The Ultimate Guide to the Best Baby Diaper Bags

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The one piece of baby gear that no parent should ever be without is the baby diaper bag.  This will literally hold your everything for the first couple years of your baby’s life.  When you have a child there is no such thing as “running a quick errand” anymore.  It is impossible to run down the street without a spare diaper in tow, let alone making a run to the store.  These storage bags were basically designed to hold everything you will need and even some items you don’t think you may need to help make your day go smoothly. 

So what should expect to find in a great diaper bag?  Any feature that will make your life easier is exactly what you should look for when shopping around.  First and most importantly should be storage space.  Because you will need to carry anything from diapers to a change of clothes; finding a baby diaper bag with deep pockets and storage is a must.  There should be different options when it comes to storage as well.  Having easier access to a front secure pocket will make everything a little easier for you because you can have quicker access to important things like your wallet and phone.  This means you don’t have to dig through your bag to find your keys.

Another great feature that you should look for when shopping for one of the best baby diaper bags is an insulated bottle pocket.  If you’re bottle feeding your baby you know about the often unpredictability that comes along with the times your child will want to eat.  Obviously it is always important to travel with a bottle ready to go because when you have a young child quick trips can turn into long adventures.  An insulated bottle pocket will be fitted with special fabric that will help to keep your bottle either cool or warm depending on what you need.  This is important to have because there is no easy way to travel with a bottle warmer

Some newer designed diaper bags will come with extra features that may be what you never knew you needed until you have them.  One of these neat little innovative features is a baby wipe compartment that allows you to grab a baby wipe from the outside of the bag.  This is great because as you know, baby wipes are great for other things besides wiping your baby’s bottom.  Baby wipes do a great job when it comes to quick on hand clean up so having them always within your reach makes life just a little bit easier.

When it comes to actually picking out a baby diaper bag, you should know that they come in a couple different styles to choose from.  Each different style will offer something a little bit different from the other so make sure to weigh the pros and cons of each to find the one that will work best for you.

Messenger Diaper Bag

A messenger diaper bag is the traditional bag that most people think of first when it comes to diaper bags.  There are fitted with an adjustable strap that allows you to wear the strap on your shoulder or across your chest.  This is a great bag for both sexes because it is adjustable and can stretch out for taller parents to wear comfortably.  Don’t worry about causing too much strain on your neck or shoulders either because most on the time these types of bags are fitted with some sort of comfort padding to protect your skin and muscles. 

There is a reason that messenger diaper bags have been the most popular type of diaper bag, the pockets.  These types of bags are usually fitted with one large deep pocket right in the center that can be filled up to the brim with clothes, toys and diapers without any strain.  Besides the large main pocket you will also find several other pockets that will serve a different purpose.  Basically, you will have a pocket for anything. 

The interior of the messenger diaper bag will usually be constructed with some type of nylon or vinyl that will not only be tough enough to hold up for a few years but will also make the bag waterproof.  Having the bag be waterproof is extremely important since you will be storing beverages and wet diapers temporarily in it.  Lastly, parents love the messenger diaper bag for the style that they bring.  They come in a wide variety of colors and designs so you can be sure to find one that matches the rest of your baby gear.

The only downside to this traditional style of diaper bags is that sometimes they can be a bit bulky.  Because there are not any hooks or clips to strap it to your stroller, many times your only option when it comes to storing it is to keep it in the large storage basket in the undercarriage of the stroller.  This leaves very little room for much else to be stored there.

Tote Bags

Tote bags have quickly become and easy solution for parents who are looking for a diaper that offers a good amount of storage with less amount of bulk.  These trendy little bags are a great option too because they will last you long past the baby years.  Parents are drawn to the eco friendly nature of tote bags because they are often constructed out of recyclable materials.  A great plus is also that these bags are not only strong a durable enough to last, they also are machine washable making them ideal for your already messy life.

When it comes to storage you don’t always have many options with a tote bag.  These bags are usually fitted with one large pocket in the center for all of your diaper and clothing storage needs.  Other than the large pocket there is usually a smaller inside pocket with is a great place to store your keys and phone.  A downside is that these bags are not always fitted with a zipper or any other form of security which means that you might be wary about overfilling it.

The other thing that you may want to consider before choosing a tote diaper bag is that the straps are not adjustable like other diaper bags which don’t make it ideal for taller parents or most men.  While this may be a bit of a disappointment, tote diaper bags can be a great option as a second diaper bag for shorter parents.

Backpack Style Diaper Bags

Last on the list of types of diaper bags is the backpack style bag.  While for years parents have preferred to use a traditional shoulder diaper bag, backpack diaper bags have become extremely popular recently.  This is because backpack style diaper bags combine all of the storage capabilities of messenger bags with the comfort and style that you would expect from a backpack.  These types of bags are especially great for male parents who want to feel a little more comfortable when carrying around a packed diaper bag.

Most backpack diaper bags come fitted with exterior insulated bottle holders for quicker access as well as a special baby wipe pocket.  The inside storage is also very impressive due to the extra pocket space and well as secure zippers.  These bags are perfect for families who do a good amount of traveling because they are easier to pack and carry.

The best feature of backpack style diaper is the adjustable clips that are fitted on most of these style bags.  These clips are meant to securely attach directly onto whichever stroller you are using.  This is great not only because it will leave the storage basket empty but it also makes everything more easily accessible.  While the backpack style bags are some of the best baby diaper bags, the do often times come with a higher price tag.  This also means, however, that they are built to last long past the diaper changing stage.

Once you know what kind of diaper bag style you want to purchase for your family, it’s time to start shopping!  Here are some of the best baby diaper bags available today.

NimNik Baby Premium Diaper Tote Bag

The NimNik Baby Premium Diaper Tote Bag is one of the best tote style diaper bags on the market and comes backed by mostly positive reviews from people who have used and loved them.  Parents love these diaper bags for not only their amazing storage capabilities but also their ultra trendy and cute designs.  The best part about the NimNik Baby Premium Diaper Tote Bag is that is claims to be much more than a tote diaper bag.  This all in one system allows for you to adjust to bag and transform it into a messenger, shoulder or tote bag depending on your preference.  This is great for parents who can’t quite decide which bag would work best for them

The pockets and storage on this adorable tote bag are amazing as well.  Filled with tons of deep pockets for diapers and clothes as well as zipper secure smaller pockets, this bag is sure to fit everything you need.  The fabric of the NimNik tote bag is made out of BPA free and non-odor polyester which helps keep the bag dry and fresh even when holding dirty diapers.  Another great feature of this tote diaper bag is that it comes with a changing mat which is also made out of waterproof materials.  This padded little mat is a lifesaver when it comes to quick diapers changes without a changing station in sight.

Overall the NimNik Baby Premium Diaper Tote Bag is a great choice for any family.  It is priced pretty fairly and comes with a 100% money back guarantee, so there is nothing to lose!

Lekebaby Unisex Ultra-Large Capacity Back Pack Diaper Bag

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This amazing diaper bag is a backpack style diaper bag which has all of your storage and style needs all rolled into one.  The Lekebaby Unisex Backpack Diaper bag is a favorite among parents who pride themselves on having a modern style but also want a product that will be meeting all their baby’s changing needs.  This diaper bag is fitted with 18 different exterior and interior secure pockets that help to keep all of your baby’s things organized and easy to grab.  Best of all the entire bag is completely waterproof which is great for families who do a lot of city walking through unpredictable weather.  There is even a special little pocket located at the back of the bag which is perfect for your keys and phone.

Not only are your storage needs met with the Lekebaby Unisex Backpack Diaper bag, your comfort is covered too.  The adjustable backpack straps are fitted with padded foam to ease shoulder and neck pain while the breathable material will help reduce the chance of sweet and friction build up.  The neutral gray color lends itself to a unisex design and also allows you to continue to use the backpack long past the diaper stage.  The Lekebaby diaper bag allows you to also choose between two options, one that comes with stroller clips and one without.  All in all you will love the style and comfort as well as the hands free lifestyle.

Graco Gotham Smart Organizer System Back Pack Diaper Bag

If you’re interested in trying out a backpack style diaper bag but also want to use a name brand that you know and trust; the Graco Gotham Smart Organizer System Backpack Diaper bag is perfect for you.  It is backed by the well known Graco name, which has been producing some of the best baby products for years.  Along with the typical storage space you would hope to find from a diaper bag, you also get an outside baby wipe pocket which is great for quick cleanups.  During a messy diaper change it can be frustrating digging through a packed bag to find the wipes, so this feature is a great time saver. 

A favorite feature among parents is the front backpack pocket which unzips and folds down completely to give instant access to essential items like lotions and diapers.  The whole backpack is fitted with waterproof and durable fabric to keep your things dry and secure.  Comfort of this Graco backpack diaper bag is great too!  The back panel of this backpack features a foam padded section for comfort while the straps adjust and also have comfort padding too.  Along with the backpack you also get a removable changing pad which will protect your child from unclean surfaces during emergency changes.  The fact that this pad is removable is a great bonus because that makes washing this pad a breeze.  The Graco Gotham Smart Organizer System Backpack Diaper bag is reasonably priced and designed with quality in mind making it one of the best baby diaper bags.

Skip Hop Dash Signature Diaper Bag

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Next on the list of great diaper bags is a more tradition messenger style bag with a modern sleek twist.  The Skip Hop Dash Signature Diaper Bag is a luxury piece of baby gear that offers a ton of space as well as comfort and style.  The addition of two side bottle pockets are perfect for when you’re on the go and don’t have time to dig around looking for a bottle when your child gets fussy.  These pockets are not only sized perfectly to fit bottles, they also fit sippy cups like a dream.  By being able to choose from two different stages of bottles you are able to use this diaper bag for a whole lot longer.  Overall there are 11 pockets for deep storage which include one zipper secure “parent pocket” to hold all the important things like your keys and wallet.

The adjustable shoulder strap on the Skip Hop Dash Signature Diaper Bag allows you to either wear the bag across your chest or over your shoulder which is great for a parent of any height.  Along with the adjustable strap you also get a carry handle for quick transfer from car to stroller.  The front pocket opens up as a flap with allows you to grab things that are most important quickly like wipes and diapers while the deep back pocket is perfect for storing a baby blanket.  The contrasting gray and black is super sleek looking and would match and baby items you already have.  The best part is that the flap closures are magnetic so you don’t have to worry about fussing around with snaps and zippers during fast changes.  The Skip Hop Dash Signature Diaper Bag is priced a little higher than others but with the addition of a changing pad it is totally worth the price.

SOHO Buddy Birds 6 in 1 Diaper Tote Bag Set

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If you’re looking for a straight forward traditional diaper bag with an affordable price tag, the SOHO Diaper Tote Bag Set is perfect for you.  This is a very basic design of diaper bags and is what most people think of when they hear “diaper bag”  The tote bag style is means to sit comfortably on your shoulder with two comfortable straps.  While this isn’t ideal for taller or male parents, it still is a great diaper bag overall.  The top of the bag unzips for quick access to all of your baby’s items while the exterior pocket is secure and small enough to hold your phone.  The whole bag is fitted with waterproof and breathable materials to reduce the risk of dirt and mold build up. 

While this diaper basic is pretty basic, it does feature a ton of add-ons and accessories hence the 6 in 1 name.  With the diaper bag you get 1 zippered bottle bag which is removable and washable and will hold most sized bottles, small accessory travel case, changing pad, wipe case, and stroller clips.  Parents love the removable wipe case which makes a quick transition from diaper bag to purse if you’re in a rush.  The stroller clips are also great because it allows you to hook the bag directly to your stroller without use of the basket.  The look of this bag is adorable because it is brightly patterned with little birds which lend itself to a very baby friendly design.  Overall the SOHO diaper bag is an excellent choice for tote diaper bags and you are guaranteed to love the little extras you get with it.

Bumpkins Nixi Arcata Recycled Fabric Diaper Bag

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The Bumpkin Nixi Arcata Recycled Fabric Diaper Bag is a perfect choice for parents who want all of the eco-friendly features of a tote bag with the storage and space of a traditional diaper bag.  With this diaper bag, being good to the environment doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style.  This Bumpkins diaper bag is made out of recycled fabric and features a very on-trend geometric pattern which makes it an awesome gender neutral option.  Not only is this fabric recycled and fashionable, it is waterproof as well!  The whole bag is fitted with six exterior pockets which is more outside pockets than are usually seen on a diaper bag.  This means you can quickly grab products without any hassle.  Along with the outside pockets you also get five interior pockets which have deep wells for ultimate storage. 

Along with the diaper bag you also get a matching fabric diaper changing pad as well the option to add on a purchase of rings which are meant to attach the bag directly onto the strollers push bar.  The best part about this bag is that it is completely machine washer safe.  This is perfect because diaper bags end up carrying a lot of germs and dirt and having the option to throw the whole bag in the washer at the end of a long day is a life saver.  Parents also love the base of this bag which allows the bag the stand upright which means there is little chance of everything spilling out. 

Fisher Price Fastfinder Deluxe Messenger Bag

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Last on the list of the best baby diaper bags is the Fisher Price Fastfinder Deluxe Messenger Bag.  That’s right, Fisher Price not only makes some of your child’s favorite toys, they also have some amazing baby gear products available.  This wonderful little messenger bag is a really innovative design that features what you would hope to see, plus a lot more.  The best part is the baby wipe pocket which is featured front and center of the bag for quick access.  There is a hole in the front of the pocket that allows you to pull the wipes directly out of the pocket for an even faster clean up.  All you have to do is fill this pocket with your favorite brand of wipes and you’re ready to go.  On the side of this diaper bag you will also find an insulated bottle pocket to keep your bottle at the perfect temperature every time.  Along with these special pockets you will also find a smaller pocket which is meant to hold your child’s pacifiers which means you never have to go digging around a deep diaper bag to find your child some relief again.

Fisher Price also had parents in mind when designing this bag because of the ultra comfortable adjustable strap which allows you to either wear the bag across your body or over your shoulder.  This along with the waterproof back pocket which is meant to hold your tablet or small laptop makes this a great product for not only child but parent as well.  Once inside the bag you will find a pocket divider which is adjustable to you can customize the organization of your child’s things.  While this bag does seem to be a bit on the bulky side, it does mean that you have that extra room to store even more things.  The look of this bag isn’t too bad either!  The dark gray color with the bold black piping makes it a super classic and stylish addition to your baby stuff.  Not only are you getting quality that is backed by the Fisher Price name, you’re getting endless amount of storage options for all of your traveling needs.

Wrapping it up!

Even though you may feel like you don’t need any more baby stuff cluttering up your life, a diaper bag will actually help you to de-clutter.  A diaper bag will travel with your baby to wherever they may go.  From the mall to a day with grandma and grandpa, they will very rarely be without this magically little bag.  So make sure to find one that meets all of their storage and traveling needs.  Keep in mind these things when choosing one of the best baby diaper bags:

  • Type of bag you need
  • Enough storage space
  • Add-on accessories
  • Waterproof and durable

Once you have the basics down, everything else will fall into place.

As we conclude this discussion on the best baby diaper bags, remember that there’s a wide array of options available to suit every family’s unique needs. Parenthood is a journey filled with discovery, and by embracing the diversity of options, you can find the perfect fit for you and your little one, and in this case you can consider exploring the comprehensive list below for additional recommendations. Happy parenting!

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