11 of the Best Backpack Diaper Bag Choices for all Parents

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Diaper bags are a must for every parent. You have to bring all the essential items, like extra clothes, diapers, and food, when leaving your house with your child. Some folks prefer to use a backpack style bag instead of the typical, over the shoulder variety.

If you are like me, you tend to bring TOO much stuff with you when you leave the house. As a mother of three kids, I have a lot of little humans with a lot of little needs to consider. Besides baby items, I need pull-ups for the toddlers, a change of clothes for the vomit prone preschooler, and entertainment for all.

All of these items bring up the total weight, and my shoulder can feel as if I am carrying a load of bricks after a few hours. The best backpack diaper bag helps to relieve the burden of a hefty, shoulder diaper bag. When you have more than one child or at least one mobile child, a backpack diaper bag frees up your arms and hands to chase toddlers or carry your sweet one in arms.

Are There Other Reasons for a Backpack Diaper Bag?

You may want to opt for this style for other reasons.

  • They are convenient, easy to put on your back and forget about it.
  • Traveling parents greatly benefit from backpacks. They are comfortable and typically can hold more items that a shoulder-style diaper bag. Since you are probably going to be out and about a lot, they are a better choice; your shoulders will be comfortable all day long.
  • Fathers tend to prefer backpacks. If you pick a gender neutral color, many dads have no problems carrying a backpack diaper bag when out with the family.
  • Mothers that live in an apartment building can carry their baby up the stairs and not require a second trip to get the diaper bag left in the car.
  • You can carry more items comfortably. Backpack diaper bags evenly distribute the weight across both shoulders. If you have back or shoulder pain, this style is a safer choice.
  • They free up your arms! If you have more than one child, you need both hands-free. You don’t have to worry about one bag on your arm or shoulder. It is much easier to hold two kids with a bag on your back rather than your arms.

How to Pick the Best Backpack Diaper Bag

Lucky for you, there are hundreds of choices on the market. Baby gear companies finally understand this is a style they need to create more frequently for parents. However, the sheer amount of options can make it hard to decide. Unless you have one favorite designer, you are faced with dozens of backpacks. All of them have something impressive, making the choice even harder!

To help the process, pass your favorite choices through these criteria and see how it holds up!

  • Price: Before you begin your search, you should set a budget you feel comfortable spending. There are choices in every range imaginable. Don’t feel bad if you don’t have an infinite amount of money to spend on a diaper bag. You can still find the best option for you!
  • Durability and Strength: When you pack too many items, you need a bag that can hold up and not break under strain. You want a bag that can carry half of the nursery when you take too many outfits and way too many diapers than your baby needs for a trip to the store. Also, no one wants to have to buy another diaper bag. It is a waste of money! Find a reliable choice; always read reviews!
  • The Right Straps: The straps of the backpack diaper bag are what make this style unique. If you pick the bag with the wrong straps, you are likely never to want to try another again. First, they need some padding. Straps without padding will dig into your shoulders, creating an uncomfortable experience.

You also want them to be adjustable, allowing both parents to carry the bag with an optimal fit. Also, bags with included stroller straps are convenient. When you are out and about, you can clip the bag to the stroller, allowing you to hang it rather than carrying it.

  • Spacious: Parents need plenty of room to stuff all of those needed (and unneeded) items. If you are a minimalist, you can get away with a smaller bag. The bag should expand and offer plenty of storage inside. Ideally, there will be pockets on the exterior and interior. Otherwise, it is like reaching into a dark, black hole trying to find the lone pacifier when your baby is having a tantrum.
  • Insulated Bottle Pockets: The best backpack diaper bag will typically have at least one insulated bottle pocket. Even if you breastfeed, these pockets are handy for your drinks or sippy cups as your child gets older. Some brands include them inside of the bag, but I greatly prefer them on the exterior. The sides are the best place for bottle pockets.
  • Built In Wipe Pocket: This feature isn’t a necessity, but it sure is handy! You never know when your baby is going to blow out of a diaper, or when their baby food pouch is going to explode. Toddlers are known for creating sticky messes out of nothing. Baby wipes are an essential item for all parents, and baby wipe pockets keep them right at hand for whenever those situations occur – because they will!
  • Easy to Clean: You will use your diaper bag a lot, sometimes every day. Chances are you will spill something on and inside of the bag. Your baby may have a massive blow out, requiring you to store soiled clothes in a pocket. Diaper creams explode. Messes can happen anytime, anywhere! You need a diaper bag that is easy to clean. It is a must-have quality. Ideally, the material should be wipe-able. I give preference to bags that I can put into the washing machine on a regular basis.

The Top Choices for the Best Backpack Diaper Bag

Now, let’s take a look at the best options. I found the ones I thought you would like the best, and the ones that hit as many as the essential qualities as possible.

Skip Hop Forma Pack and Go Diaper Backpack

Our first choice on the list is by Skip Hop, one of the most popular brands for diaper bags. They understand parents and their needs. Parents give the Forma high ratings; it is one of their best-sellers! Made of 100% polyester, it is a lightweight, gender neutral bag, offering plenty of storage and organization for parents.

Why You Should Buy It:

  • The bag is a gender neutral design with quilted nylon. You can use it for multiple children, and dads have no issues carrying it. The exterior is black with quality details for style.
  • The price is less than $75, a budget-friendly choice for many parents.
  • Using 100% polyester makes the bag lightweight, easy to clean, wipeable, and water resistant. If you set the bag on a puddle of water, your items will stay dry.
  • Skip Hop added integrated stroller clips that let you hang the bag from the stroller’s handles for convenience.
  • There is plenty of storage for all of your items! You have enough space for diapers, snacks, clothes and everything else. In the front, Skip Hop added a pocket, perfect for mom’s items like keys or makeup. There is a pocket for a tablet. In total, you will find 11 pockets! You won’t lose anything, so long as you keep the items in the pockets.
  • Skip Hop included insulated, side bottle pockets, two multi-purpose packing cubes, and a changing pad and pocket. 
  • The pockets are all elasticized, an excellent feature. Elastic prevents items from falling back out again.
  • The straps are cushioned and adjustable for maximum comfort.

It is easy to see why this is a very popular choice for parents. The price is right, and there is plenty of storage. There aren’t too many negatives noted by parents. The most important one to know is that some parents feel as if the straps need to be longer. However, they are cushioned. For the price, you get a top-quality bag with all of the necessary qualities.

Ju-Ju-Be Be Right Back Backpack Diaper Bag

I am a huge fan of Ju-Ju-Be products. They are high-quality, thoughtfully designed, and they have unique and exciting prints. Their products do cost more than other brands, but you are paying for a diaper bag that won’t break and can handle anything.

The Be Right Back looks like a typical backpack, but it is much better. It has everything you could want in a diaper bag, but they combined function, style, and comfort into one bag. Here are the product highlights you should know.

  • For comfort, Ju-Ju-Be designed the straps to be ergonomic. They have breathable mesh to keep you comfortable in warm weather. Padding with textured fabric keep your shoulders from hurting, and the texture stops the straps from sliding down your arms.
  • A padded, back panel with mesh allows for maximum air flow for comfort. It lets air get between you and the bag, keeping you as cool as possible.
  • There is plenty of room for all of your valuable items! There are four main pockets, five zippered pockets, and a mommy pocket. A mommy pocket gives you a place to keep YOUR necessary items while you are out, eliminating the need for a purse. No one wants to carry two bags! You can use this pocket for your keys because there is a stretch key fob included, your makeup and cell phone!
  • A memory foam changing pad gives you a sanitary place to change your baby’s diaper, wherever you are.
  • You won’t find bags easier to clean than the ones from Ju-Ju-Be. A Teflon fabric protector repels stains. An Agion treatment reduces the ability for mold and mildew to grow in your bag. Also, you can put the bag into the washing machine for a complete cleaning.
  • Insulated bottle pockets are located on each side of the bag, keeping your drinks or their bottles cold or warm.
  • Ju-Ju-Be has a 90-day warranty for any manufacturer defect.

The Be-Right-Back is a popular choice for good reasons. They think of the little details, such as the Agion treatment. With snacks and drinks, mold or mildew could easily grow in the cracks of the bag. They think ahead for you.

There are a few negatives to consider before purchasing the bag. First, the price is over $100, which is more expensive than some can afford. There are no stroller straps, an inconvenient feature. Also, when you first get the bag, it will feel stiff. Over time, the bag does loosen up and become more comfortable.

Overall, if you have the money to spend and want a bag with these features, the Be-Right-Back is a perfect choice. Plus, their prints are eye-catching and fun!

Bebamour Travel Backpack Diaper Bag

Parents that love to travel need a diaper bag with them in mind. Traveling requires more items than normal, and you will carry the bag more often than you would if at home. The Bebamour backpack combines style and function with a spacious interior and plenty of storage. The ratings are high; parents love what the bag has to offer. Plus, you can pick from multiple different materials and colors!

  • Parents have the choice between carrying the bag with shoulder straps or a comfortable, tote carrying handle. The straps are 15mm thick and 65mm wide, as well as ergonomically curved for comfortable carrying.
  • The main compartment is large with individualized storage compartments. The top of the bag zips closed, preventing items from falling out.
  • Bebamour crafted their bag with premium polyester for durability, water resistance and stability.
  • The interior has great extras! There are elastic loops just for tableware, a tissue case, two side pockets for cups or bottles, a hook for your keys or toys, elasticized pockets, a breathable pocket and insulated bottle pockets.
  • You can undo the backpack straps and use them to clip onto the side of a stroller for ease.
  • On the front, there is a pocket for quicker access to essential items.
  • The material is easy to clean; you can wipe it clean while on the go.
  • Reinforced stitching provides stability to the entire bag, and it means the bag will last even longer!               

Just like all of the choices, the Bebamour has a few negatives. The bottle holder on the interior is too small for some brands; you can’t fit wide bottle into it. The changing pad is tiny, meant only for a newborn. Last, some of the finishes feel a bit cheap compared to other choices.

The space and gender neutral design of the bag makes it appealing for all parents. It is a durable diaper bag, meant to last for years to come!

Bag Nation Diaper Bag Backpack

Our next choice for the best backpack diaper bag is by Bag Nation. This bag has some of the highest reviews, with the most happy parents. The exterior doesn’t show off anything amazing; it is a simple, black diaper bag. However, once you dive into the features, you immediately understand why parents, both mom and dad, love this bag.

Let’s take a look at what parents love the most about this diaper bag!

  • It has 14 multi-sized pockets! That is amazing, especially for parents who love to stay organized. There is a convenient pocket located in front for your items, as well as a few zippered pockets for items you don’t want to lose.
  • An insulated pocket can hold multiple bottle pockets. Also, there is a pocket specifically designed to hold baby wipes for easy access.
  • Bag Nation included a matching changing pad and a sundry bag, which is the perfect place to store soiled clothing.
  • You can clean it quickly because Bag Nation made the bag with polyester. Polyester makes the bag lightweight and water resistant. The bag is BPA and phosphate free.
  • The stitching is non-fraying, and the zippers are cumbersome and durable. You will love how sturdy this bag is; it can handle anything!
  • For comfort, there is mesh fabric on the back panel and straps. The material keeps your body cooler during warm weather. Mesh is a great attribute for those who live in warmer climates.
  • You can hang it from your stroller for on-the-go convenience.
  • The shoulder straps are ergonomic and padded for maximum comfort while wearing it.

Bag Nation stands beside their products. This American company offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all of their products.

There aren’t many negatives for this great diaper bag. As I mentioned before, it is one of the best-rated choices available. However, some parents have noted that 14 organizing pockets can feel like overkill. It may be too many pockets for you. The excellent ratings prove that it is a fantastic choice.

Ju-Ju-Be B.F.F. – Legacy Collection

We had to include another backpack diaper bag by Ju-Ju-Be. The B.F.F. will be your favorite diaper bag of all time, keeping your so organized you don’t have to think to find items. It is a convertible bag that is flexible and stylish. It is such an awesome bag; everyone will be jealous!

Why is the B.F.F. so highly rated and coveted? Let’s take a look at the amazing product features.

  • It is a spacious bag with plenty of space for your diapers, wipes and all of the crucial features you need. There are tons of pockets for your baby’s items. There is a zippered, felt pocket for fragile items like jewelry. Also, you will find four gusseted pockets, three zippered pockets and a lot of open space.
  • A Mommy pocket is located on the front of the bag for your essentials.
  • Two insulated bottle pockets are on the sides of the bag. The 3M Thinsulate keeps bottles warm or cold.
  • When it gets dirty, put the entire bag into the washing machine for easy cleaning. I love this quality! Ju-Ju-Be used their Teflon and Agion treatments on the B.F.F. as well. These features repel stains, provide protection during machine washing and inhibit the growth of bacteria, mold, and mildew.
  • A unique feature is the crumb brains located on the bottom corners of the bag. They are a convenient feature; crackers will get crushed at some point!
  • Parents have the option to use the messenger straps or the shoulder straps for a backpack style bag. For comfort, memory foam, with a textured fabric on the bottom, keeps the straps comfortable and stops slipping.
  • Ju-Ju-Be also includes a comfortable, memory foam changing pad.

All of Ju-Ju-Be products come with a lifetime limited warranty against manufacturing defects. It is easy to see why the B.F.F. has such great reviews by parents. There are only a few negatives. One obvious issue is that the bottle pockets are tight, not designed to fit wide mouth bottles. Many babies love these style bottles, so that can be a problem.

However, there are more reasons why this is the best backpack diaper bag. It comes in a variety of unique prints and colors, and you get a high-quality diaper bag!

Graco Gotham Smart Organizer System Backpack Diaper Bag

If you want a best-selling backpack diaper bag with great ratings, the Graco Gotham gives you everything you could want. Plus, the price tag is impressively cheap, costing under $50. The Gotham combines style, function, and organization into the perfect bag for parents. Both mom and dad can appreciate the features, plus the gender neutral design makes it easy for dads to want to strap it on.

Here is why you should consider purchasing this awesome bag.

  • The interior of the backpack has multiple compartments. There is a large, main pocket with several storage pockets lining the sides. A few have zippers so that everything stays in place. On the exterior, a pocket was placed to keep your items organized and at hand. It is the perfect place to keep your keys and lipstick.
  • There are an insulated bottle pocket and a convenient baby wipe dispenser. Also, Graco includes a removable changing pad giving you a sanitary place to change diapers when on the go.
  • You can carry it with the tote handles or with the shoulder straps. Padding allows you to carry the bag with comfort. You have a broad range of adjustments available. So, no matter your size, the bag will fit you properly.
  • The design is entirely gender neutral, making it easy for everyone to carry. The bag won’t draw any unwanted attention.
  • Due to the size, it is an ideal choice if you have more than one child. There is plenty of space for older sibling items like toys.
  • Graco added padding on the back where the bag is against your body. It creates a comfortable fit.

Despite the amazing features, there are a few negatives to consider. First, they didn’t include any stroller clips! Some parents have noted that the changing pad is cheaply made and not worth using. Also, if you are looking for a bag with style, I would steer clear of the Gotham. It is plain and straightforward.

The negatives don’t outweigh the positives. The Graco Gotham is a budget friendly, backpack diaper bag. There is ample room for all of your items, with space to spare.

Skip Hop Duo Signature Diaper Backpack

Our next choice is also by Skip Hop. I feel comfortable recommending their products to you; they are an iconic brand you can trust. The Duo Signature is a gender neutral backpack with a simple design but constructed nicely. It is a favorite of dads, especially in the heather gray color. Here are the other reasons you should purchase the Duo Signature.

  • For the ultimate organization, the bag offers nine pockets. There is a lined pocket for your cell phone or sunglasses. You will also find a zippered front pocket for items you need quick access. Also, a padded pocket holds 15-inch laptops or tablets.
  • There are two side bottle pockets, perfect for your drink or your baby’s cups and bottles.
  • Skip Hop included convenient stroller straps, letting you hang the bag rather than carry it. You can also carry the bag by the easy, grab handle located on top of the bag. The shoulder straps are padded and adjustable for comfort and optimal fit.
  • There is a custom, hardware D-Ring meant for toys or the favorite pacifier, so nothing gets lost!
  • A cushioned changing pad gives parents an easy place to change diapers no matter where you go.
  • The material is wipeable, so you can keep it looking brand new!

You may be wondering about the differences between the Forma (listed number one) and the Duo Signature. The main differences are the fabrics; the Forma has a satin feel, and the Duo has a stiffer but more durable fabric feel. Also, the zipper opens the Forma wider than the Duo. They both are comfortable to carry and offer plenty of space.

Petunia Pickle Bottom Boxy Backpack

Petunia Pickle Bottom makes some of the best diaper bags on the market. They are stylish, well-made, and have all of the necessary qualities parents love and want. The Boxy is a versatile bag that is lightweight and has a lot of organizing space. They offer the bag in a variety of trendsetting prints and color.

  • The bag has a spacious interior with five pockets; two are designed to hold bottles. There is also a key clip.
  • Accessing the contents with a wide zip-open top is easy.
  • On the exterior, there are two, insulated bottle pockets.
  • For easy and sanitary diaper changes, there is a zip-out changing station with a removable changing pad. There are pockets for diapers and wipes.
  • The top of the bag closes with a magnetic front flap closure, but there are snaps for security.
  • Parents can carry it with the top, grab handle for easy carrying. There are also padded, adjustable straps for a backpack style bag. Petunia Pickle Bottom includes stroller straps that lets parents attach the bag to most strollers with ease.
  • It features a PPB monogrammed wipe case. They used upgraded hardware and vegan leather details.

The Boxy Backpack is one of the most popular choices for a backpack style diaper bag. Parents love it, but there are a few negatives to note. Despite the size, it isn’t as spacious as one would imagine. When comparing the Boxy and the B.F.F., the Boxy is a smaller choice. However, the versatility of the bag with beautiful prints and colors make this option popular with parents.

JJ Cole Backpack Diaper Bag

If you like the look and design of the Boxy, you will like the style of the JJ Cole Backpack. I love their bags; they are well-made, stylish, practical, and affordable. There are three carrying options and multiple pockets. I love the prints offered. You are going to enjoy these features as well!

  • Parents can wear the bag as a backpack or a messenger bag. You can also attach the bag to a stroller with the included non-slip grips. The straps are padded for comfort and convenience. Including the grips was a great feature! They let you attach and remove the back in seconds.
  • The interior is spacious, capable of holding all of the essential items. There is a front pocket for items you want to reach quickly, such as pacifiers or keys. Inside, there are four side pockets for necessary items like diaper cream. The middle section is open for the big items like clothing.
  • The exterior features two side pockets for bottles or your drinks. There are two front zippered pockets as well!
  • A wipe-able changing pad is included for a sanitary space to change your baby.
  • The bag is 100% polyester, which means it is water resistant and easy to clean. The material is wipeable, so use soap and water to rub off the stains and dirt.

Why should you buy the backpack diaper bag by JJ Cole? It is convertible, so you can pick the best way to carry it that day. It offers plenty of space for your items, and you can keep it clean by spot cleaning. However, this feature is only the major negative. You can’t put the bag into the washing machine, so you may not be able to get all of the stains out.

Wallaroo Diaper Bag Backpack

You may not have heard of Wallaroo, but they make some awesome diaper bags! Their goal is to combine fashion with functionality, creating a diaper bag that makes your life easier. You can stay organized while on the go with your baby. They make a variety of diaper bags, but their backpack style one is their best-seller.

Check out why parents rave about this bag!

  • Wallaroo constructed the bag of soft, quilted, nylon fabric. High-tensile nylon stitching adds durability and strength to the entire bag.
  • Convenient stroller straps were included for secure attachments. Also, Wallaroo included integrated stroller clips.
  • There is more storage than you may need. There are front cargo pockets, two insulated and zippered pockets, two side pockets for bottles or snacks, an exterior cell phone pocket, and multiple extra storage compartments on the interior of the bag. You will find plenty of space for all of the necessary items.
  • A changing pad comes with the bag. When folded, there is a pocket on the pad, perfect for a tablet.
  • One of many pockets is waterproof, the perfect location for soiled clothing or a dirty cloth diaper when you forget your wet bag.
  • Wallaroo provides parents with a 60-day guarantee, or they will give you money back. There is a one-year manufacturer’s warranty on any defects.
  • For comfort, the straps are adjustable and padded. There is a broad range of possibilities so that both parents can find the optimal fit with ease.
  • You can buy the bag in a variety of colors. There is sure to be an option that you love!

I found a few negatives about the Wallaroo backpack diaper bag that you should know. It is spot cleaning only; don’t put the bag into a washing machine. This quality isn’t as appealing for parents. The material is floppy, without structure, lacking the feel of a durable diaper bag. Also, the changing pad is cheaply made.

However, the bag is priced fairly; anyone could afford it! There is plenty of space for storing items. If you don’t like it, you can get your money back. There is no reason not to give it a try.

Skip Hop Chelsea Downtown Chic Diaper Backpack

Our final option for the best backpack diaper bag is also by Skip Hop, making it our third choice by this excellent company! The Chelsea offers a city-style, polished look for parents on the go. Parents who prefer a classic, sophisticated look like the practicality of the Chelsea bag. With gold-toned hardware, it is an ideal choice for urban parents.

The Chelsea receives high ratings by parents. Here are the qualities they love the most.

  • There are two, side bottle pockets that can hold bottles, drinks or sippy cups.
  • On the zippered front flap, there is a pocket for essential items like your keys or smartphone.
  • The opening of the Chelsea is unique. It has an expandable, drawstring opening. You can close it tight when you don’t have to bring many things or open it wide when going on a day trip.
  • The straps are adjustable and padded for comfort. There is a convenient top handle for quick grabs.
  • You can hang the bag neatly on a stroller with clip-on stroller straps.
  • The bag is made of faux leather; no animals were harmed in the making of the bag. The material is lightweight and durable. On the bottom of the bag, there are metal feet that keep the bag off of the ground. It is a blend of nylon and polyester so that the bag will have some water resistance. You can wipe it clean if spills happen.
  • An included, cushioned changing pad is a nice extra for parents.

There are a few negatives to consider. Parents note that they wish the padding were a bit thicker. Also, the drawstring doesn’t allow the bag to close completely. Items could still fall out. However, it is still one of the best backpack diaper bags on the market! Parents love the stylish design.

Making the Final Choice for your Diaper Bag

Unlike other purchases, the diaper bag is all about mom. We do have to consider the needs of the baby, but we can pick the bag that most represents our style. The exterior fabric choices are based on what mom likes the best rather than the nursery theme or gender of our child. We decide what features mean the most to us, and which features we want to give preference.

I have tried dozens of diaper bags over the last seven years. It took me some times to figure out what features mean the most to me. I always pay attention to how the bag can be cleaned. Even if I take extra care with the bag, it will get dirty. I like bags that I can put right into the washing machine.

Bottle pockets are convenient, even though I breastfeed my children. Nursing mothers need to drink a lot of water, so my pockets always have a water bottle and a drink for my older kids. Also, we use cloth diapers instead of disposables, so I look for a spacious main compartment that can neatly hold four or more diapers at a time.

What features matter the most to you? They won’t necessarily be the same that matter to me. You have to think about your family and what you need. Maybe you love to organize, so the number of pockets included is important. You may prefer black bags, limiting your choices. However, there is a bag that fits all of your needs on this list.

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