Cloth Diaper Cover Comparisons: Which One Is Right for Your Baby

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Best Cloth Diaper Covers for Your Baby

There are so many brands of cloth diapers on the market. New parents will discover there are several styles of cloth diapers; they aren’t your grandmother’s cloth diapers anymore! You can purchase them in cute colors and prints. If you decide to use prefolds, you will need a few of the best cloth diaper covers to prevent any leaks. 

I have used cloth diapers for nearly seven years; they are amazing! They are easy to use, way cuter than disposable diapers, and they will save you a ton of money. You will want to use newborns and then switch to one size as your child grows. It is best to have seven to ten covers to last between washings, which should be done every two to three days. 

Things to Look for in the Best Cloth Diaper Covers 

Closures: When you purchase a cloth diaper, they will have one of the two choices for closures – snaps or hook and loop. Many of the diapers come in both, but some only have one choice. Parents may prefer one or the other. 

  • Snaps: Most diapers come in snaps. A majority of parents favors them. Even though it is harder to get a custom fit with snaps, they are virtually indestructible. Toddler tends to reach a stage when they like to remove their diapers. Snaps are too hard for most young children to remove themselves. 
  • Hook and Loop: You may know hook and loop by the name Velcro. There are some advantages and disadvantages to using this form of closures. The fit will be more custom because you aren’t limited by the set dimensions of the snaps. Also, most babysitters, daycares, and some dads prefer hook and loop because they are easier to get on. They are most like disposable diapers.

There are some disadvantages, though. If the tabs are wide, you are likely to scratch your baby’s stomach unless binding is put around the edges. Also, unless they have laundry tabs, they can all hook together in the washer, causing a massive string of diapers. Velcro tends to wear down over time, so you are less likely to be able to pass them down to multiple children. However, cloth diaper covers overall aren’t expensive, so the investment for each child is minimal in comparison to the price of disposable diapers.

Leg Gussets: Most parents are familiar with the dreaded blowout diapers. One bowel movement can spread up their back and down their legs, causing an immediate need for a bath. They are horrible; every parent can expect to experience a few! One of the benefits of cloth is the possibility decreases. The elastic around their waist tends to prevent most from escaping. The place to worry is around their legs, in particular for babies with skinny thighs. 

Leg gussets have two elastics around the edges, creating a sort of barrier that prevents leaks. You want the elastic to be soft and gentle on their thighs, so you don’t end up with red marks. Some brands don’t offer leg gussets. Instead, they have a binding around the legs to prevent leaks. I prefer leg gussets, but you may have to try a few brands to see what works best for your child. 

Sizes: Disposable diapers are available in six sizes, from birth to the need of pull-ups. Cloth diapers are a bit different. They are an investment, and most parents don’t want to have to purchase multiple sizes to fit their baby. Check out the weight recommendations for the brand. Most children won’t fit well into one size diapers until closer to the ten-pound range. I have always purchased two sizes – one for the newborn size and a larger size to fit from 15 or 16 pounds and up. 

Using Wool Covers: Some parents prefer to use all natural options, and they love wool. The significant difference between wool and waterproof covers is the cleaning. Wool requires the parent to wash by hand and use special soap designed for wool. Also, parents have to use lanolin to help prevent leaks. Many parents just use wool pants or shorts instead of clothes over top of the wool covers. Wool is an excellent choice and deserves some consideration, especially for parents who need a reliable, nighttime option. 

The 10 Best Cloth Diaper Covers 

Thirsties Duo Wrap – Snaps

Thirsties is one of the leading brands of cloth diapers. They make everything several styles like covers and all in ones. You can be sure that the quality is excellent. The Thirsties Duo Wraps can be used with their Stay Dry Duo Inserts or with prefolds. Many parents, including me, love these diapers with prefolds. Some folks use Thirsties’ Duo Fab Fitted diaper instead of prefolds or inserts. No matter what you use, these are great covers. 

While the link goes to the covers with snaps, Thirsties also sells covers with Velcro, which some parents find easier. The Duo Wraps are made with waterproof material that is soft, breathable and comfortable against your baby’s skin. The Duo Wraps come in two different sizes. The size one fits for kids six to 18 pounds. Then, size two fits from 18 to 40 pounds. Your child will spend lots of time in each size. 

These covers will grow with your child. On the front of the cover, there are snaps for an adjustable rise, allowing you to need only two sizes from birth to potty training! Another reason that I love the Thirsties Duo Wraps are the leg gussets. Babies, especially breastfed babies, are known to have explosive bowel movements. Leg gussets prevent blowouts and add even more protection against leaks. The bindings are soft against their skin. 

If you want a brand that is trustworthy with adorable prints, you need to try a few Thirsties Duo Wraps, and they are affordable! 

Rumparooz One Size Cloth Diaper Cover 

Another favorite brand for cloth diaper covers is Rumparooz. They make newborn and one size diaper covers. The newborn cloth diaper cover is designed for babies from four to 15 pounds. They are one of the only choices for preemies or tiny infants. There are three, adjustable size settings for the rise. The covers will grow with your child. You can use these covers over prefolds, flats and more. 

The one size cloth diaper covers by Rumparooz will fit from six pounds up to 35 pounds. Many parents just opt to use their one size diapers instead of purchasing the newborns. However, using the newborn diapers will give you a better fit than starting off with the one size right away. The one size covers have four adjustable rise settings so that the cover will last all the way up to potty training! 

Rumparooz creates their cloth diaper covers with waterproof polyester TPU. Rumparooz uses a solvent free fabric that uses a heat bonding process rather than chemicals to create the water resistance. The process has fewer toxins, and it is natural. If you want a brand that has a bunch of prints and colors to offer, you can pick from 27 different choices when buying a diaper cover! You can also select between Velcro or snaps. 

These cloth diaper covers are some of the highest rated. Parents love them, and they come in some amazing colors! 

Blueberry One Size Coveralls Diaper Cover

Blueberry makes some amazing diapers. I use several of their cloth diapers. They are made in the USA and have some of the best quality all around. Blueberry has two options for the best cloth diaper covers – the Coverall and the Capri. The Coverall fits most babies between 10 and 40 pounds. I have put it on my nearly 40-pound toddler, and there was room to grow. 

Choosing the Blueberry Coverall is selecting simplicity for your family. You only have to use one style of cover through a majority of their diapering years. If you have multiple children in diapers, the Coverall is an economical and smart choice. It can be used with your favorite fitted, prefold or flat diapers. 

I love the leg gussets on the Blueberry Coveralls. They add extra protection against leaks. They use gentle, latex-free elastic to avoid irritating your child’s sensitive skin. Parents can choose between snaps or Velcro closures. Blueberry offers over two dozen different colors and prints! 

The material used by Blueberry is perfect. They use a lightweight, waterproof polyester fabric with a laminated interior. Parents can wipe it clean in between uses; a Coverall will last a few changes before needing to be placed into the diaper pail for washing. The materials used are lead-free, phthalate free and PVC free. You can’t go wrong with the Blueberry Coveralls! 

Blueberry Capri Cloth Diaper Cover

Here is the other cloth diaper cover option by Blueberry. You may notice the name Swaddlebees; they have recently switched brand names, but the products remain the same. The Capri covers have two different sizes. If you like to have a more custom fit than the Coverall provides, you may want to give the Blueberry Capri covers a choice. 

The size one Capri covers are created for babies between six and 16 pounds with a waist size of 11 to 19 inches. Then, you move up to the size two Capri covers when your child is between 12 and 35 pounds with a waist size of 15 to 23 inches. Using the size one diapers with your newborn is a wise idea; a better fit will result in fewer blowouts, which are bound to happen.

Capri covers have leg gussets, which help with those nasty blowouts and adds leak protection. There are adjustable snaps for the rise and waist, allowing the covers to grow with your child over their diapering years. You can use the Capri covers with fitted, prefolds, flats, or their Capri cotton inserts, designed for the Capri covers. The covers have stay put flaps that hold any insert in place if you opt to use them. 

The diapers are made from 100% polyester and made in the USA. Just like with the Blueberry Coveralls, you can pick between snaps or hook and loop closures. These cloth diaper covers are dependable, and the perfect dimensions. Some covers are cut too wide or narrow; the Capris are just right. They fit most children well, and the material feels durable, yet gentle. They have never left any red marks on my kids. 

Overall, I would consider the Blueberry Capri covers one of the best cloth diaper covers on the market. 

Flip Diaper Cover – by Cottonbabies

The very first cloth diaper cover I bought was a Flip Diaper Cover, created by Cottonbabies. They are a simple cover that has been loved by millions of parents for over six years. Instead of purchasing a newborn cover, their patent pending 3 x 3 adjustable snap system allows parents to use one cover from birth to potty training. You can adjust the cover from seven to 35 pounds. 

The Flip Cover is compatible with three different styles of inserts created by Cottonbabies – stay dry, organic and disposable. Their stay dry inserts are perfect for any time of the day and overnight. The organic inserts are ideal for sensitive skin, overnight or for potty training children so that they can understand the feeling of wetness. Disposable inserts are created for traveling and convenience in mind.

You can use the Flip covers with other choices as well. I have successfully used the covers with prefolds. They have flaps that parents can tuck the inserts under, keeping them in place. One of the reasons I love the Flip covers are their stretch to fit tabs. They create a custom fit and make using snaps just a bit easier. The elastic forms around the legs perfecting, stopping any leaks. The elastic is gentle on their legs. 

The covers are waterproof and can be wiped clean and reused immediately. The Flip diaper system is a great option for parents. It is affordable and offers versatility. The covers won’t leave any red marks on your baby and will last for a long time. I can use the diaper cover I purchased for my first child, almost seven years ago, on my nine-month-old infant right now! You can’t beat the quality. 

Best Bottom Cloth Diaper Shell 

Best Bottom has a great cover that is used with their diapering system. They looked at all of the positives from other cloth diaper systems and created their Best Bottom diapering system. You can purchase these adorable shells in over 20 different prints or colors. I love a diaper cover that offers so much variety! The covers fit from birth (around six or seven pounds) up to 35lbs. The front snaps are adjustable, allowing parents the chance to find the perfect size for their baby. 

The Best Bottom Cloth Diaper Shells are to be used with the snap in inserts created for the diapering system. However, many parents use fitted, prefolds, flats or contoured diapers with these covers. They added leg gussets to keep everything inside of the diaper where it belongs. Parents have to remember to pull out the leg gussets when putting the diaper on the baby. Otherwise, leaks can still happen! 

These are some of the trimmest diaper covers on the market. Parents have to be sure none of the inserts is sticking out from the cover. They are made with a double layer of Polyurethane Laminate (PUL) that creates a sturdy waterproof shell. The interior is wipeable so that you can reuse the shell a few times before washing. 

Best Bottom uses some of the best quality materials when completing their diaper covers. The raw materials are made in the USA, and they are created in the USA at local factories. These factors make it an excellent choice in my mind; I love supporting companies that use USA businesses and support local economies. You can pick between snap or hook and loop closures. If you decide to use their inserts, you have five options to select. 

  • Stay Dry Inserts 
  • Hemp – Certified Organic Cotton
  • Micro Doubler
  • Stay Dry Overnight 
  • Hemp – Certified Organic Cotton Overnight

Bummis Super Whisper Wrap

Bummis make a few different diaper covers. One of their best-sellers is their Super Whisper Wrap. Unlike the other options for the best cloth diaper covers, you do have to purchase each size for your baby. This cloth diaper cover comes in four sizes – newborn, small, medium, and large. 

  • Newborn: 7 to 10 pounds
  • Small: 8 to 15 pounds
  • Medium: 15 to 30 pounds
  • Large: 30lbs+

The Super Whisper Wrap also comes in an extra-large size for 40 pounds or more, but it only comes in white. The other sizes come in over a dozen different print options. The SWW is an adjustable diaper cover that comes in only hook and loop closures. Their hook and loop is higher quality than most and allows the tabs to overlap for a custom fit, especially if you are in between sizes. 

Bummis cut this cloth diaper cover very generously. It is ideal for any flat, prefolds or fitted cloth diapers. Around the edges of the hook and loop is flexible piping that will protect your child’s belly from the hook and loop. Without this, it is known to scratch their sensitive belly. They also added elastic around the tummy and legs for a more custom fit. 

The material used is waterproof laminated between two layers of polyester. This combination of materials is very durable; you could even use the covers in industrial washing machines! I’m a fan of the soft, knit binding around the legs; it is comfortable on their body and provides a stretchy fit. The Super Whisper Wraps are made in Canada using fabric made in the USA. All of the materials utilized for the covers are lead, phthalate, and BPA free. They guarantee fair labor practices. Overall, Bummis is one of the best brands to use for a cloth diaper cover! 

Smart Bottoms Too Smart Cloth Diaper OS Cover

Smart Bottoms creates fantastic diapers! Their covers are just as adorable as their all in ones and wet bags. If you want a uniquely designed diaper, Smart Bottoms is regularly releasing new prints; you have an endless amount to pick! 

The Too Smart Diaper Cover will fit most babies who weigh between 10 and 35 pounds. Smart Bottoms have the most rise settings I have found on a diaper – 11 rise settings and ten sets of snaps across the waist. Some snaps allow parents to get a customized fit, which can be hard when not using hook and loop closures. 

Smart Bottoms creates Too Smart Inserts to be utilized in the covers, but you could use prefolds and flats as well. There are front and back flaps that keep the insert snugly in place without moving or bunching up. Another great feature of the Too Smart Covers is the double walled gussets that will stop any leaks or blowouts from happening. 

Overall, the Too Smart Covers are an adorable choice that will give your baby one of the best fits, and they will be stylish is one of the over two dozen prints available! 

Disana Organic Merino Wool Cover

Some parents prefer the use of wool as a cover for their diapers. Wool is a natural and delicate fabric that can absorb a significant amount of moisture before needing to be cleaned. Caring for wool is different than cotton or waterproof cloth diaper covers. Typically, parents need to hand wash the wool covers with a special wool soap and lanolin. Woolen over pants can stop urine leaks for days or even weeks! 

Disana Organic Merino Wool Covers are made from 100% organic merino wool and made in Germany. They are knitted with two layers of wool. Many parents just allow their children to toddle around with these as their pants! Disana also sells overalls and pants for cold days.

Disana sells their wool covers in sizes similar to clothing. They have 3-6 months (24-27 inches), 6-12 months (29-31 inches) and 12-24 inches (34-36 inches). These soft wool covers have a high knitted waistband that will prevent leaks and keep your baby warm. Typically, parents use fitted diapers under the covers, but some parents like to use prefolds and pin or Snappi them on their baby. 

These are an excellent choice for parents that are struggling to find a nighttime solution. Many parents have trouble finding a cloth diaper option that won’t leak at all throughout an entire night of sleep. The high knitted waistband is ideal for stomach sleepers; I have used these on my tummy sleepers and never had any leaks! 

The Disana Organic Merino Wool Covers are natural, adorable and bullet-proof, which is a term used by cloth diaper parents meaning that leaks very rarely happen. 

Disana Boiled Merino Wool Diaper Cover 

If you want another choice for a wool cloth diaper cover, Disana offers a diaper cover that resembles a typical waterproof cover, yet made of wool. Just like their woolen over pants, Disana makes these from 100% organic merino wool made in Germany. These covers are different than the pants offer above. The wool has been prewashed and slightly felted. The process creates a cover that is very absorbent and leakproof. 

Disana only offers the wool cover with a Velcro closure that is very easy to adjust to your baby. The cover has a wide, knitted waistband that prevents leaks. They also added an extra wool lining in the wet zone to help absorb more urine. Using these covers allow parents to use wool and their regular clothes. Even though these covers can fit under clothes, they are bulkier than most diapers, and you may have to size up in pants. 

These wool diaper covers come in four different sizes.

  • Newborn: 10 to 16 pounds – 3 to 6 months
  • Small: 15 to 21 pounds – 6 to 12 months
  • Medium: 20 to 32 pounds – 12 to 24 months
  • Large: 31 to 38 pounds – 2 to 3 years old 

Picking the Best Cloth Diaper Covers

I have used cloth diapers for nearly seven years! In that time, I have tried dozens of covers and styles of diapers. Every diaper will fit your baby differently. It may take a few attempts to get the fit right. I highly suggest that parents try the Thirsties Duo Wraps because they fit most children very well. Flips are popular, but every choice on the list deserves a try! 

The great thing about using cloth diaper covers and prefolds is the cost. They are highly cost effective. Remember, you need an average of 18 to 24 diapers for an infant. For a newborn child, you will want between 24 to 36 diapers. This amount allows for parents to have two to three days in between washing diapers. 

Are you a cloth diapering parent? If so, I would love to know what diapers you love! Let me know in the comment section. 

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