Second Trimester Symptoms

The second trimester is characterized by various things, as well as a number of symptoms. By now, the pregnant woman will have got used to the idea of becoming a mother in the upcoming weeks. Nausea will generally have subsided a bit, and sex drive will often have returned. The second trimester is that period when the baby bump is more visible and some kicks and movements are felt too. So the excitement of the pregnancy will have kicked in as well.

Besides, the second trimester is a time when many symptoms from the first trimester will have subsided, and so many women take advantage of this by engaging in exercises and feeling good about their body and their upcoming motherhood. During the second trimester it will be possible to do some exercises that might be quite impossible with the big belly you will have during the third trimester. Walking, prenatal yoga and swimming are great types of exercises for a woman in her second trimester. Symptoms experienced during this trimester are not that problematic for most women. Let us discuss the typical second trimester symptoms experienced by most pregnant women.

Emotional Changes

Just like in the first trimester the hormones of the woman are still in overdrive. However most women are now in a position when they can deal a bit better with the various emotions they feel.

Sex Drive

Some women tend to feel more aroused and sexual during this trimester. This could be partly due to the fact that the nauseating morning sickness and unbearable fatigue experienced during the first trimester will have subsided. Apart from that, the woman’s body will be manufacturing more estrogen at this point, and so this leads to an improved sex drive.

Bad Dreams & Anxiety

Some mothers-to-be start feeling somewhat anxious and worried. This is normal as becoming a mother is not easy. It will change your life completely, and moreover, there is also that fear related to the labour pain and possible problems arising at the time. It is normal for a mother to feel concerned about whether it will be a natural labour or an induced labour, or an emergency C-section. So bad dreams, anxiety and worrying are normal. You can read more about c-sections versus natural birth here.

Gaining Weight

In the second trimester the pregnant woman will start noticing changes in her body and shape. Her belly will grow bigger and stretch marks may start to be seen too. The pregnant woman will also gain weight and have to start wearing maternity clothes during the second trimester.

Abdominal Aches

Morning sickness will subside in most cases, despite some occasional episodes of nausea. However, all in all, most pregnant women will thankfully say goodbye to morning sickness when entering the second trimester of their pregnancy. There may be some discomfort in your tummy from time to time. These are like abdominal pains and aches, which result from the growing uterus and the ligaments surrounding it that will be stretching as your pregnancy progresses.

Shortness of Breath

Breathlessness is a common symptom for a pregnant woman and is also experienced in the first trimester. During the second trimester it is important to try to take it easy while doing certain tasks. Sometimes even simply walking a bit briskly will leave you breathless. The problem is that as the uterus is growing, the lungs will get more crowded, and so it will be a bit more difficult for the air to flow in and out. This leads to shortness of breath.

The Baby In You

During the second trimester you will be better able to notice various signs of life from the precious baby inside your womb. During these weeks, the baby will start to move around. As a result you will also be able to listen to its heartbeat when you go to the doctor. This is one of the things many pregnant women look forward to at this time. Towards the end of the second trimester it is also normal to feel your baby hiccupping! Some kicks and other movements will also be felt and there is no denying that there is nothing as special and moving as feeling your child within you. The partner or husband will start to get used to the idea of becoming a father too as now he will also be able to see and feel the baby, and so this becomes a beautiful time of bonding for a pregnant mother and her husband or partner.

The second trimester is somewhat uneventful to many women. It is that time when they tend to focus more on their growing bump and other changes in their body, as well as the baby’s movements inside them. Now that the morning sickness is something of the past, for many, the second trimester is one of the best phases of their pregnancy as they can enjoy the wonders of having their baby inside them without being too burdened with a huge tummy.