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Almost every woman knows that feeling of needing to purchase a pregnancy test, as well as the overwhelming confusion when they see how many different brands and styles there are available.  In order to choose the pregnancy that will work best for you, you must first know about what each one has to offer.  The Accu Clean Pregnancy Test is a brand that you can find just about anywhere and has been used and trusted by women for years, but does it hold up?  Here is an in depth look into the Accu Clear Pregnancy Test so that you can feel confident when it comes to getting a clear and accurate response.

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How Accurate is the Accu Clear Pregnancy Test?

The number one thing to note about any pregnancy test is whether or not it will be accurate.  You may surprised to know that there is much more that goes into the accuracy of a pregnancy test than just a correct negative or positive response.  The main way that you may be sure about whether or not a pregnancy test is accurate is depending on the time that you take the test itself.  The later you wait after a missed period, the more accurate the test will be.  The Accu Clear Pregnancy Test claims to be 99 percent correct when used the day of your missed period or later.  While you may get an accurate response earlier on, it won’t be as clear as this time. 

It is also important to note that a positive response is most likely correct.  It is very rare to get a false positive.  This is because pregnancy tests react to the hCG in your body.  While women naturally have this hormone in their bodies every day, there is more of it when they are expecting which will cause a positive response.  This is exactly how the Accu Clear Pregnancy Test is meant to work.  It is also important to note that a false negative is very common, especially if the test is taken too early before your missed period.

While a pregnancy test is often taken when a woman suspects they are pregnant, it is also a great tool to use when it comes to family planning.  Women who are actively trying to get pregnant will use pregnancy tests early on because they are already aware that there is a chance of conception.  To get the best result, use an ovulation calculator as well as a period tracker to help you to pin down the most ideal date for you to get the most accurate response.

If you are planning on using the Accu Clear Pregnancy Test for early results, you are in luck.  This pregnancy test is one of the most sensitive ones available on the market which means that it takes little hCG hormone to get a clear result.  The earliest that it is recommended to use the Accu Clear Pregnancy Test for the best response is up to five days before your missed period.  This is where a period tracker comes in handy, because if this is a potential planned pregnancy you know the stress that comes along with the unknown. 

It is important to remember that every woman is different and that this is especially true when it comes to the amount of pregnancy hormone in their system.  So what works for one woman may not necessarily for you.  That being said, the Accu Clear Pregnancy Test can detect a positive result up to five days before a missed period but the results will only be 50 percent accurate.  There is some good to this however.  A positive result from early detection does mean that you are pregnant while a negative result means that the test may not have detected enough hCG pregnancy hormones in your system which means that there is still a 50 percent chance that you are indeed pregnant.  When it comes to comparing the Accu Clear Pregnancy Test to other ones available on the market as far as accuracy goes, it is on the higher end of results when it comes to a clear and accurate reading.

How to Use the Accu Clear Pregnancy Test?

The best time of day to take any pregnancy test, is first thing in the morning.  This is because your hormone level is at its highest early in the day.  You won’t get the best result if you over-hydrate either.  Drinking too much water before taking the Accu Clear Pregnancy Test will lead to a diluted sample which may not produce enough hCG for a proper test.  Before taking the test, it is a good idea to read the instructions clearly so that you can be ready with everything you need.  This is a stressful enough time, so make it easier on you by being prepared.

A few things you will need on hand before taking the test is a clean cup, a watch or timer, as well as the test itself.  When you open the Accu Clear Pregnancy Test you will see that they are a stick type tester which is meant to be either used directly in your urine stream or in a cup depending on your preference.  Both ways will produce an accurate and clear response but if you are worried about not using the test correctly, you should do the cup method.

Always start with clean hands, this way there will be no contamination on your test.  If you are cup testing, make sure you use a clean cup, a disposable one works best.  Fill the cup up enough for you to be able to stick the tester strip directly in the cup.  Next, uncap the protective cap from the testing end of the pregnancy stick.  Follow the instructions clearly when it comes to how long to submerge the tester strip into the cup.  Over saturating the strip can lead to an error result, the same can be said for not dipping the strip in long enough.

If you are planning on testing directly in the urine stream, follow the same steps when it comes to sanitation.  Remove the protective cap from the testing strip end of the Accu Clean Pregnancy Test and hold the stick at a downward angle in your stream.  You will notice that with this pregnancy test there is a handy no slip grip handle that allows you to maintain control over the stick.  A pregnancy test taken directly in the stream does not need to come in contact with urine for as long as the cup method does, so keep that in mind to prevent an error response.  Once you are done, you can choose to put that cap back on if you wish.

Make sure that you place the Accu Clear Pregnancy Test on a clean flat surface and try to avoid shaking or picking up the test until time is up.  While it may seem gross, don’t wash or rinse off the stick after testing because this will result in an error reading.  Let the test set undisturbed until the full two minutes have passed.  On the front of the test you will see a little window.  You can see the liquid slowing moving in the window and a little blue line will appear in the smaller window, don’t freak out.  This means that the test is working properly.  If you don’t see the tester line show up, there was an error.  Simply toss that test away and try again!

The Accu Clear Pregnancy Test has the cross marked pattern to show you a result.  A plus sign means that you are pregnant, while a minus sign means that either you are not pregnant or there is not enough hCG to give you a positive result yet.  It is important to remember that the negative sign will always be a stronger and darker blue, but the second line that shows a positive result will be fainter.  Even the lightest of lines will still be a positive result.

Final Thoughts on the Accu Clear Pregnancy Test

Overall, the Accu Clear Pregnancy Test is a great option for women who are either in the early stages of family planning, or are simply looking for a quick answer.  A big plus when it comes to this pregnancy test brand is that they do come in multipacks which are perfect for women who are vigorously tracking their period in hopes of a positive result.  The instructions that come with this pregnancy test are clear enough for even a beginner to use which should help to relieve some stress. The one thing about the Accu Clear Pregnancy Test which helps to keep the reviews high is how sensitive the testing strip is.  Being able to test you period up to five days before you missed period with a 50 perfect accuracy level is a big deal.  Even better, the test will be 99 percent accurate after a missed period.  This test is perfect for worried minds because of how easy and clear it is to use.

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