quickly. Something to consider is that this Motrin isn’t dye free. It contains red dye number 33, along with two other dyes.

Parents with children between the ages of six months and 23 months can opt for the Concentrated Motrin Infants’ Drops. This type is dye free, a quality many parents way in products they give to their kids. If your child is older than 23 months and you still want to avoid dyes in medicines, don’t worry! Motrin also creates the same product in a Dye Free option! Every parent should have one of these options in their medicine cabinet.

Infants’ Tylenol Pain Reliever and Fever Reducer – 2 Fluid Ounces

When parents think of a product that reduces fever, Tylenol probably is the first thing to come to mind. Most adults reach for Tylenol if they are experiencing headaches, fevers, or pains. Tylenol produces many options for your family, from this infant product to their Children’s Tylenol for older kids.

Unlike other choices, Tylenol won’t upset your child’s stomach. It is recommended by pediatricians all over the country. Parents reach for it first because Tylenol is an excellent choice for teething pain or ear aches. Typically, between four and seven months, your baby will get their first tooth. As your toddler ages, their molars can cause puffy and sore gums along with a low-grade fever.

Infant’s Tylenol contains 160 milligrams of acetaminophen per every 5-milliliter dose. Always ask your doctor for the proper dosage information, especially if your child is under the age of 2 years old.

Advil Infants’ Fever Reducer and Pain Reliever – Dye Free – Concentrated Drops – Pack of 2

Many parents keep Children’s Advil in their medicine cabinet. When it comes to reducing fever, Advil provides up to eight hours of fever relief, helping your child feel better when he is sick. In fact, Advil provides longer lasting relief than Children’s Tylenol. Sicknesses aren’t fun, but there is no reason your toddler has to be in pain. Advil is a top choice by parents and pediatricians.

This variety is dye-free, with a yummy grape flavor. It is intended for children between the ages of six and 23 months old. Parents should be advised that Advil can cause a reaction in children with an allergy to aspirin. Always take it with food or milk so avoid an upset stomach. Overall, Children’s Advil is one of the best fever reducer for toddlers, as well as a pain reliever from colds, flu, headaches and toothaches.

Pediacare Infants – 2 to 3 years – Acetaminophen Fever Reducer and Pain Reliever

Pediacare is a fever reducer and a pain reliever formulated for babies, so parents give the correct dose each time for your child’s needs. Their Safety Plus bottle and dosing syringe make finding the right dosage easy.  Not only can you use it for fevers, but parents can also use it if their child has minor aches and pain, common cold, sore throats, and toothaches.

This medicine is designed for children between the ages of 2 and 3 years old, or 24 to 35 pounds. A handy chart makes finding the right dosage easy as can be. This particular bottle comes in a delicious, cherry flavor, but it is dye free. The bottle has a spill lock, so you don’t have to worry that it will spill all over your diaper bag. Medicine can only come out if you use the included medicine syringe.

Pediacare is an excellent choice for parents and children who want the best fever reducer for toddlers.

Little Remedies Child Fever and Pain Reliever – 4 Ounces

Little Remedies makes some excellent products for babies and toddlers! From saline drops to gripe water, you can find all of the necessary items needed to keep your child comfortable if he is sick or feeling uncomfortable. Little Remedies safely reduces your child’s fever and eliminates any pain or discomfort they are experiencing.

Parents who prefer not to give their children products with additives can feel confident using Little Remedies. They used only the necessary ingredients to treat your child’s symptoms. There are no artificial colors or flavors, no alcohol, saccharin, gluten, or parabens!

The Little Remedies Fever Reducer is safe for children two years old and up. It is dye free and non-staining, with a yummy, natural, cherry flavor. The bottle provides a convenient dose chart and a dosage cup, so you always give your child the safe and accurate amount required. If you love Little Remedies products, you are going to love their Fever and Pain Reliever!

When your child spikes a fever, it can be frightening. Parents should always try a few natural methods to reduce the fever, and watch for serious warning signs. If the natural methods don’t work or you want to provide quick relief, try one of the five top-rated best fever reducer for toddlers options!

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