The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Best Baby Bouncer Chair

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Little ones are always in constant need for attention but while holding your child is a great way to bond and connect, it isn’t always convenient.  Having an attached child is not a bad thing.  Holding your child is the perfect way to begin a loving relationship, but like everything in life; there needs to be balance.  If you have a super attached baby who screams and yell at even the thought about being put down, it is time to start searching for other solutions.  A baby bouncer chair is the perfect product that will bring you some relief while also comforting your fussy child.  These chairs are more than just a seat for your child.   Not only do most of them bounce but many offer other features that are sure to bring your child some joy. 

What to look for in the best baby bouncer chair?

Before you set out to find a great baby bouncer chair, there are a few things to consider.  There are different styles and variations of these chairs, each offering something unique so to be sure that you have found the best one for your child keep in mind these features:

  • Bounce:

The number one feature of any bouncing chair is the bounce itself.  These chairs don’t need any mechanics to create the perfect light bounce for your baby.  They use your baby’s own weight and natural motions to gently rock the chair up and down.  This not only will entertain your child but will also offer them some amazing comfort.  This is because the bounce is meant to mimic the actual movement and sensation of bouncing a baby in your arms.  This is just one of the reasons why a bouncer chair is a nice alternative for attached children.

  • Vibration:

While some bouncer chairs are pretty standard and basic, others offer some new like vibrations.  Using a tiny motor and some batteries, these bouncer chairs will gently vibrate to soothe any baby.  Many times these chairs come with a few different settings so you don’t have to worry about the vibrations being too strong for a sensitive baby.  These vibrations are meant to mimic those gentle vibrations that your bay felt in the womb.  Because your child will already recognize this as comforting, it is perfect way to calm them down.  Some parents even find that the gentle vibrations even help to put their babies to sleep making this option perfect for parents who have a newborn who doesn’t seem to ever want to get some rest.

  • Detachable toys:

Some of these bouncer chairs have a little bar that hovers over your child.  Often times, these little bars will have a variety of hanging toys depending on the theme of the chair.  These little hanging toys give your baby something to look at; this not only serves as a play function but will also help your child learn how to focus while strengthening their eye sight.  Once your baby is feeling a little brave, they may even try to reach out and grab a toy which will help with dexterity and fine motor skills.  If your baby becomes attached to one of these toys, have no fear!  Many times these little toys are detachable so that your child can take them with them wherever they go. 

  • Sounds and music:

While the bouncing and the vibration is enough to comfort your child, sounds and music take it one step further.  Some of bouncer chairs come with music options that will gently play lullabies or nature sounds.  While this may seem like overstimulation, it isn’t!  This is a great option for children who have come to get used to white noise to help them sleep.  Whether you leave a fan on for your child or play them songs, chances are they have become accustom to being soothed by noises.  Many times with this option you can control not only the volume but the sounds as well.  This way you can truly customize your child’s experience.

  • Easy to clean:

Make sure that when you buy the best baby bouncer chair that the one you have settled on is easy to clean.  This is important because babies are messy!  Whether their little tummies are full on milk of they have a diaper that is on the verge of exploding, accidents are going to happen.  The last thing you would want is to have to discard your newly purchased chair because of some staining or irreversible damages.  Some chairs will be made with a plastic like covering which is easy to wipe down, but these might not be so comfortable.  Some fabric chairs have a removable covering which is machine washable which might just be your best bet.

  • Safety:

First and foremost, the bouncer chair that you have picked out for your little one needs to be safe.  At the top of this list is the buckle.  All bouncer chairs need to have a buckle or a strap on the front of it to keep your child in place.  Even if your child is very little, there is always a chance of them slipping out of the chair or falling forward.  Beyond the buckle, there are much more things to keep in mind when it comes to safety of your child in a bouncer chair.  A few tips to keep your child safe are to always follow basic safety standards.  Always place the chair on the floor and never on a high surface.  Also make sure to keep the chair away from harmful situations like fireplaces, outlets and cords.  Nothing beats adult supervision, so be vigilant!  As long as you follow your intuition when it comes to using a baby bouncer chair, there is no reason why your child can’t have an enjoyable time bouncing and playing.

Now that you know what features you can find in a great bouncer chair, it is time to do some shopping!  Here are some of the best ones available on the market today that come highly rated and recommended by other parents.

Fisher Price Deluxe Bouncer, My Little Snugabunny

When it comes to adorable and baby friendly designs in the best baby bouncer chair, nothing beats the Fisher Price Deluxe Bouncer.  This bouncer has been a top rated and reviewed baby bouncer chair for years.  The My Little Snugabunny theme is perfect for any gender and is certain to fit into any design scheme you have in your house.  The cool cream color paired with hints of sage green, light blue and baby doll pink make this bouncer chair understated and simple while the amazing features help to make this chair the perfect purchase.  One of the many reasons why parents love this bouncer chair is because of the plush fabric that is covering the chair.  This soft to the touch material is the perfect place for babies to drift away for a nap.  They will love relaxing in comfort while looking up at the little birds floating in the air above them.

The special features on the Fisher Price Deluxe Bouncer are just one of the reasons why parents have been choosing this bouncer chair time and time again.  The sturdy metal frame offers amazing support for your infant while still being lightweight enough to bounce without any trouble.  Along with the bouncing, there is also a vibration setting.  Located on the front of the chair is a little panel with buttons that let you choose from different settings and options.  You can choose a high or low vibration depending on your child’s comfort level.  You also get to choose from music and sounds that will play.  The nature sounds go perfectly with the bird theme of this chair while the soothing lullabies are perfect for nap time.  Whichever setting you choose, your child is sure to be entertained and happy.   Overall, parents love the Fisher Price Bouncer because of how easy it is to customize and how lightweight it is so they can freely move it from one room to another without skipping a beat!

Bright Starts Safari Smiles Bouncer

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The Bright Starts Safari Smiles Bouncer is the perfect option for your child.  While the last bouncer on this list was simple and modern, this one is bright enough to engage any child’s imagination.  The bright colorful safari theme is perfect for any adventurous family!  You will love the sunshine yellow color that is complemented by bright blue with happy animal faces.  This baby bouncer chair even has a bar running across the top that has a variety of hanging toys to help engage your child into playing.  The bright blue elephant is the perfect little rattle and also doubles and a teething toy while the red bird toy spins with the slightest touch.  The middle toy is a combination of a rattle and a spinner toy, so whichever toy grabs your child’s attention is sure to bring them some joy.

One of the main reasons why parents love the Bright Starts Safari Smiles Bouncer is how comfortable it is.  The seat is perfectly cushioned for both play and nap so whatever your child chooses to do, will be done with the best amount of support and comfort.  The lightweight frame makes this chair easy to move as well as lets your child bounce all day long.  The extra features are what set this chair apart from others.  Not only are their soothing vibrations, there are also 7 different melodies and songs that will delight your child.  No need to worry about running the batteries down either because this chair will automatically shut off after fifteen minutes.  These is a great extra feature because it’s hard enough to remember to turn the oven often when you’re a new parent let alone remembering to turn off a bouncer chair.  All of these features are easily accessible and simple to use because of the brightly colored panel located on the base of the chair.  All in all, your child can relax in comfort and fun with this adorably patterned baby bouncer chair.

BABYBJORN Bouncer Balance Soft

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If you are looking for the best baby bouncer chair that meets all of your sophisticated and modern style needs, then the BABYBJORN Bouncer Balance Soft chair is perfect for you.  This baby bouncer chair looks nothing like the bouncer chair you may be used to seeing.  Instead of being brightly colored and covered with toys, this chair is a simple black and gray design that will fit perfectly into any modern home.  This chair is also a great option for parents who worry about over stimulating their child with too many sounds and lights and want to stick with a more simple design.  You will also love that the fabric that coverers the baby bouncing chair is made out of 100% natural cotton so that not only are you giving your child a luxury bouncing chair, you are giving them one that is well made without any unneeded materials.

The ergonomic design of the BABYBJORN Bouncer Balance Soft seat helps to give your child the smoothest and most natural range of motion.  The soft and snug design comes complete with a buckle system that will hold your child in place while they enjoy the soft bouncing.  This chair promises to help your child developing balance as well as fine motor skills without any motors or batteries.  This chair uses tour child own size and weight to naturally balance and rock your child.  Because this chair is so snug and fitted it also promises to support and cradle your child’s neck and back which will help them to build up strength as well as grow their muscles.  There are four different positions to choose from, each is specially designed to work for both sleep and play.  Best of all, once your child is done with their bouncer chair for the day, simply fold it flat and store it away and out of sight.  The biggest complaint that parents have about the BABYBJORN Bouncer Balance Soft seat is that it does run on the pricier side but if you have the money to spend, it is totally worth it!

Fisher Price Infant to Toddler Rocker

When it comes to baby bouncer chairs that are designed to grow with your child, nothing beats the Fisher Price Infant to Toddler Rocker.  Not only is this chair perfect for your infant when it comes to comfort and style, but this chair actually transforms into a toddler rocking chair.  This chair starts out as a regular bouncer chair that is supportive by a bright blue frame.  This frame allows your child to gently rock back and forth by using your child’s only natural range of motion.  The fold out kick stand allows you to keep then chair in one position which is perfect for feedings or even nap time.  Along with the rocking motion, there is even calming vibrations that will soothe your child into a great nap.  There are even little hanging toys which play music and sounds that are sure to entertain any baby. 

Once your baby grows out of the infant stage, simply move the kick stand on the frame and transform the Fisher Price Infant to Toddler Rocker into a toddler rocking chair.  The toys that once hung above their heads are removable so that your toddler can continue to safely play with them for as long as they wish.  The bright color and sounds are sure to keep even the most curious of toddlers entertained.  Your toddler can feel free to rock along all day long while still being able to use the buckle system located on the seat of the chair for a safe adventure.  Your toddler can use this chair all the way up to 40lbs which helps to make this product the best baby bouncer chair because you don’t need to get rid of it so quickly.  Overall, you will love the Fisher Price Infant to Toddler Rocker for the bright and colorful design as well as the shelf life.

Ingenuity SmartBounce Automatic Ridgedale Bouncer

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The Ingenuity SmartBounce Automatic Ridgedale Bouncer is perfect for those technologically advanced families out there who are looking for a bouncer that offers them much more.  Above all things, this bouncer is really cute and gender neutral.  The light gray color is perfectly complimented by the teal blue with the chevron pattern.  Along with the cute design, this chair also comes with two little hanging buddies for your child to grab onto.  There is even a friendly animal face located on the buckle, which helps to tie the whole animal theme in.  This chair will bounce with ease depending on how active your child is but also offers your child a little help to do so.  There are two speeds of bouncing that were specifically designed to mimic a parent’s natural bouncing motion. 

Along with the natural bouncing motion, the Ingenuity SmartBounce Automatic Ridgedale Bouncer has 11 different melodies and nature sounds to choose from.  Best of all, these sounds are customizable because you can control the volume.  There is even a bouncer and sound timer which will automatically shut off the bouncing motion after 30 minutes.  Because of the automatic features of this bouncer seat, you will actually save money on batteries which is great for families on a budget as well as eco friendly families.  Overall, parents love the Ingenuity SmartBounce Automatic Ridgedale Bouncer because of how easy it is to use and operate as well as the high quality premium fabrics that were uses in making it.  You will not be disappointed!

Sassy Cuddle Bug Bouncer

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The Sassy Cuddle Bug Bouncer is a great option for a bouncer chair because of how adorable it looks.  This little bug design is sure to brighten up any house and your child’s smile while bouncing away in it is sure to brighten up your mood!  This chair looks like little butterfly with your child sitting safely in the middle.  You know that your child will stay in place too because of the adjustable lap strap which is covered in comfortable padding so that your child won’t feel any pinching in their legs or belly.  The frame is fitted with non slip “feet” which will keep the chair from sliding around while your child is bouncing.  Not only will these gripped bottoms keep the chair in place, it will also prevent scratches on your floors which is a major plus.

The best feature by far of the Sassy Cuddle Bug Bouncer is that the wings double up as a swaddle blanket.  If your child needs that extra bit of comfort or warmth, you simply fold the wings in to wrap around your child’s body.  This is a great extra feature because it makes this chair perfect for traveling because you won’t need to bring any extra blankets with you on the road!  On the hanging bar is three little age appropriate toys that are meant to engage your child in imaginative play while also being safe enough to double as teething toys.  You also get options when it comes to vibrations or music that can play for your child.  You simply just turn on these features by pushing one of the buttons on the panel that is located on the base of the chair.  Lastly, with this baby bouncer chair you also get color options.  You can choose from the bright purple or the colorful blue this way you can sure to best one to fit in with your child’s style.

Final Thoughts

Baby bouncer chairs are a great way for parents to get the best out of both worlds.  These chairs allow you to get more done because they allow you to comfort your child while also keeping your hands free to roam.  Not only does the best baby bouncer chair comfort your child, they were designed to help your child to grow and develop by harnessing their fine motor skills and imagination.

As we conclude this discussion on the best baby bounder chairs, remember that there’s a wide array of options available to suit every family’s unique needs. Parenthood is a journey filled with discovery, and by embracing the diversity of options, you can find the perfect fit for you and your little one, and in this case you can consider exploring the comprehensive list below for additional recommendations. Happy parenting!

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