The Ultimate Parent’s Guide to Selecting the Perfect Baby Travel System

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Having a child means filling not only your home but your entire life with an endless amount of baby gear and products.  Luckily for you, infant travel systems were invented.  An infant travel system is an all in one deal that comes with a rear facing car seat for newborns and a stroller.  The best part about this two part system is that they connect together perfectly for a smooth and safe ride.

Most system comes with a car seat installation base that installs directly into your vehicle.  Depending on your car’s model you will either be able attach the base directly to your car’s latch system or have to manually buckle it in.  This base allows you to quickly snap the car seat into your car and then just as easily remove it and snap it into a stroller and go.  It has never been easier to travel with a baby!

What to Look for in a Baby Travel System:

  • Lightweight stroller

Many newer stroller systems are made out of lightweight frames that are easy to carry and unload.

  • Quick fold

The stroller should be easy to fold down and once folded should be compact enough to store in either your car’s trunk or upright in your house.

  • Safety harness

The car seat itself should be fitted with safest of harness systems so that you are sure your baby is secure at all times.

  • Impact test

Not only should the car seat feature impact protection but the stroller should be tested to the highest of safety standards as well.

  • Quick connect

The latches the hold and release the car seat from both the base and stroller should be easy enough to use while also have a vice grip to guarantee you child’s seat is safely secure.

Now that you know what to look for in order to find a great infant car seat and stroller combo that fits your needs, it’s time to start shopping!  Here are some of the best ones available on the market today.

Mountain Buggy MB Mini Compact Travel System

First on the list is the Mountain Buggy Mini Compact Travel System.  This travel system has been a top seller among parents who want the convenience of a total travel system but also want the lightweight feel of an umbrella stroller.  Many traditional infant strollers are bulky and heavier and sometimes can be hard for recovering mothers to maneuver.  The Mountain Buggy is super easy to carry, topping out at just less than 17lbs and using a quick one hand fold for fast and easy storage.  While the frame remains lightweight,  it still is stable and durable enough to hold up for your child. 

The stroller was built with ease in mind.  The curb pop feature allows you to quickly push and maneuver over curbs and sidewalks with little trouble.  The tires were built to move effortlessly over all different types of environments from smooth sidewalks to rocky parks.  They also lock with ease and swivel on a dime insuring an easy push for you and a smooth ride for your child.

The car seat that comes with the Mountain Buggy Compact Travel System meets all of the safety standards that are required for infant car seats.  It is meant to hold the smallest of newborns starting at 4lbs and can be used as a rear facing seat for 35lbs. You have two different options when it comes to installing the car seat into your vehicle.  This system comes with a base for a quick click in and out transition or you can simply buckle it in so you can move it from car to car.  All of the features found in this amazing baby travel system are:

  • One hand fold stroller
  • Lightweight
  • Sun canopy
  • Storage basket
  • Adjustable handles
  • Top rated car seat
  • Latch in base system
  • Easy lift carrying handles
  • Five point harness

Over all the Mountain Buggy MB Mini Compact Travel System is the best baby travel system for you if you want something easy and safe.  The whole system is available in a couple different colors like the bright red and retails for around $500.

Baby Trend Stealth Jogger Travel System

If you’re hoping to get more out of your baby’s travel system like the option to get in a great workout at the same time; then you should invest in a system that features a great jogging stroller.  The Baby Trend Stealth Jogger Travel System is one of those combos that offer the top of the line features you would expect to see in any great travel system.  A jogging stroller differs from regular strollers because of the three wheel design.  The single front wheel allows for a more aerodynamic smooth run so that your baby will hardly even notice how fast you are going.  The rear tires of this jogging stroller are pretty special too because there were designed to mimic the performance of real bike tires.  Even though the stroller appears to be bulky, it still maintains a lightweight compact frame that folds down flat with ease.

The car seat that comes with The Baby Trend Stealth Jogger Travel System passed all of the safety standards and comes with the highly recommended five point harness buckle system which is covered with soft padding so your baby can be safe and comfortable.  The rear facing car seat fits babies from 5lbs up to 30lbs and allows for you to keep your child in a rear facing car seat up to 30 inches long.  Being able to keep your child in a rear facing car seat longer allows them to stay safe for as long as possible.  The car seat also comes with a installation base that fits perfectly level into your vehicle with audible snaps so you can be sure you little bundle is safe and secure.

So why purchase The Baby Trend Stealth Jogger Travel System?

  • Three wheel jogger design
  • Sun canopy
  • Lightweight frame
  • Quick and easy fold
  • Five point safety harness
  • Rear facing seat up to 30 lbs
  • Adorable color options
  • Installation base with audible clicks

The best part is that with The Baby Trend Stealth Jogger Travel System is that once your baby outgrows their rear facing care seat you can still use the jogger stroller!  No need to purchase another stroller.  Once the car seat is removed there is a bumper bar that swings to keep your now toddler in place as well as safety buckles to keep them steady during your workout. 

Eddie Bauer TriTrek Travel System

Another great choice for an off–road running adventure all rolled into a complete baby travel system is the Eddie Bauer TriTrek Travel System.  Eddie Bauer has been known to create some of the best products with adventurous travelers in mind so there is no surprise that they would put that same sense of wander to their baby gear.  This two in one system comes with an amazing three wheeled jogging stroller with front swivel locked wheels.  With these specially designed wheels that allow you to lock the wheels in a certain direction for straight jogging or let them turn as they will for a more curved road.  

The quick lock car seat not only secures perfectly into a car seat base but also clicks for a perfect into the stroller itself.  This means that you have no worries about exploring the world around you because you will be sure that your baby isn’t going anywhere on even the bumpiest of rides.  Once you’re done exploring, simply fold the stroller flat for quick storage.  Not only can you store this stroller flat, but it also features a little stand under the wheels that allows the stroller to stand up all on its own.  The transition from infant to toddler is smooth with the Eddie Bauer TriTrek Travel System because once your child outgrows their rear facing child seat they can move right into the toddler seat in the stroller without any issues. 

Is the Eddie Bauer TriTrek Travel System right for you?

  • All terrain wheels
  • Three wheeled jogging stroller
  • Fully reclining child seat
  • Cup holders
  • Storage basket
  • Stylish color scheme
  • Car seat base
  • Five point harness
  • Secure snap-in
  • Easy fold with carry handle
  • Removable snack tray

This baby travel system comes recommended with mostly high ratings and praise by families who have loved and used their Eddie Bauer TriTrek Travel System for years.  All of this for under $200 makes it not only a great addition to your baby’s daily life but also perfect for families on a budget.

Safety 1st Smooth Ride Travel System

If you’re looking for a more traditional stroller system for all of your basic traveling needs, then the Safety 1st Smooth Ride Travel System may be the best baby travel system for you.  While this stroller isn’t a jogging stroller, it still is fitted with easy maneuver wheels.  Just because you’re not planning on taking your child for long jogs doesn’t mean that you don’t need the same kind of shock absorbency or side impact protection.  This stroller was designed with parents in mind by coming standard with cup holders and accessory trays for parent and child as well as an “easy step” lock wheel function.  The extra large basket underneath is big enough to store an overstuffed diaper bag or even some groceries so you that you don’t feel like you’re leaving anything behind. 

The car seat on the Safety 1st Smooth Ride Travel System is fitted with a super safe buckle system that adjusts to four different heights so that you can adjust it perfectly to your child’s size as well as their comfort level while being sure that they are perfectly secure.  You are able to use this rear facing seat from 4lbs all the way to 35lb making it one of the best strollers when it comes to maximum weight limit.  No need to worry when the car is in motion either because the car seat features side impact protection which works to absorb energy in case of in impact.  Once you lock your child’s car seat into the stroller you can continue to protect them by closing the fully retractable sun shade which completely covers your child to protect them from the sun and germ exposure.  Don’t worry however!  You can still keep a watchful eye on your baby with the peek-a-boo window.

Everything you need to know about the Safety 1st Smooth Ride Travel System before making the choice is:

  • Rear facing seat up to 45lbs
  • Energy absorbing side impact protection
  • Car seat base
  • Retractable sun shade
  • Peek-a-boo window
  • Cup holders
  • Snack tray
  • Neutral color scheme
  • Adjustable height straps
  • Reclining child’s seat
  • Easy lock wheels

Parents who have purchased and loved this travel system rave about how comfortable it is for their child which is perfect for parents who find that their sometimes fussy children drift off to sleep with a quick walk around the block.  The Safety 1st Smooth Ride Travel System retails for around $180 and comes from three different color schemes to choose from.

Peg Perego Booklet Travel System

When it comes to luxury brands and top of the line high quality products, Peg Perego cannot be beat.  The Peg Perego Booklet Travel System is a great option for your little one because the comfort of this travel system is unlike any other on the list.  The wheels on the stroller are fitted with ball bearings to help you stay the course when on the move and they also turn freely without much effort on your part which guarantees a smooth ride.  The frame itself features a top of the line suspension that protects the while system from top to bottom with 360 degree agility.  All wheels can lock if needed but the rear wheels have their own independent locks so you can quickly step on the lever to lock in case of emergency.

The car seat that comes with the Peg Perego Booklet Travel System is a superior rear facing seat that supports a newborns weight up to 35lbs.  The harness system is also innovative which features many adjustable settings so you can customize the harness system perfectly to your child’s size.  The best part of this travel system is the comfort.  Both the seat on the rear facing infant car seat and the stroller itself is fitted with ultra comfort fabric so help you baby be surrounded by softness while also being surrounded by safety.  No need to worry about the fabric getting dirty or worn out either because the stroller folds inward so that the fabric always stays clean and protected.

So, why choose the Peg Perego Booklet Travel System?

  • Top of the line safety standards and testing
  • Adjustable harness
  • Support rear facing baby up to 35lbs
  • Sun shade on both stroller and car seat
  • Cup holders
  • Snack tray
  • Extra large storage basket
  • Car seat base
  • Reclining stroller seat
  • Light turn wheels
  • Folds inward

The Peg Perego Booklet Travel System comes in a simple yet classic black design and runs a little high on the price scale at around $650 but if you have the money to spare and the desire to have a luxury brand then this system is perfect for you.

Graco LiteRider Click Connect Travel System

Graco may be the baby brand name that you find on many of your baby’s gear, so why not stick with what you know and trust and go with the Graco LiteRider Click Connect Travel System.  This car seat and stroller combo is one of the top rated ones you will find on the market today with mostly five star raving reviews.  This system comes with a one-step process to move child smoothly and swiftly from your vehicle to the stroller.  The side latches of the car sear snap for a perfect fit so you can be sure your child’s seat will stay put whether they are riding in the car or enjoying a nice stroll with you.  All though the stroller contains all of the features you would want, it magically remains only 17lbs so you can lift and move the stroller without needing help from anyone else.  Along with the lightness of the stroller you will be delighted by the multiple cup holders, snack tray and large under carriage mesh storage basket.

The Car seat on the Graco LiteRider Click Connect Travel System is designed to support a rear facing child to 40lbs which is on the high side when it comes to maximum weight.  There is a sun shade on the car seat as well as the stroller so you can at all times protect your little one from the sun’s harmful rays.  You can always keep a watchful eye on your baby with the see through window that is in the middle of sun canopy.  The coolest part about this stroller system is the click-connect system that works with more than just the stroller and car seat base.  This innovative system works perfectly to click right into many different products like shopping carts and restaurant highchairs.  This makes taking your baby with you on everyday errands that much easier.

All of the best features that make the Graco LiteRider Clock Connect system the best baby travel system are:

  • Click-Connect feature exclusive to this model
  • Supports rear facing infant up to 40lbs
  • Stroller weights only 17lbs
  • One hand fold
  • Sun shade with see through window
  • Multi-position child’s seat
  • Car seat base
  • Three point to five point harness
  • Large storage basket
  • Easy step brakes
  • All wheel movement
  • Cup Holders and snack tray

All together the Graco LiteRider Click Connect Travel System is a fantastic choice for your child and will only run you around $170 which is a great budget friendly choice. 

Cosco Simple Fold Travel System With Light and Comfy Infant Car Seat

A modern and sleek looking traveling system may not be something you would expect from the Cosco brand but the Simple Fold Travel System is just that!  This stroller is ultra light and compact for quick and easy travel and is perfect for families who spend a great deal of time in cities.  Lugging around a giant bulky stroller and car seat on and off a subway is a nearly impossible task which can lead to a great deal of stress.  This stroller, however, folds down to a compactable and easy to carry product for quick and easy movement.  The smooth ride wheels swivel and turn with ease so you can weave in and out of sidewalk traffic.  The modern styling can be seen is the design with the clean and neat looking color blocking patterns that comes in solid colors just the stunning cobalt blue.

The car seat is a shell design that surrounds your child completely with comfort and padding so that your baby can be perfectly protected from the busy world around them.  The best part is that the comfort padding is completely removable and machine washable.  Face it, babies are messy.  Whether it’s a spilled bottle of milk or an ill fitting diaper, you don’t need to worry about staining your baby gear.  When you’re ready to leave the busy city streets and go on a road adventure, simply unlatch the car seat from the stroller and click it directly into the car seat base that is included with this system. 

Why buy it?

  • Shell car seat design
  • Modern and sleek style
  • Quick fold design
  • Lightweight
  • Cup holders and snack tray
  • Accessory tray
  • Easy turn wheels
  • Removable and washable car seat cover
  • Reclining set
  • Storage basket
  • Sun canopy

Retailing for around $150 and coming in two different color choices, the Cosco Simple Fold Travel System with Light and Comfy Infant Car Seat is a great choice for your bundle of joy.

Evenflo Vive Travel System with Embrace

Last on the list is the Evenflo Vive Travel System.  Many and parents have chosen this product as their main traveling system for their baby, not only because of the top safety ratings but also the adorable patterns.  The best part is that this system comes with the Embrace car seat which on its own is an amazing baby gear product.  The car seat supports a rear facing child from 4lbs up to 35lbs and comes with a car seat base that stays in your vehicle which makes transfer from stroller to car smooth.  The seat features the five point harness system and has been side impact tested for quality.  Once your child outgrows the car seat there is no need to purchase another stroller because this adorable stroller will support your child up to 50lbs.

The stroller that comes with the Evenflo Vive Travel System comes with a large storage basket underneath the carriage that has some serious deep storage capabilities.  The sun canopy will protect your child while the mesh peek-a-boo window will allow you to keep tabs on your child while also helping to maintain air flow.  The wheels are constructed out of thick plastic and are durable enough to handle a little “off the beaten path” adventure.  Don’t worry about disturb your child if they fell asleep either because the shock absorbent system lets them ride in comfort and style without feeling any bumps along the way.

What makes the Evenflo Vive the best baby travel system for your family?

  • Traditional travel system
  • Fun patterns and color schemes
  • Rear facing seat up for 35lbs
  • Sun canopy with breathable mesh window
  • Easy to carry handle
  • Quick lock brakes and wheels
  • Extra large storage basket
  • Cup holders
  • Snack tray
  • Five point harness

The Evenflo Vive Travel System with Embrace will only cost you around $200 and is available in a few different color patterns like the fun lavender floral print.

Wrapping it up!

Whether you are a family who spends most of their time in the country or whether you prefer the big city life; having and all in one baby travel system is a must have purchase.  Because these systems come with a rear facing car seat and a stroller, you can sure this is the only traveling system you need.  The best part is that now you can get one of these amazing systems in many other styles other than traditional strollers.  You can find a great system with a jogging stroller or even just a lightweight frame.  Either way you are sure to find the best baby travel system that fits all of your family’s need.  Good luck!

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