Best Baby Inflatable Bath Tubs for Safe and Fun Bath Times

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Unless you want to get in the bathtub with your child all of the time, you are going to need some baby bath tub. There are firm, rigid baby tubs, but you can also purchase one of the best baby inflatable bath tubs instead! The hard baby bath tubs are small and fit directly into your bath tub; they have some downsides. They are hard to store when not in use, and they aren’t as comfortable for your baby as the inflatable ones.

Reasons to Use an Inflatable Baby Bath Tubs

There are quite a few reasons why you may decide to use an inflatable tub over the hard ones. It is important to understand that inflatable tubs have a lifespan. You won’t be able to purchase one and assume it will last through multiple children. They cost lower, so expect it to only last through one child.

Another consideration is that your baby needs to be able to have some head support before you use an inflatable tub. They don’t typically offer a hammock or sling that will cradle his head during a bath. Some offer a headrest and a backrest for extra comfort, but your baby still needs to have some head support to use one of these tubs.

Besides those two downsides, there are a lot more positive reasons to use a baby inflatable bath tub. Here are some reasons you might want to purchase one!

  • They are lighter and easy to move around.
  • Inflatable tubs are cheaper compared to plastic bath tubs.
  • You can purchase them in various sizes and colors, plus fun designs like prints and characters.
  • There are different features provided.
  • You can use an inflatable tub for traveling because they are compact and fold.
  • If you need better storage, just deflate the bath tub!

The Qualities I Like in an Inflatable Baby Bath Tub

I can be picky when it comes to a bath tub. I like to make sure I pick the perfect one for my child. These qualities may or may not matter to you. However, they could help you narrow down your search.

  • Void of Chemicals: The least amount of chemicals used in the bathtub, the better it is for your baby. Science is still trying to determine what, and if, the effects of chemicals, such as phthalate and BPA, cause for our young infants. Most plastics leach chemicals when warmed up. I always prefer to use products with the least amount of harmful toxins that could cause issues later in life for our babies.
  • Textured Bottom: In the beginning, your child isn’t going to try to stand up. Between the ages of nine and 12 months, there is a good chance your child will learn how to stand up. You can avoid it at first, but soon they can stand up faster than you can blink. Water creates a slick surface. To prevent possible cuts and bruises, look for a tub with a texturized bottom.
  • Lots of Cushioning: Just like we mentioned above, babies fall frequently. Cushioning on the sides of the tub stops your child from getting seriously hurt if they fall. Instead, they will bounce back inside of the tub, or it will slow their fall out of the tub. Cushioning also makes the whole tub more comfortable for babies. They won’t be sitting on hard, uncomfortable plastic. Air cushions make spending time in the tub better. The walls should be cushioned and rigged; it prevents collapsing in case your baby tips over while in the tub.
  • Extra Features: I love tubs that include additional features that make them stand out from the rest. One of my favorite extras is a water temperature indicator. Babies have sensitive skin, and it’s easy to put water that is too hot inside of the tub. Some tubs also have a water level indicator, so that you don’t overflow it.

Baby companies typically include a drain so you can get the water out quickly. A hook is great; you can hang it to dry. You don’t want to purchase an inflatable tub without any of extras. It doesn’t have to necessarily have everything listed here, even though that is quite nice. You do want to have at least one!

  • Fun Factor: It gets bonus points if it is fun. All kids want to take baths with fun and exciting products. If your baby likes a particular character or color, buying a bath tub reflecting their likes could make it easier for parents during bath time!

The Best Baby Inflatable Bath Tubs

Under $15

For parents on a budget, there are plenty of great choices for tubs under $15! Let’s take a look at some of the best choices!

Munchkin White Hot Inflatable Duck Tub

We have to start with my child’s favorite tub! Munchkin created one of the cutest options – it is a duck! The tub is brightly colored, with some great features. Mothers love it for one particular feature – it lets you know the water is too hot. On the bottom of the tub, there is a disc that will indicate water that is too hot for babies! When the disc is white, you know that it is time to add cold water or to remove the water and start over.

Munchkin priced their duck tub affordable, under $15. You can inflate and deflate the tub quite quickly, making it an excellent choice for traveling or storage. They texturized the bottom of the tub to reduce slipping. It is best to only use this tub for babies who older than six months old. There is no additional headrest. However, the whole tub is padded, so your child will be comfortable as they splash. Plus, they will love that the duck actually quacks!

Mommy’s Helper Inflatable Bath Tub – Froggie Collection

Do you have a baby between the ages of six and 18 months? The Mommy’s Helper is a budget friendly and adorable choice for an inflatable bath tub. Some children are leery of bath time. There is no better way to appeal to your child than to put them in a pleasant, frog bath tub. It is a lot easier to get your unhappy child a bath when they think the tub itself is a funny toy.

One of the best reasons to use the Mommy’s Helper tub is that it is safe for your baby. The company used materials that are safe for your child, and the entire tub is 100 percent Phthalate free. Padding is added to the whole inflatable tub for your baby’s maximum comfort while sitting or standing.

A saddle horn comes with the tub that will prevent your child from sliding down into the deeper parts of the bath tub. You should use it with a child who can sit up independently, after six months old, but the saddle horn helps to prevent the new sitter from sliding. Remember, drowning is one of the leading causes of death for infants. This feature is important.

Sesame Street Inflatable Bath Tub

Is your baby a fan of Sesame Street? If so, our third choice for the best baby inflatable bath tub is ideal!  The tub features your child’s favorite characters from the famous TV show. You can purchase the tub in blue and white. This tub is even cheaper than the other options we reviewed so far. Despite the lower price tag, the reviews are high, and parents are pleased with the quality of it.

The Sesame Street bath tub deflates and inflates faster than other choices. When it is fully collapsed, you can easily fit it into your suitcase or toiletry bag for traveling. Because of its lower price, you can even just purchase this one solely for traveling.

One of the best features is the included hook that allows the tub to dry faster. Standing water won’t dry; you need to hang it up, giving maximum air flow. Parents clean the tub with mild soap and water. An added headrest and back support make washing your baby’s hair much easier, and they help the new sitters stay upright in the tub.

This affordable inflatable bath tub will make giving your little baby a lot easier, and it is perfect for traveling.

Disney Princess Inflatable Bath Tub

Your little princess needs her princess bath tub! The tub features some of the beloved princesses like Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Tatiana, and more! It has a pink background for the entire tub. Disney combines the practicality of bath time with the fun of Disney!

Disney created an air cushioned tub with a supportive back piece. The support lets you wash your baby without allowing them to slip into the water accidentally. To prevent falls, the bottom of the tub features a textured, non-slip surface.

For safety, Disney installed a water temperature display that ensures you never put your baby in water that is too warm. Babies have sensitive skin and need the right temperature. There are two, large storage pockets at the end of the tub, the perfect place to store soap and shampoo while washing your baby. After bathtub is over and it is deflated, all you need to do is hang it by the provided hook.

Disney guarantees their tub is 100 percent BPA, PVC, and Phthalate free, as well as being entirely metal free. If you are looking for an affordable yet cute tub for traveling, you don’t have a better option than the Disney Princess Tub!

Under $30

A&S Creavention Inflatable Baby Bath Tub – Pink

If you want a nicer inflatable bath tub than a $12 one, the A&S tub receives high ratings from parents. The entire tub is made of environmental green, non-toxic PVC. Dimensions of the tub are 10.2 inches x 9.2 inches x 2.9 inches. If you are looking for something that is larger than the Munchkin duck, the A&S is a significant step up!

A&S added subtle qualities to their bath tub. There is an anti-slippery center cushion that resembles ridges. It stops the baby from slipping if he stands up inside of the water. There is an inflatable head rest and comfort pillow, providing your child with comfort while taking a bath.

On the side of the tub, there are pockets for shampoo, soap and other items like fun toys. For convenience, A&S placed a water level marker inside of the tub, so you know how much water is safe to add. At the bottom of the tub, there is an easy draining design that is perfect for cleaning and draining.

Parents can purchase this inflatable tub in either pink or blue. It has impressive features for convenience and safety. The best benefit is the size; it is considerably larger than the budget tubs, giving your baby more place to play. Also, you will get more use out of a bigger tub.

Kel-Gar Snug-Tub Elephant Supersize

Our next choice for the best baby inflatable bath tub is by Kel-Gar. The Snug Tub gives your child a safe place to have fun during the bath. Despite the larger size, it can fit into most standard sized bath tubs, measuring 32 inches x 21 inches on the outside and 21 inches x 14 inches on the inside. Your baby will have lots of place to splash around.

You need to wait until your child can sit up independently to use this tub, and it lasts until they are 24 months old. On the exterior bottom of the tub, there is a non-skid vinyl that prevents the tub from sliding around. This feature is great, especially for porcelain tubs. In case your baby falls, the soft, inflated sides prevent any accidents from happening.

For additional comfort, a contoured headrest makes washing hair easier. At the end of bath time, parents just open the drainage valve at the bottom of the tub. Hang it up with the included suction cup for fast drying. It does deflate quickly, so it is a good choice for traveling. The Snug Tub is larger than typical so that it would take more space than usual, but it is still an excellent choice for traveling.

Shrunks Classic Inflatable Travel Infant Toddler Bath Tub

Travel loving parents enjoy the Shrunks Classic tub. It receives high reviews because it is easy to carry with you everywhere that you go. Your baby has plenty of places to splash around in the Shrunks; the dimensions are 33.1 inches x 23 inches x 1.2 inches. It is best to use this tub for babies who can sit up independently until they reach two years of age.

Shrunks created a high-quality bath tub; it has a higher retail value. There is a comfortable, contoured, built-in headrest, ideal for washing hair or new sitters. Pockets are conveniently placed for you to put your soap and shampoo. Parents can feel confident putting their baby in a tub made without BPA, Phthalate, and lead.

This inflatable baby bath tub is popular because of its size. Your child has ample space to grow so that you can use it for years. The texture on the bottom of it ensures your baby won’t slip and fall. Parents also like the safe material used; there is less concern about chemicals harming your baby due to the warm water. For the price, you are getting a bargain, since it is so much larger than other choices.

Disney Pixar Cars Inflatable Safety Bath Tub for Baby

Is your child a Cars fanatic? Do you own everything else related to Cars? Then, you need the inflatable bath tub to complete your collection. Disney received the 2011 Seal of Approval from the National Parenting Center for their Pixar Car bath tub. Kids love it! Who wouldn’t? It is fun and colorful!

Parents can deflate the Cars tub for easy storage and travel. Once you are done with bath time, you can use the suction cups for quick drying. Thorough drying ensures mold and mildew don’t grow on your child’s bath tub. There are two pockets for quick access to your soaps and wash rags.

The Cars tub doesn’t require any crazy care. Simply wash it with mild soap and water. You should use it for children between six to 18 months old. There is a supportive back piece that lets you move the tub around and allows your baby to sit more comfortably.

Summer Infant Fold Away Baby Bath

Summer Infant is a favorite brand for baby gear. Their fold away baby bath is a bit different than other baby tubs, but it is affordable and durable. You don’t inflate the entire tub, but it folds in half for easy portability and storage.

To ensure your baby is comfortable, Summer Infant created a cushioned, inclined positioner. You can use the baby bath tub for younger infants because they can recline back. You don’t have to worry that their head will slip below the water.  When your child ages, you can remove the inclined positioner for a larger bath tub.

When deflated and folded, you can fit the bath tub into your trunk or under your bathroom sink.  Parents just need to fold the legs inward and push on the bottom to snap it up. The floor of the tub is soft, and it has skid resistance. The bottom of the tub is cushioned, perfect for your baby to sit for a while and play.

Garanimals – Inflatable Safety Baby Bath Tub

Most parents know about the brand Garanimals. They are an affordable brand sold at major retailers throughout the world. Their products are dependable and won’t break the bank. It is worth considering their inflatable bath tub. It is one of the best baby inflatable bath tubs because it isn’t expensive, and it has a great design.

The nicest feature of the tub is the supportive headrest and backrest. The sides of the tub have ribbed bases for extra support. If your baby leans to one side, the ribbing stops the walls from collapsing, which could lead to drowning. It is an excellent safety feature.

Another quality feature is the side pocket for your needed items, like soap and rags. Some tubs don’t offer this, but it is great to have everything right on hand when needed. Don’t use the Garanimals tub before six months old. It is best for babies 6 to 18 months old. If you don’t want to spend an arm and a leg, but you want a sturdy tub, check out the Garanimals one!

Enjoydeal High-End Bathtub Summer Portable Inflatable

Another popular choice for an inflatable bath tub is by Enjoydeal. Parents love how easy it is to use. Deflating and inflating couldn’t be easier; you can do it alone while cleaning up after your child’s bath time. It is a bright blue color with a texturized bottom and ribbing sides for stability and non-slip grips. Your baby won’t slip. If he falls, the walls won’t collapse around him.

The main negative to the Enjoydeal is that it is imported from China. Many people prefer not to purchase any products imported from there, so it may not be the choice for you. However, there are some nice features like the little stopper in the middle that doesn’t allow your child to slide down into the water.

You can use it with babies who aren’t sitting independently because the back is reclined and it has a saddle. It is very similar to other choices because it is easy to use and take along places. Your baby has plenty of space to splash and plays as they get older.

Under $45

Signstek Baby Infant Travel Bathing Tub

One of the common complaints about baby inflatable bath tubs is that it doesn’t provide enough space for the baby to stretch out and have fun truly. Water and bath time is supposed to be enjoyable! This tub measures 16.4 inches x 10.6 inches x 4.4 inches, a considerable size for a baby tub!

Signstek added some great features to their travel tub. It has an anti-slip center. There are a cushioned headrest and a comfortable pillow for your new sitter. You will find side pockets for your baby’s soap and shampoo. There is also another pocket for items you don’t want to get wet during bath time, like your phone.

On the interior of the tub, Signstek added a water level marker that lets you know you have the right amount of water inside. The bottom of the tub has a drain hole for easy cleaning and draining. Both of these features are convenient and practical. You will also like the quality of the inflatable tub! The reviews are high for a reason; parents love the size and incredible features!

Redcolourful Infant-to-Toddler Inflatable Bath Tub

Do you need to purchase a nice inflatable bath tub as a baby shower gift? You don’t want to give them a cheap tub; you want to impress and provide them with a nice choice for their new baby. The Redcolourful tub is available in red and blue. The material used meets European Standards, which are stricter than the United States’ standards.

Redcolourful made their tub comfortable and spacious, giving our child plenty of space to play. Dimensions are 10.3 inches x 9.4 inches x 2.8 inches. The entire tub is padded, making it safe for your baby. A texturized bottom prevents your child from slipping. It is best used for children between 8 and 48 months. There is plenty of space for a three-year old child, which is an unusual feature.

Parents love that the bath tub deflates quickly. It also folds nicely, making it an excellent choice for traveling. The Redcolourful inflatable is a higher quality tub. The material used is a non-toxic PVC. It receives great reviews, and parents trust that it will last them for years to come.

Picking the Best Baby Inflatable Bath Tubs

I selected 13 popular choices for the best baby inflatable bath tubs. All of these have high ratings, and parents have left good ratings. If you are looking for a budget friendly choice, the Munchkin Duck is one of the most popular choices. My kids always enjoyed it, especially the fact that it can quack. The temperature indicator is one of the best features, letting you know if the water is too hot for your child.

If you want a larger inflatable bath tub, the A&S Creavention bath tub is an excellent choice. It is one of the largest options we have listed. Many babies like space to splash and play. A&S gives your baby space to grow and enjoy their tub. Also, a larger tub means you will get more months out of it rather than just a few.

Do you have a favorite inflatable baby bath tub? I would love to hear what you use!

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