How To Conceive A Boy

Have you been hoping and dreaming to get pregnant with a boy? Do you have several girls, and no cute little man to boss them around? Or maybe you have always hoped for a little boy as you prefer boys to girls? Then the following these suggestions may give you some tips on how to conceive a boy.

The theory of conceiving a boy mainly revolves around the idea that the type of sperm which fertilizes the egg, in case of a baby boy, tends to be smaller and weaker than the other type of sperm. Thus, the male sperm basically needs to be helped, or given that extra push to make its way to the fertilized egg and enable you to conceive a baby boy. This is what we shall be focusing around while listing the following tips which could increase your chances of conceiving a boy rather than a girl.

It is important to point out that there is no scientific proof that these tips will grant your wish of having a boy, but they have been passed down for generations, so maybe there is some truth in them. And obviously, at the end of the day, there is no harm in trying. So, here are 4 tips that might help you to conceive a boy.

Positions That May Help You Conceive A Boy

While bearing in mind that the type of sperm that enables you to conceive a boy tends to be somewhat weaker, it is important that deep penetration takes place during intercourse. In such a way the sperm is given a head start, so to speak. This is in fact the main rule in this regard. Additionally, deep penetration allows the sperm to have a smaller distance to travel. So, in view of this, here are some sex positions that improve this and thus help to increase the chances of conceiving a baby boy.

Doggy style – the doggy style is a sex position that allows for a relatively deep penetration. It is in fact often considered as the best sex position in this regard. The woman should be kneeling on all fours, and the man should enter her from behind.

Standing up – having sex while standing up is another good position for deep penetration. The sperm are helped by gravity to swim towards the egg. The man may help by lifting the woman up against him. Leaning against a wall will also help. It is important to have something to hold on to, or to lean on.

Straddling – try straddling your partner and then lower yourself onto him. In such a way the woman can control the depth of the penetration since she will be lying on top.

The Male Sperm And The Cycle Timing

It is recommended to have intercourse as close to the ovulation time as possible. Having sex several days before the woman ovulates will most likely lead to the male sperm to die off since as we pointed out earlier it is less resilient than the female sperm. The woman should try to chart her cycle so as to be in a better position to tell when she is in the ovulation phase.

how to conceive a boy

Underwear Considerations

You probably know that the type of underwear the man wears will have an effect on his sperm production. Boxer shorts are better since the scrotum will not get that warm and the sperm production will not be restricted. Tighter underwear such as jocks will not be conducive to the survival of male sperm.

Female Orgasm

It is said that the female orgasm is related to the possibility of conceiving a baby boy. According to some, the alkaline secretion in the vagina that occurs during the female orgasm helps to keep the boy sperm healthier, thus increasing its chances of surviving. As a result, it is recommended that the woman should orgasm before the man during intercourse.

We hope you have enjoyed reading about how to conceive a boy. As pointed out earlier, these are merely tips, and not proven theories or methods. However trying them out might increase your chances of conceiving the baby boy you have been hoping for. Good luck and we hope they work out for you!