Signs That Your Baby Loves You

Despite the fact that your baby cannot talk to you, deep down you know that there is a bond between you. What you may not know is that your baby will demonstrate how much they love you by means of certain signs. Let us go over these cute baby ways and signs.

Your Baby Recognizes You

Even at a few weeks your baby will be able to recognize you as their primary carer, and will show that they prefer you to anyone else. Your baby will recognize your scent and your voice. Moreover, as time goes by you will be the one who manages to understand why your baby is crying. Babies cry differently according to what is bothering them. Relentless and somewhat desperate cries generally show that the bay is hungry, whereas abrupt cries often demonstrate that they are suffering from some sort of discomfort such as colic. As you get used to the crying, your baby will get used to the fact that you are the best one to understand their needs.

Your Baby Flirts With You

Babies know how to respond to their mom’s facial expressions. Within a month of being born babies will start ‘flirting’ with you by smiling back in return and giving you cute meaningful looks. At around 4 months babies will be unable to take their eyes off their beloved mom. Face to face interaction is very important as it is an integral way. Your baby will start to understand that facial expressions matter and that with a single look you are going to understand one another.


When your baby smiles it is their way of building a bond with you. It is not an involuntary reflex. Babies associate smiles with feeling good, just like you and I do.

Picking A Favorite Object Or Toy

When your baby is nearing their first year they are going to pick a favorite object, such as a blankie, a toy or a stuffed animal. This will be important to them as it makes him feel secure. So it is important that you let them stick with it at all times. This favorite object is a transitional one which symbolizes you and how much you mean to them.

Staring Intently

Babies recognize their mom’s voice and smell as soon as they are born. In time they will also start recognizing her face. This is a step whereby the baby links the sound of your voice and your smell with you. At that point your baby will get the habit of staring intently at you. It is their way of dealing with the feeling that you mean so much to him, and they are also memorizing you.

Kisses and Smooches

Your baby may not be a good kisser yet, but they know that if they plants their lips on yours, or presses his face to yours, it is enough for you to know that they are kissing you in their own cute way. Babies know that they are being kissed by their moms and try to show that they love her too in their own way and that is really adorable.

Holding Up Their Arms To You

Babies express their affection often by holding their arms up so as to show that they would like to be closer to you, and sure enough as you pick them up in return you are closer to each other physically. This is one of the most common physical ability that babies show, often at about 6 months of age.

Pull Away and Then Run Back To You

As your baby learns how to crawl, they are going to want to experiment this so as to get better at it. However after a bit they will come back towards you as you are their secure base. It is normal for babies to want to feel that freedom to explore and learn, but then have that need to go back to their safe haven – their mom.

Bouncing and Wiggling

When you leave your child with a grandparent or a babysitter for a couple of hours, and you return, you surely notice how much they wiggle and smile and bounce up and down as soon as they see you. On the flip side, it is normal that your baby cries before you leave. That little guy or gal is showing you that they adore you and all they really need is you!

Imitating You

Kids often imitate their mom and that is a sign that they love you. This is common with toddlers who have gotten used to what their mom does and think it is cool to be like her. So at this time it is normal to see your little one grab a phone and pretend they are calling someone, or trying to sweep the floors or dust!

Comes To You When They Are Hurt

It’s the most normal thing in the world. When your baby falls or gets hurt, their first instinct is to go to mom for comfort and protection. Mom can take the pain away. This is one way your baby shows you how much you mean to them.

Bad Behavior

It’s not the best way to show that they loves you, but your little one feels so at ease with you. So now they generally reserve this bad behavior for you only.

Marrying A Friend

The real reason is that your little one has figured out that you and your husband got married because you love one another, and they want to do the same. It is an expression of their love for you as their parents, and that caring environment means a great deal to them.