Twin-Tested, Parent-Approved: Top Cribs for Twins

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6 Options for Best Crib for Twins

Twins mean that you need double the amount of everything. From blankets to swings, things must come in twos for it to work for your family. Quite often, parents wonder if they should purchase one or two cribs. What is truly the best crib for twins?

Twins spend 40 weeks in utero together. It is natural for them to want to stay together when they leave. Twins feel a natural and instinctual bond to each other that can last a lifetime.

Single Vs. Two Cribs

At first, many parents put their twins together in one crib. In the hospital, nurses will put your babies together in the same bassinet. Newborn babies are used to curling and cuddling together in the womb. It seems natural for them to sleep together.

However, once they start to move, you may want to separate them. Some medical professionals advocate for two separate cribs, stating there is a risk of suffocation. It might increase a child’s risk of overheating and SIDS.

The decision is fully up to the parents. Many people believe that twins are used to being together and that it doesn’t increase the risk of suffocation. Ultimately, you are the parent and have to make that decision for them. There is no right and wrong answer.

At some point, your babies will be toddlers – isn’t that crazy? At that time, you will probably want to have two cribs because they will be moving, crazy fools when they are asleep.

The Solution Choices

You have a few options. The best one is to purchase two separate cribs, but you might not have space for two cribs. Most people don’t expect to have twins! There are cribs designed specifically for twins. You can take a look at the most common types of cribs available for two babies.

  • Twin Cradles: Many twin parents select twin cradles for their newborn twins. It is similar to a normal cradle that you would use with a singleton, but there is a dividing wall. You should only use this option for babies who are under six months old. So, you will need to purchase other options as well.
  • Twin Privacy Cribs: These types of cribs allow twins to sleep separately because a panel separates the two sleeping areas in the middle. Interestingly enough, privacy cribs can divide into two separate cribs or stay together as a single twin crib.
  • Two Level Cribs: If you have a rather small nursery, a two-level crib may work for you. The cribs are built om top of each other. They are similar to a bunk bed but smaller and in a crib style. These types are less common. The child on the bottom doesn’t have as much space to stand up and move around. Also, two level cribs are pricey.
  • Convertible Cribs: Most parents go for convertible cribs because they later convert to toddler beds. Some convertible cribs convert to things such as changing tables and dressers as well.

Details That Matter: How to Decide Easier

Believe it or not, finding the best crib for twins will stump you. You will probably compare a few for several days before making the final selection. It is important for you to know what your options are and what features you should look for to make a selection. Here are the details that truly matter.

  • Size: The size of the crib should be a factor in your decision unless your twins will have two separate bedrooms as well. You want to make sure it can fit into the nursery without any size issues. You will also want to look at the frame size to ensure it can fit a standard sized crib mattress. For safety reasons, there shouldn’t be any space or gaps between the frame and mattress. Babies can roll into this space and suffocate, so measure well!
    • Sometimes, the cribs are irregular shaped. In that case, it may be hard to find a mattress that fits into the frame well. Custom mattresses are available for these types of cribs, but it might be pricey.
  • Stability: Your little ones will sleep in this crib for a long time. It needs to be strong and stable for the long term. If you can’t view it in front of you, take the time to read reviews. If you can see the crib in person too, make sure it is stable and won’t shake. Sturdiness is a huge factor!

  • Type of Mattress: The mattress that you select for your twins is more important than the crib itself. Your children will lay on their mattress for years to come. Since babies sleep for almost 20 hours a day, in the beginning, that is a lot of time on a mattress! Innerspring mattresses are popular among parents, but foam mattresses are nice as well. There is no right or wrong answer. Just remember that infants need a firm mattress for safety purposes. Toddlers can sleep on a softer mattress.
    • You might want to consider if the crib includes a mattress. Sometimes, it is better for the budget if you purchase them as a package deal. Make sure you read reviews about the included mattress!
  • Does the Crib Lower?: One very important feature is that the crib should raise and lower the mattress. When your babies are little, you want the mattress up high so you can easily lay down the twins. Once they can sit and stand up, the mattress should be lowered, so your baby doesn’t fall out.
  • The Length of Time in Use: How long do you want to be able to use the crib? Some styles, such as the cradle, can only be used for a short period, and then you have to purchase another crib. Convertible cribs can be used throughout toddlerhood, saving you money. It is simply a matter of preference.
  • Price: Clearly, one of the most important things to consider is the price. It is smart to stay within your budget. If you can and have the money, it would be wise to think into the future. Your child will need more than a crib. A toddler bed and full-sized bed is in your near future. A convertible crib transitions to all of those things. The price may be higher, but it is economical.

Choices for the Best Crib for Twins

Graco Pack N Play Playard with Twins Bassinet

In the beginning, you might want to try something like a Pack N Play for your twins. Graco is a leading manufacturer of baby items. This choice is unique because, on top, there are two twin bassinets that you can use until your babies are around 15lbs. That gives you plenty of time to use it. Afterward, it converts to a playard, which is an essential item for mobile babies. Here are some other reasons to purchase the Twin Graco Pack N Play

  • Graco created a unique squeeze latch so you can fold it quickly without any trouble.
  • It comes with a convenient carrying bag for transporting places. This feature is awesome, especially if you go to family member’s houses a lot.
  • Each twin bassinet has its canopy that provides shade for your sleeping baby. Around the sides, there are cushioned shields, so your baby doesn’t accidentally hurt himself.
  • Moving the Pack ‘n Play is very simple. There are two built-in wheels, plus you can fold it up with the squeeze of a few buttons. Moving it around the house won’t be troublesome at all.
  • The sides feature airy mesh, so you never have to worry about your baby suffocating. Plus, it allows you to keep an eye on your babies while they are playing.

It is important to remember that this isn’t a permanent solution. Your twins will outgrow the Pack ‘n Play at some point. Until then, this option is affordable and portable!

Dream on Me 3-in-1 Aden Convertible Mini Crib

A popular option for twins is the Dream on Me Mini Crib. It can be used for twins and then later converted into a twin bed when they are old enough. Many parents, who want to give each twin his space, purchase a crib divider. Here are some other reasons that it scores so well with parents.

  • It is a very simple design. If you prefer clean lines, this crib will fit in perfectly with your design. You can purchase it in seven different colors. One of them will surely match your nursery.
  • After your twins are done with a crib, you can convert this to a day bed or a twin bed. However, you have to purchase additional kits to make this happen. The kits are cheaper than buying a brand new bed though!
  • The Dream on Me is compact and fits into the smallest nurseries. This reason is why so many parents love it.
  • You can select to purchase just the frame or a package with a crib mattress as well.
  • The crib adjusts to three different mattress positions. This feature is perfect, allowing you to adjust as your baby grows.

Something to consider is that there is only a 50-pound weight limit. While this seems like an ample weight limit, many kids don’t phase out of a crib until three years old. If your child is larger than normal, that may pose a problem. Another thing to consider is that the mattress included isn’t the best of quality. If you opt only for the frame, you will need to find a custom mattress because of the smaller dimensions, which will lead to a higher price tag.

DaVinci Emily 2-in-1 Mini Crib and Twin Bed

Another option for a mini crib is by DaVinci. It fits into many smaller spaces and, later, it will convert to a twin bed. It is a long-term investment that is worth the money. There are a lot of nice features to this mini crib and a twin bed that makes it an appealing choice for parents. While it doesn’t include a crib divider, it gives you the option to separate your twins in the same crib.

  • Unlike other cribs, the DaVinci Emily features four mattress adjustments, which is an unusual feature in cribs.
  • They include a waterproof mattress pad, an essential item for every parent.
  • You can purchase just the frame or a package with the mattress and crib frame. The mattress is not standard size though!
  • The size is much smaller than other cribs, reducing the amount of space taken up in the nursery. It is perfect for parents who need a compact crib. It measures 39.5 inches height x 28 inches wide x 37.9 inches long. With these measurements, you can fit two cribs side by side in a four-foot space. End to end, these cribs only take up around 6.5 feet of space!
  • DaVinci offers this crib in six different colors. One of them will work for your nursery and not look strange!
  • The DaVinci Emily is very easy to assemble and to convert into a full-size twin bed. However, the conversion kits are sold separately.
  • It is important to note that this crib requires an irregular size mattress. Luckily, there are ones on the market that fit this crib. Unlike the Dream on Me, you can find compatible mattresses easily if you opt not to purchase a set.

There are many positives to the DaVinci Emily. It is a fantastic crib. The only major negative to consider is that, while the crib is well built and sturdy, the wood seems to be very soft. Many mothers note that it is easy to scratch the wood. If your child is teething, he will surely chew the wood right off of the crib, leaving visible marks. If that isn’t an issue for you, there is no reason not to purchase this crib!

DaVinci Kalani 4-in-1 Convertible Crib

Perhaps you want a full sized convertible crib. They are a fantastic choice. The DaVinci Kalani measures 42 inches high x 34.5 inches wide x 54.5 inches long. Each baby will have around five feet of space to sleep if they are laid side by side. There are plenty of other reasons to buy the Kalani.

  • The Kalani features four adjustable mattress levels, allowing you to adjust the crib as your twins grow.
  • Later, the Kalani converts to a toddler bed. Then, it could become a day bed or a full-size bed. The rails are sold separately though.
  • One of the reasons why this crib scores so well is that it is high-quality. It won’t break. If sturdiness and longevity are at the top of your list, this crib is for your twins.
  • You can purchase the Kalani in six different colors, making it easy to find something that matches your nursery décor. You can buy both the same color or mix and match, one color for each twin!
  • Even though they seem pricey on the outside, you have to think long term. For less than $500, you purchased two cribs, two toddler beds, two-day beds, and two full-size beds. Your twins won’t need any other beds. That is economical.
  • The Kalani features the GreenGuard Gold Certification meaning that the product has low emissions for chemicals and VOCs.

The only negative to consider is that the conversion kits are not included in the price. You will have to purchase two of them. Otherwise, parents rave about this awesome convertible crib that will last for years to come.

BabyHome So-Ro Cradle Stylish Soothing Infant Rocker

If you are looking for a unique crib for your twins, the So-Ro Cradle is a twin cradle, designed with them in mind. An occupational therapist worked with BabyHome to help create this cradle to ensure it is the safest thing for your babies. It also is comfortable, perfect for your baby.

  • The cradle is minimalist, matching almost any décor. It comes in two different colors, allowing you to select the one that matches your home or nursery the best.
  • An interesting feature is that this cradle is also a rocking crib. It has fantastic stability for when you don’t want it to rock. You don’t have to worry about your cradle tipping over at any time, even with your weight.
  • Two mattresses are included with the So-Ro Cradle. If you want to put your twins in the same area, you can remove the divider. The divider is included for safety purposes if you want it. BabyHome also includes two fitted sheets that are machine washable.
  • Another safety feature is the three different elevation grades of the mattress.
  • The base of the cradle allows air to circulate around your babies.
  • It has a gentle rocking motion that moves forward and backward, allowing your babies to sleep even better. Babies love movement, especially rocking.

There is one major issue to consider. It is suitable for babies who are six months old or younger. Once your babies are sitting up, it is time to remove them from this cradle and place them into appropriate cribs. So, you are investing a sizable amount of money into a product you will only use for a small period. It doesn’t convert into anything.

Dream on Me 4-in-1 Full-Size Crib and Changing Table Combo

Space might not be an issue for your family. If that is the case, you can purchase two full-size cribs that convert to other items. The Dream on Me Crib features a crib and a changing table combination. Due to the size of the crib, you can use one crib for shared sleeping space until they are older and moving around. You could put a dividing wall between the twins for separate spaces; the crib is large enough to handle the divider!

  • The Dream on Me converts into a day bed or a twin bed once your children are old enough for this.
  • Each crib will include a changing table, a very valuable item for any parent. It reduces the amount of furniture you need in each nursery, saving additional space and reducing costs.
  • There are three different mattress positions available, allowing you to adjust to match your child’s age. They will stay safe while in their cribs, a very important thing!
  • Dream on Me sells the crib in multiple different colors, so you can find a color selection that matches your bedroom.
  • You can use a standard size crib mattress for this crib. You don’t have to worry about trying to find a custom mattress. It makes finding everything for the nursery just a bit easier for you.

There are a few negatives to consider. The crib holds a maximum of 50 pounds, which means you may have to convert to a toddler bed before your child is truly ready. The other negative is that you do have to purchase the mattress separately. It is nice when they come together as a package set. You may also have to be careful with the changing table. It has shelves that toddlers can climb very easily.


Selecting the best crib for twins is tricky work. There are a lot of choices, and you have to decide which option works for the best for you. The two most common choices are a mini crib and a convertible crib.

If you want a convertible crib, the best choice is a DaVinci Kalani. It converts into four different pieces of furniture and is made of high-quality materials. Parents love that it has the Greenguard Gold Certification. You can feel safe putting your baby in this crib.

If you want a mini crib, the best choice is the DaVinci Emily. The only major negative is that the wood is slightly softer than normal and easily scratched. It is small enough to fit two cribs in the space of your nursery without any problems.

Do you have a favorite crib for twins? We would love to hear from expert twin mothers who know the ins and outs.

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