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Having a great stroller is an important part of having children.  This is your main source of travel, whether you live in a big city or out in the country.  But did you know that you customize your living experiences depending on what type of stroller you choose?  There are strollers out there for every type of lifestyles.  There are strollers that are geared toward parents who like to jog, and there are lightweight stroller designed specifically for families on the go.  Choosing a stroller that fits into the way you like to live your life and not the other way around is a great way to guarantee that you and your child can live your lives to the fullest.  One all the best type of strollers that won’t limit it you when it comes to adventures is an all terrain stroller.

What is an all terrain stroller?

All terrain strollers are specially designed pieces of baby gear that allow you to easy transition for sidewalk to running trail.  This means that you can now experience all the wonder of the world without ever feeling limited by the type of stroller you own.  What makes an all terrain stroller great?  If you have decided to give an all terrain stroller a go, there are a few key features that you should keep an eye out for so that you can ensure that you have made the right choice.  Here is what you should look for in the best all terrain stroller:

  • All terrain tires:

The number one thing that makes an all terrain stroller great is the tires that they are fitted with.  Often times these tires differ from other traditional stroller tires because they are air filled tires.  Air filled tires are better equip to handle bumps and uneven trails.  Some tires are even modeled after bicycle tires which make them great for when you want to venture off the path.  Even if the tires are not air filled, but made out of plastic, they may still be considered all terrain.  This is because they will feature little grooves and grips that allow the stroller to stay the course without going off path. 

  • Suspension system:

The next thing to look for in a great all terrain stroller is the suspension system.  This system should be able to not only absorb shock but should be able to transfer energy away from your child’s seat.  This is often times accomplished with the type of metal the frame is made out of.  Finding a great suspension system is important because while traveling off the beaten path is a lot of fun, it can take a toll on your child.  When you have a great suspension on your stroller you are ensuring that your little one will never feel any bumps along the way which will help them to have a smooth and enjoyable ride.

  • Great brakes:

In order to keep your child safe while traveling the road less traveled it is important to find an all terrain stroller that is fitted with some really great brakes.  Look for a stroller that has one touch brakes located at the base of the tires so that you can place the stroller in park when not moving.  If you are planning on picking up some serious speed when it comes to adventuring with your baby, try to find an all terrain stroller that comes with handle brakes.  These brakes that are located at the top of the stroller are much like the air brakes that you would find on a bicycle and will do just as good a job at stopping.

  • Safety features:

Obviously at the top of any list is safety.  This is especially true when it comes to all terrain strollers.  Because all terrain strollers are meant to travel anywhere, you want to make sure that above all things that your child is protected.  This goes beyond just having the best safety harness system.  Try to find a stroller that also has side impact testing as well as cushioned seats.  This will not only help to keep your child comfortable but will help to keep them safe.  Another safety feature to look for is some sort of sun protection for your little one.  Often times, the damage that is done by the sun is forgotten about and sun screen doesn’t always cut it.  Also to make sure that you are doing your best to keep your child safe, get a stroller that is not only age appropriate, but size appropriate as well.

  • Extra features:

While these are not things that you really need, they do help to enhance your strolling experience.  Things like cup holders and snack trays are great for long trips out.  Storage baskets and stroller clips are also a great feature to look for if you are planning a great vacation.  All of these will help to make life a little bit easier when traveling with a child.

If you are set on giving the best all terrain stroller a shot for all of your adventures, as well as your everyday life, it is time to start doing some shopping!  Here are some great all terrain strollers to consider.

Baby Trend Range Jogging Stroller

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  • Front swivel wheels
  • Extra wide
  • Multi position seat
  • Adjustable five point harness
  • Child snack tray
  • Easy to fold
  • Tether strap
  • Grooved wheels
  • Storage basket
  • Sun shade
  • Jogging stroller design

The Baby Trend Range Jogging Stroller is perfect for all of you all terrain traveling needs.  While this stroller is traditionally a jogging stroller, it is not limited to only parents who love to jog.  Because this stroller is so easy to push, turn and maneuver is why it is a great purchase for any family’s lifestyle.  The wheels are swivel type wheels that turn with ease with very little effort on your part.  These wheels also lock with just the tap of your foot to help keep your little one safe when the stroller in not in motion.  The large rear tires resemble those that you would find on a bicycle and are grooved for the perfect no-skid ride.  The wheels can certainly handle any lump and bump you throw their way which helps to make this stroller the best all terrain stroller.

With the Baby Trend Range Jogging Stroller you know that your child will be safe no matter where the two of you adventure to.  This is because your child will be riding safely while being protected by the five point harness system.  This system is also adjustable so that you can extend it to literally grow with your child every step of the way.  The tethered strap that is attached to this stroller will give you just that extra little piece of mind while out for a stroll.  This strap attaches directly to the stroller itself while the other end you wear around your wrist.  This helps you to know that the stroller will always be within your reach no matter what the running situation is like.  Along with this you also get some great extra features like cup holders, snack tray, storage basket as well as a retractable sun shade to protect your child’s sensitive skin.

Here are some of the pros and cons that parents who have used this stroller have:


  • Worth the money
  • Very durable and holds up
  • Perfect for any terrain
  • Rolls like a dream
  • Easy to push
  • Feels high quality
  • Sturdy construction


  • Not great for tall kids
  • Tether strap broke
  • Tires are expensive to replace
  • Storage basket is too small

BOB Gear Revolution FLEX Stroller

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  • State of the art suspension system
  • Adjustable handle bar
  • Two stages of weight support
  • Swivel front wheels
  • Jogging stroller design
  • Extra large rear tires
  • Easy lock wheels
  • Mesh storage basket
  • Sun shade
  • Tether strap
  • Color options
  • Easy fold

When it comes to a great all terrain stroller that is also a luxury baby gear item, the BOB Gear Revolution Flex Stroller cannot be beat!  The reason that this stroller is so highly regarded and rated is because it is one of the only ones that offer a complete customization for both parent and child.   The handle bar itself is revolutionary.  This handle bar adjusts to nine different positions.  This depends on not only the height of the person who is pushing it but all their comfort level.  If you prefer to push the stroller with a high grip, all you have to do is simply adjust to bar to the exact level you want.  These handle bars are even covered in a comfort grip foam that allows you to keep strolling around all day long without getting blisters.  While this stroller will adjust to you, it will adjust to your child as well! 

Your little one will love the adjustable seat in the BOB Gear Revolution FLEX Stroller.  This seat pushes back or forwards depending on what type of mood your little one is in at the moment.  If it is quickly approaching nap time and there is no end to the trail in sight, have no fear!  Simply adjust the back of your child’s seat to allow them to lay back and catch a little sleep while you can continue going about your jog.  The truly amazing thing about this stroller, however, is the suspension system.  This suspension system is what makes this stroller perfect for any terrain.  Even the suspension system is customizable.  This works to absorb shock and transfer energy while also having two separate suspension settings depending on how much weight support your child needs.  While the suspension system is amazing, it is the air filled tires that allow you to have a fully smoother ride no matter what the conditions.

Here are some disadvantages as well as advantages of the BOB Gear Revolution FLEX Stroller:


  • Super high quality
  • Handle bar is perfect for tall parents
  • Holds air nicely in the tires
  • Runs over rocks without child feeling anything
  • Brake is easy to work
  • Front wheels turn with no problem
  • Weather proof


  • Too expensive
  • Car seat didn’t adapt
  • Not great for bigger kids

Bumbleride Indie Baby Stroller

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  • Weighs only 22lbs
  • Eco fabrics
  • Adjustable foot rest
  • 1 step fold
  • 3 year warranty
  • Mesh storage basket
  • Retractable sun shade
  • Jogging style stroller
  • Aerodynamic
  • Top rated
  • 360 degree swivel wheels
  • Wrist strap
  • Air pump

The Bumbleride Indie Baby Stroller is a great option for your all terrain needs while also being extremely lightweight.  This stroller tops out at 22lbs making it one of the lightest all terrain strollers available on the market today.  This is perfect for families who do a lot of traveling but who also do not want a bulky, hard to carry stroller.  Along with being super lightweight, you will love that this stroller is constructed out of recyclable materials.  From the lightweight frame, to the fabrics that are found in the seat, many of these materials have been upgraded from recyclable plastics and fabrics.  This helps to not only make this is stroller the best all terrain stroller but also makes it perfect for families who want to live a more green and eco friendly life.  Even thought this stroller is eco friendly that does not mean it isn’t comfortable.  Your child will love the wide seat that is covered in comfort padding to help them enjoy the ride no matter where you go.  They will also love the padded adjustable foot rest.  This way they can literally kick their feet up while exploring the world.

The Bumbleride Indie Stroller gets such high ratings for how convenient it is.  The one step fold allows you to not only pop open this stroller at a moment’s notice, but also allows you to fold it away for quick and easy storage just as quickly.  Once folded, this stroller even stays standing on its own to you don’t have to worry about it getting dirty.  This is great for hitting mudding trails!  The tires are air filled tires which help it to keep the ride smooth.  If the tires are running low, have no fear!  Included with this stroller is a tiny portable air pump so that you can always be sure that the tired are full and ready to go.  You also get a wrist strap as well as a folding bumper bar.  These extra accessories are just one of the reasons why parents keep running back to this stroller.

Here are some other reasons why parents choose the Bumbleride Indie Baby Stroller:


  • Offers a perfectly smooth ride
  • Well made
  • Highly durable fabrics
  • Great customer service
  • Great for any adventure
  • Works with car seat snap in system
  • Great color choices
  • High quality


  • Price is too high
  • Canopy folds too low
  • Buckles can be too tight

RECARO Performance Denali Luxury Stroller


  • Traditional style stroller
  • Quick and compact fold
  • Fully reclining seat
  • Puncture proof tires
  • Auto lock close
  • Adjustable handle bars
  • Sturdy frame
  • Sun shade
  • Extra large storage basket
  • Padded foot rest
  • Cup holders
  • Snack tray
  • Woven high quality fabric

If you are looking for a great all terrain stroller but also don’t want to purchase a jogging stroller, you should check out the RECARO Performance Denali Luxury Stroller.  This stroller offers many of the benefits of other all terrain strollers, with one big difference, the wheels!  Instead of a three wheel design which is often times best for running and exercise, this stroller has the traditional four wheel design that you may be used to seeing.  This helps to offer a little more stability while also still being great for park trails and sidewalks.  Your child will love this stroller because of all of the positions they can enjoy their adventure in.  This brand calls this stroller “nap friendly” and they are right to!  Not only does this seat pull back to recline, it can actually lay flat.  This means that no matter where you and your child are traveling that day, they are only a few steps away from a perfectly comfortable nap.  Not only does the reclining make this true, but the comfort padded seats helps.

While most traditional strollers use plastic tires, not with the RECARO Performance Denali Luxury Stroller.  These tires are made from a special rubber that is puncture proof.  This also helps this stroller be all terrain because you can easily roll over rocks and sticks without worrying about breaking the tires.  Not only are these tires tough enough to hold up throughout whatever you throw its way, they also swivel and turn like a dream.  This opens up the world for you because now you don’t need to worry about a train being too curvy or difficult to maneuver.  You will also love the retractable sun shade that when used in tandem with the RECARO car seat, you can fully extend to cover your child completely.  This not only offers them some privacy but also gives them the best protection against the sun’s harmful rays.  Lastly, you will adore the extra large storage basket that can found right at the bottom of the stroller.  It is large enough to hold a diaper bag plus a few extra bags!

Here are some things that make the RECARO Performance Denali Luxury Baby Stroller a top seller:


  • Big basket is a plus
  • Easy to open and close
  • Feels high quality
  • Car seat adapts easily
  • Looks classy
  • Highly rated brand
  • Rides like a dream
  • Tires feel very durable
  • Child love the lay back feature


  • Too expensive
  • Seems bulky and heavy
  • Handle drags on the ground when closed

Graco Fastaction Fold Jogger Click Connect Stroller

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  • Extra large rear tires
  • Air filled wheels
  • Suspension system
  • Works with Click Connect car seat
  • One hand fold
  • Self standing
  • Rear wheel brakes
  • Storage basket
  • Sun shade with mesh
  • Cup holders
  • Snack tray
  • Padded seat
  • Comfort grip handles

Finding the best all terrain stroller doesn’t mean that you need to pay an arm and a leg for endless adventures.  That is exactly what the Graco Fastaction Fold Jogger Click Connect Stroller has set out to do.  This stroller offers many of the features that you would find in high end all terrain strollers while also being budget friendly enough for any family.  The one feature that stands out with the stroller is the retractable sun canopy.  This sun shade is different from others because it features mesh panels located on the sides.  This not only looks really cool but serves a much greater purpose.  Because of the mesh sides, there is better air flow running to your child’s seat.  This helps them to stay cool while out in the sun while also being protected.  It also helps to not disrupt their view.  This is important for budding toddlers who are curious beings.

You will also love the extra large air filled tires on the Graco Fastaction Fold Jogger Click Connect Stroller.  The wheels help the ride stay smooth while also never limiting you when it comes to the adventures you want to experience.  If you already use a Graco Click Connect Car Seat, you are in luck!  This all terrain stroller works perfectly with any Click Connect Car seat so that now you can start your traveling adventures with your little one starting at an earlier age.

Here are some pros and cons that other parents have found with the Graco Fastaction Fold Jogger Click Connect Stroller:


  • Budget friendly
  • Great color choices
  • Wheels ride very smoothly
  • Easy to turn
  • Doesn’t feel bulky


  • Sun shade gets stuck
  • Storage basket is too small

Tike Tech Double All Terrain X3 Sport Stroller


  • Two separate seats
  • Jogging style stroller
  • Extra large wheels
  • Guaranteed all terrain
  • Bright color option
  • Comfort padded push handles
  • Storage bin
  • Additional accessory options
  • Aluminum frame
  • Fixed front wheel
  • Lightweight

If you are a parent of twins or two younger children, you are covered too!  The Tike Tech Double All Terrain X3 Sport Stroller is a great option for larger families who still want to enjoy all that the world has to offer.  The secret is in the extra large air filled tired.  These tires are huge and look more like something you would see on BMX bikes.  This is because you literally have doubled the weight to push around, so you will need double the protection.  Each kid can ride around in style and comfort with their adjustable seats that are covered in super comfortable padding.  You will also love all of the parent friendly features.  One of these features is the extra long storage bin that is located underneath the stroller.  This bin extends to the full width of the stroller so that you can now carry double the stuff.

While the Tike Tech Double All Terrain X3 Sport Stroller is means for those outdoor adventures, you can just easily maneuver it through a concrete jungle as well.  Sometimes weaving through crowded sidewalks is just as difficult as running down a bumpy trail.  You will never lose control of this stroller either because of the front wheel that automatically adjusts and moves with you.  This is because it has special adjustable tracking that thinks two steps ahead of you at each and every turn.  Lastly you will love the bright colors that this stroller is available in.  The bright autumn orange is perfect for parents who are not afraid of color.

Here are some reasons why you should give it a try!


  • Wheels work great on trails
  • Love the extra long storage bin
  • Comfort handles feel great
  • Both kids love the smooth ride
  • Easy to turn and maneuver
  • Worth the price for double the stroller


  • Hard to street on tight turns
  • Can’t reach basket when children are in seat
  • Hard to store

In Conclusion

Buying the best all terrain stroller means that you never have to sacrifice adventure for comfort!  Not only are these amazing strollers perfect for city living, but they work just as well when you are out in the wilderness.  This is why so many parents swear by them.  Life doesn’t always have to be either or, you really can have the best of both worlds.  Good luck and take care!

As we conclude this discussion on the best all terrain strollers, remember that there’s a wide array of options available to suit every family’s unique needs. Parenthood is a journey filled with discovery, and by embracing the diversity of options, you can find the perfect fit for you and your little one, and in this case you can consider exploring the comprehensive list below for additional recommendations. Happy parenting!

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