Say Goodbye to Nighttime Accidents with the Best Bedwetting Alarms

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Do you have a little one who is having trouble sleeping?  There are many different reasons why your little one may be having a hard time restfully sleeping.  One of the main reasons why children have a hard time sleeping is because of leaky diapers or bedwetting.  Bedwetting is a normal part of any child’s life, especially when just starting to learn how to use the potty.  Children who have ultra sensitive skin are even more sensitive to bedwetting.  This is because the extra moisture is sure to wake them up.  Have you ever woken up suddenly in the middle of the night from the best sleep ever?  We all know how frustrating this can be.  Imagine what it would be like for a child whose emotions are not quite developed yet.  But, there is a way to help them get through these tough nights.  The best bedwetting alarms are the best way to help combat and face the problem head on.

What are bedwetting alarms?

The best bedwetting alarms are meant to alert your child at the first sign of moisture.  The best way to help your child stop wetting the bed is to help them listen to their body better.  Many times children end up sleeping through the sudden urge to use the bathroom.  This is what leads to bedwetting.  When they are young their bladders are still small and not quite developed.  A bedwetting alarm used audible sounds and even gentle vibrations to softly wake up your child at the slightest touch of moisture.  These alarms can either be attached to their underwear of pajamas.  

This will not only help them to sleep though the night better at home, but will also help them gain some confidence back.  Children who are old enough to go to sleepovers know how hard it is to get a good night’s sleep when they know that they have a bedwetting problem.  So give your child their confidence back by using one of these bedwetting alarms.  Here are some of the best bedwetting alarms that you can find on the market today so that your child can get started on their journey to a dry and happy night.

Chummie Bedwetting Alarm 

This adorable little alarm has been a best seller and the talk of the parenting community for years.  This is one of the most effective ways to combat your child’s bedwetting problem so that they can be on their way to living a happy and dry life.  This alarm uses behavioral techniques to help treat a bedwetting problem.  This is important because many times bedwetting isn’t about the physical, but about the mental.  The alarm used a combination of vibrations, lights and sounds to gently wake your child before a little drip becomes a puddle.  

Once awake your child will be able to recognize that they are about to wet the bed to that they can get themselves to a bathroom before a mess happens.  The best way to create good habits is to be proactive and consistent.  This little alarm will help to create good bathroom habits without making your child feel like they are being “bad” by wetting the bed.  This tool will not only help them listen to their body more closely but will also let them take control of their own bathroom needs.

Dry-Me Bed Wetting Alarm

This bedwetting alarm promises to not only help your child to listen to their body better but also promises to help cure their bedwetting problem.  The secret is in the gentle sound and vibrations that this alarm is fitted with.  On one end is a little clip that securely fits to either your child’s underwear or pajamas.  The clip is attached to a little wire that runs to the alarm.  This alarm is discreet enough to keep next to your child while they comfortable sleep.

At the first sign that your child is wetting the bed the device softly vibrates with lights to wake your child up and alert them to a potential accident.  Your child will also love that this little alarm is brightly colored and fun looking so it feels more like a toy than a bedwetting tool.  This way they can feel comfortable enough to bring this little alarm along with them to sleepovers.  

Anzacare DRI Excel – World Leading Bed Wetting Treatment Alarm 

The Anzacare DRI Excel bedwetting alarm system is one of the best bedwetting alarms that you can find on the market today.  This product comes highly recommended by parents who have little ones who are struggling with bed wetting.  The one thing that sets this product apart from others out there is the way that the alarm is worn.  Most bedwetting alarms come with a clip and a wire that leads to the alarm that rests in bed with your child.  This alarm comes is fitted with straps so that your child can comfortable wear the alarm instead of just placing it in the bed.

This shoulder worn alarm has an ultra sensitive sensor that clips onto a sensor pad that goes right into your child’s underwear.  This not only will wake them when it is time for them to use the bathroom, but the pad works to absorb moisture so that they can completely avoid an embarrassing situation.  The sensor pad is easy to clean and reusable so that you can use this system for as long as it takes until your child can recognize their own body signs.

Final Thoughts 

Whether your child is just starting to learn how to potty train or has been suffering with wetting the bed for years, the best bedwetting alarms are here to help.  They allow your child to take control of their own body functions while also working to help them notice the signs that they need to use the bathroom.  The best part about these bedwetting alarms is that they will get their confidence back.  In no time you will find that your child is able to get themselves up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom which will help them feel like a big kid again.  Take care. 

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